Call Number Title Count
QB1099 Krogdahl The equilibrium of a perfect compressible fluid configuration ...
Physical problems related to the hydrogen and helium lines in stellar spectra.
QB1099 Kulkarni Physical properties of Lyman-alpha forest and damped Lyman-alpha systems / 1
QB1099 L'Ecuyer Structure and evolution of helium stars of small mass. 1
QB1099 Laroque Constraints on cluster structure and cosmology from X-ray and Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect properties of galaxy clusters / 1
QB1099 Lauroesch Abundances in 8 QSO absorption line systems / 1
QB1099 Lee Brownian motion in a stellar system.
Hydrogen content and energy-productive mechanism of white dwarfs /
QB 1099 Leonard The distribution of the double stars in the region 1855.0 @11h to 12h and s + 390 to + 470... 1
QB1099 Lesh The Gould Belt as an expanding group / 1
QB1099 Lester A spectroscopic study of the strong helium-line star HD 37017. 1
QB1099 Levinson The gravitational field of masses relatively at rest, according to Einstein's theory of gravitation / 1
QB1099 Lim Can we see Lorentz-violating vector fields in the CMB? / 1
QB1099 Limber Fluctuations in brightness of the Milky Way. The analysis of counts in the extragalactic nebulae in terms of a fluctuating density field I, II. 1
QB1099 Linton A search for primordial black holes and a study of spectral variation in markarian 421 using the whipple 10-M telescope / 1
QB1099 Longley A class of periodic orbits of an infinitesimal body subject to the attraction of n finite bodies ... 1
QB 1099 Lunn Central orbits with two apsidal distances. 1
QB1099 Luo Statistical tests for the Gaussian nature of primordial fluctuations through CBR experiments / 1
QB1099 Macmillan Periodic orbits about an oblate spheroid ... /
Some periodic orbits of a particle about an oblate spheroid...
QB1099 Majewski A complete, multicolor survey of absolute proper motions to B [approximately] 22.5 : galactic structure and kinematics at the north galactic pole / 1
QB1099 Mallouris The line of sight toward the SMC star Sk 108 / 1
QB1099 Managan On the secular instability of axisymmetric rotating stars to gravitational radiation reaction / 1
QB1099 Maney On the system of the brighter A stars as studied from radical velocity determinations of the solar velocity. 1
QB1099 Markowitz The evolution of binary stars / 1
QB1099 Marlborough Models for the envelopes of Be stars. 1
QB1099 Marschall High resolution studies of the interstellar calcium lines. 1
QB1099 Martin The thermal and radiative properties of magnetic accretion funnels in young stellar objects / 1
QB1099 Massarotti Cosmological domain walls and the large scale structure of the universe / 1
QB1099 Mehringer Radio continuum and radio recombination line observations of W51 / 1
QB1099 Mendoza Villarreal A spectroscopic and photometric study of the Be stars. 1
QB1099 Meyer Decompression of initially cold neutron star matter : a mechanism for the r-process? / 1
QB1099 Miller The effect of gravitational radiation on the secular stability of uniformly rotating fluid masses / 1
QB1099 Mitchell The climate dynamics of Titan / 1
QB1099 Monet A discussion of apsidal motion detected in selected spectroscopic binary systems / 1
QB1099 Morgan A study of certain characteristics of stellar spectra of type A ... 1
QB1099 Moseley Observations of cool dust in planetary nebulae / 1
QB1099 Moulton On figures of equilibrium of a rotating compressible fluid mass; certain negative results ... 1
QB1099 Mufson The structure and stability of shock waves in a multiphase interstellar medium / 1
QB1099 Munch-Paniagua Problems of radiative transfer in the theory of stellar atmospheres ... 1
QB1099 Murphy The B⁺ [i.e. beta]-decay of ⁶⁷As, the structure of the daughter nucleus ⁶⁷Ge, and an application of nuclear structure and decay systematics to the equations of state for a collapsing star. 1
QB1099 Murty Gravity modes in a rotating paraboloidal. 1
QB1099 Nachman Molecular line studies of dark clouds with associated young stellar objects / 1
QB1099 Nagai The impact of galaxy formation on the Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect of galaxy clusters / 1
QB1099 O'Keefe The distances of the reddened B stars ...
The distances of the reddened B stars.
QB1099 Oser High energy gamma-ray observations of the Crab Nebula and pulsar with the solar tower atmospheric Cherenkov effect experiment / 1
QB1099 Osterbrock Some problems in theoretical astrophysics. 1
QB1099 Ostriker The equilibrium and stability of self-gravitating cylinders and rings. 1
QB1099 Parsons Astrometric and photometric statistics of certain of Hagen's fields photographed with the 24-inch reflector /
The photo-visual magnitudes of the stars of the Pleiades.
QB1099 Paschalidis Formulations of general relativity and numerical applications / 1
QB1099 Peng Sedimentation and type I X-ray bursts / 1
QB1099 Pesch Photometric studies of three galactic clusters containing probable supergiant members of intermediate spectral type. 1
QB1099 Pettit The forms and motions of the solar prominences, 1
QB1099 Phillips A study of the spectrum of the C₂ molecule. 1
QB1099 Pillans On the spectrum of Beta lyrae. 1
QB1099 Platt 100 [mu]m array polarimetry from the Kuiper airborne observatory : instrumentation, techniques, and first results / 1
QB1099 Pogo Spectrographic study of multiple stars. 1
QB1099 Provin Light variations. 1
QB1099 Puckett A catalog of slow-moving objects extracted from the Sloan digital sky survey : compilation and applications / 1
QB1099 Pyle Propagation anisotrophies of solar flare protons and electrons at low energies in interplanetary space / 1
QB1099 Qin High-precision tungsten isotope measurements of iron meteorites / 1
QB1099 Ramsey Spectroscopic distance moduli for 224 O and B stars. 1
QB1099 Rauscher Near infrared surface photometry and morphology in Virgo Cluster spiral galaxy nuclear regions / 1