Call Number Title Count
QA871 .K57 2013 Nonconservative Stability Problems of Modern Physics. 1
QA871.K57 2013 Nonconservative stability problems of modern physics / 1
QA871 .K8235 2011 Optimization in function spaces with stability considerations in Orlicz spaces / 1
QA871 .K8235 2011eb Optimization in function spaces : with stability considerations in Orlicz spaces / 1
QA871.K89 Stability techniques for continuous linear systems. 1
QA871.K9 Nonlinear almost periodic oscillations 1
QA871.K93 Analysis and control of nonlinear systems; nonlinear vibrations and oscillations in physical systems. 1
QA871.L250 1991 Vector Lyapunov functions and stability analysis of nonlinear systems / 1
QA871.L34 Stability by Liapunov's direct method : with applications / 1
QA871 .L48 1996 Frequency-domain methods for nonlinear analysis : theory and applications / 1
QA871.L5 Contributions to the theory of nonlinear oscillations 1
QA871.L52 Stability theorems for linear motions, with an introduction to Liapunov's direct method 1
QA871.L53 Stabilitätstheorie; eine Einführung in die Theorie der Stabilität dynamischer Systeme und fester Körper. 1
QA871 .L53 2007 Stability of dynamical systems / 1
QA871.L534 Stability theory; an introduction to the stability of dynamic systems and rigid bodies. 1
QA871 .L56 2000 Linear systems exponential dichotomy and structure of sets of hyperbolic points / 1
QA871.L7 Problème général de la stabilité du mouvement, 1
QA871.L72 Stability of motion / 1
QA871.L74 1978 Chislennoe reshenie nekotorykh spektralʹnykh zadach teorii kolebaniĭ / 1
QA871 .L753 1992 The general problem of the stability of motion / 1
QA871.L8130 1992 Introduction to the general theory of singular perturbations / 1
QA871.L88 The Differential equations of dynamics ... 1
QA871.M2 Schwingungen; eine Einführung in die theoretische Behandlung von Schwingungsproblemen. 1
QA871.M25 Some problems in the theory of nonlinear oscillations. 1
QA871 .M32 1990 Dissipative structures and weak turbulence / 1
QA871.M326 2002 Qualitative methods in nonlinear dynamics : novel approaches to Liapunov's matrix functions / 1
QA871 .M327 1998 Stability by Liapunov's matrix function method with applications / 1
QA871 .M328 2012 Uncertain dynamical systems : stability and motion control / 1
QA871.M340 Ustoĭchivostʹ dvizhenii͡a slozhnykh sistem / 1
QA871 .M344 2013 Weakly connected nonlinear systems : boundedness and stability of motion / 1
QA871.M344 2013 Weakly connected nonlinear systems : boundedness and stability of motion / 1
QA871 .M35 2009 Constructions of strict Lyapunov functions / 1
QA871 .M37 2007 Stability of motion : the role of multicomponent Liapunov's functions / 1
QA871.M4 Théorie des perturbations et méthodes asymptotiques 1
QA871.M43 Dynamique analytique, 1
QA871.M4780 1984 Metod funkt͡siĭ Li͡apunova i ego prilozhenii͡a / 1
QA871.M66 Introduction to non-linear mechanics / 1
QA871.M665 Nonlinear oscillations. 1
QA871.M770 Mechanical vibrations. 1
QA871.M85 2001 Multiple-time-scale dynamical systems / 1
QA871.M87 Stabilitatea sistemelor cu parametri aleatori. 1
QA871.N15 1965 Stability problems of solutions of differential equations; proceedings. 1
QA871.N53 Studies in nonlinear vibration theory 1
QA871 .N66 2003 Nonlinear dynamics and chaos : where do we go from here? / 1
QA871.O5 Dynamical analogies, 1
QA871.O501 Dynamical analogies. 1
QA871.O502 Solutions of engineering problems by dynamical analogies, 1
QA871.P2 Leçons sur l'intégration des equations différentielles de la mécanique et applications. 1
QA871.P33130 Stability and oscillations of elastic systems; paradoxes, fallacies, and new concepts 1
QA871.P40 Frequency-power formulas. 1
QA871 .P43 2003 Perturbation theory for matrix equations / 1
QA871.P53 Linear systems analysis; an introduction to the analysis of discrete-parameter time-invariant linear systems. 1
QA871.P73 Nonlocal problems of the theory of oscillations 1
QA871.P84 Stability criteria for linear dynamical systems 1
QA871.P91 1989 Das Prinzip der kleinsten Wirkung und die Kraftkonzeptionen der rationalen Mechanik : eine Untersuchung zur Grundlegungsproblematik bei Leonhard Euler, Pierre Louis Moreau de Maupertuis und Joseph Louis Lagrange / 1
QA871.R36 Perturbation methods, bifurcation theory, and computer algebra / 1
QA871 .R65 2018 The principle of least action : history and physics / 1
QA871.R66 Théorie des oscillateurs. 1
QA871.R8 Vibrations non linéaires et théorie de la stabilité. 1
QA871.R86 1877 A treatise on the stability of a given state of motion particularly steady motion / 1