Call Number Title Count
Q199.L9 Numerical tables and constants in elementary science, 1
Q199.M680 1987 Milestones in science and technology : the ready reference guide to discoveries, inventions, and facts / 1
Q199.M680 1994 Milestones in science and technology : the ready reference guide to discoveries, inventions, and facts / 1
Q199.N27 Handbook of physical constants / 1
Q199.N271 Handbook of physical constants. 1
Q199.N28 International critical tables of numerical data, physics, chemistry and technology : prepared under the auspices of the International Research Council and the National Academy of Sciences by the National Research Council of the United States of America / 1
Q199.N28 Index 1930 International critical tables of numerical data. Index, index des matières, Sachverzeichnis, Indice, volumes I to VII. 1
Q199.N28 Index 1933 International critical tables of numerical data, physics, chemistry and technology. Index, volumes I-VII / 1
Q199.P18 Technidata hand book, 1
Q199.W85 Taschenbuch für Mathematik, Physik, Geodäsie und Astronomie / 1
Q209.B66 Reading comprehension for scientists. 1
Q209.C59 Science and society: midcentury readings. 1
Q209.H52 Science in writing; a selection of passages from the writings of scientific authors, 1
Q209.R95 A science reader. 1
Q209.S28 Scientists at work; case studies in the physical sciences. [Discussion guide and readings] 1
Q209.S65 2002 Obuchenie chtenii͡u nauchnykh tekstov i ustnoĭ rechi po nauchnoĭ tematike na angliĭskom i͡azyke : uchebnoe posobie / 1
Q211.H54 A scientific French reader. 1
Q211.S26 Les grands savants français; lectures scientifiques; 1
Q213.C75 Scientific German, a concise description of the structural elements of scientific and technical German. 1
Q213.C93 Science students' guide to the German language. 1
Q213.C94 Readings in scientific and technical German; an introduction to general science in German, 1
Q213.D501 Guide to scientific German. 1
Q213.F74 Introductory readings in chemical and technical German, edited for rapid reading, with a summary of reading difficulties, a chemical German frequency list, and progressive page vocabularies and notes [by] John Theodore Fotos and John L. Bray. 1
Q213.F76 Advanced readings in chemical and technical German, from practical reference books (Ullmann; Houben; Meyer und Jacobson; Beilstein; Gmelin; Oberhoffer; Guertler) with a summary of reading difficulties; a frequency vocabulary list and notes, 1
Q213.H47 Populäre Vorträge 1
Q213.H66 Scientific and technical German reader 1
Q213.H78 Der menschliche körper, 1
Q213.L58 Scientific German for intermediate students. 1
Q213.N75 An introduction to scientific German, 1
Q213.P5 The German scientific heritage / 1
Q213.V221 German readings in science for intermediate students. 1
Q213.W2 A German science reader : with notes and vocabulary / 1
Q213.W202 A German science reader, with notes and vocabulary, 1
Q213.W6 German for the scientist (chemist and physicist) / 1
Q213.W601 German for the scientist (chemist and physicist), 1
Q213.W67 An anthology of scientific German, 1
Q213.W675 An introduction to scientific German. 1
Q219.F18 An elementary Russian science reader. 1
Q219.F78 Science Russian course. 1
Q219.G38 Scientific Russian reader; selected modern readings in chemistry and physics. 1
Q219.K660 Sbornik nauchno-populi͡arnykh tekstov: matematika, fizika, astronomii͡a, khimii͡a. 1
Q219.N66 Russian reader in pure and applied mathematics. 1
Q219.Z8 Elementary scientific Russian reader ... with complete vocabulary and grammatical appendix of noun declensions and verb conjugations, 1
Q222 Visual representations in science : concept and epistemology /
Wicked Intelligence : Visual Art and the Science of Experiment in Restoration London.
Q222 .B56 2012 Biologically-inspired computing for the arts : scientific data through graphics / 1
Q222.B674 2013 Image et vérité : essais sur les dimensions iconiques de la connaissance / 1
Q222.B750 1996 Preparing scientific illustrations : a guide to better posters, presentations, and publications / 1
Q222.C54 2009 Ciência, história e arte : obras raras e especiais do Instituto de Biociências da Universidade de São Paulo / 1
Q222.C65 1990 L'image et la science : actes du 115e Congrès nationale des sociétes savantes, Avignon, 1990. 1
Q222.C680 1988 Illustrating science : standards for publication / 1
Q222.D470 1984 Dessins et sciences, XVIIe-XVIIIe siècles : 82e exposition du Cabinet des dessins, Musée du Louvre, 22 juin-24 septembre 1984. 1
Q222 .D53 1998 Drawn from life : science and art in the portrayal of the New World / 1
Q222.E554 2005 Einfach komplex : Bildbäume und Baumbilder in der Wissenschaft : [Ausstellung "Einfach komplex - Bildbäume und Baumbilder in der Wissenschaft", Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, 30. April bis 4. September 2005] / 1
Q222.F670 1993 Images of science : a history of scientific illustration / 1
Q222 .G85 2003 The Guild handbook of scientific illustration / 1
Q222.G850 1989 The Guild handbook of scientific illustration / 1
Q222.H4325130 1994 Heck's pictorial archive of nature and science / 1
Q222.H86 2013 Wicked intelligence : visual art and the science of experiment in Restoration London / 1
Q222.I43 2008 Ilustración, ciencia y técnica en el siglo XVIII español / 1
Q222.I553 2001 Immagini per conoscere : dal Rinascimento alla rivoluzione scientifica : atti della giornata di studio, Firenze, Palazzo Strozzi, 29 ottobre 1999 / 1