Call Number Title Count
Q11.S7 v.48 p.514-558 Manners and customs of the Tagbanuas and other tribes of the island of Palawan, Philippines / 1
Q11.S7 v.49 no.1 Smithsonian exploration in Alaska in 1904, in search of mammoth and other fossil remains, 1
Q11.S7 v.49 no.2 Researches on the attainment of very low temperatures. Part II. Further notes on the self intensive process for liquefying gases, 1
Q11.S7 v.49 no.3 Report on the Crustacea (Brachyura and Anomura) collected by the North Pacific exploring expedition, 1853-1856. By William Stimpson. 1
Q11.S7 v.49 no.4 Samuel Pierpont Langley, secretary of the Smithsonian institution, 1887-1906. Memorial meeting, December 3, 1906. 1
Q11.S7 v.49 no.5 Catalogue of earthquakes on the Pacific coast, 1897 to 1906, 1
Q11.S7 v.50 p.1-23 Notes on some upper Cretaceous Volutidae, with descriptions of new species and a revision of the groups to which they belong / 1
Q11.S7 v.50 p.24-29 Notes on some squirrels of the Sciurus hippurus group, with descriptions of two new species / 1
Q11.S7 v.50 p.30-31 A new calamarine snake from the Philippine Islands / 1
Q11.S7 v.50 p.32 Additional notes on Mexican plants of the genus Ribes / 1
Q11.S7 v.50 p.33-34 Morkillia, a new name for the genus Chitonia : with description of a new species / 1
Q11.S7 v.50 p.35-47 The "Webster" ruin in southern Rhodesia, Africa / 1
Q11.S7 v.50 p.48-62 The Bororó Indians of Matto Grosso, Brazil / 1
Q11.S7 v.50 p.63-64 Cactus maxonii, a new cactus from Guatemala / 1
Q11.S7 v.50 p.65-87 On the clasping organs attaching the hind to the fore wings in Hymenoptera / 1
Q11.S7 v.50 p.89-92 Notes on mammals collected at Mt. Rainier, Washington / 1
Q11.S7 v.50 p.93-104 The archaic monetary terms of the United States / 1
Q11.S7 v.50 p.105-128 Description of a collection of Kootanie plants from the Great Falls coal field of Montana / 1
Q11.S7 v.50 p.133-138 Notes on a small collection of mammals from the province of Kan-su, China / 1
Q11.S7 v.50 p.139-173 Descriptions of new species of shells, chiefly Buccinidae, from the dredgings of the U.S.S. "Albatross" during 1906, in the northwestern Pacific, Bering, Okhotsk, and Japanese seas / 1
Q11.S7 v.50 p.174 A new larch from Alaska / 1
Q11.S7 v.50 p.175-194 The lumpsucker ; its relationship and habits / 1
Q11.S7 v.50 p.195-202 New plants of the Pacific slope, with some revisions / 1
Q11.S7 v.50 p.203-215 Contributions to the study of the Canyon Diablo meteorites / 1
Q11.S7 v.50 p.216-218 Louis Agassiz / 1
Q11.S7 v.50 p.219-247 Terrestrial isopods of the family Eubelidae, collected in Liberia / 1
Q11.S7 v.50 p.248-284 The relations of the Chinese to the Philippine Islands / 1
Q11.S7 v.50 p.289-329 Excavations at Casa Grande, Arizona, in 1906-07 / 1
Q11.S7 v.50 p.330 Nopalea guatemalensis : a new cactus from Guatemala / 1
Q11.S7 v.50 p.331-333 Pereskiopsis, a new genus of Cactaceae / 1
Q11.S7 v.50 p.335-336 Two new ferns of the genus Lindsaea / 1
Q11.S7 v.50 p.337-342 Five new recent crinoids from the north Pacific Ocean / 1
Q11.S7 v.50 p.343-364 New genera of recent free crinoids / 1
Q11.S7 v.50 p.365-414 The air-sacs of the pigeon / 1
Q11.S7 v.50 p.419-447 New and characteristic species of fossil mollusks from the oil-bearing Tertiary formations of Santa Barbara County, California / 1
Q11.S7 v.50 p.449-460 On the occurrence of remains of fossil cetaceans of the genus Schizodelphis in the United States, and on Priscodelphinus (?) crassangulum Case / 1
Q11.S7 v.50 p.461-498 The meteor crator of Canyon Diablo, Arizona; its history, origin, and associated meteoric irons / 1
Q11.S7 v.50 p.499-500 Notes on Gonidea angulata Lea, a fresh-water bivalve, with description of a new variety / 1
Q11.S7 v.50 p.501-502 A new species of Cavolina with notes on other pteropods / 1
Q11.S7 v.50 p.503-539 A preliminary treatment of the Opuntioideae of North America / 1
Q11.S7 v.50 p.540-547 Observations on the mosquitoes of Saskatchewan / 1
Q11.S7 v.51 no.1 The development of the American alligator (A. mississippiensis) with twenty-three plates. 1
Q11.S7 v.51 no.2 The taxonomy of the muscoidean flies, including descriptions of new genera and species. 1
Q11.S7 v.51 no.3 Smithsonian exploration in Alaska in 1907 in search of Pleistocene fossil vertebrates, with thirteen plates. By Charles W. Gilmore. 1
Q11.S7 v.51 no.4 The mechanics of the earth's atmosphere; a collection of translations 1
Q11.S7 v.52 p.1-29 The cretaceous fishes of Ceará, Brazil / 1
Q11.S7 v.52 p.31-47 Observation of the total solar eclipse of January 3, 1908 : a bolometric study of the solar corona / 1
Q11.S7 v.52 p.49-77 Report on a trip for the purpose of studying the mosquito fauna of Panama / 1
Q11.S7 v.52 p.79-82 Carl Ludwig Rominger / 1
Q11.S7 v.52 p.83-84 Edward Travers Cox, / 1
Q11.S7 v.52 p.85-86 An apparently new protoblattid family from the lower Cretaceous / 1
Q11.S7 v.52 p.87-93 Necessary changes in the nomenclature of starfishes / 1
Q11.S7 v.52 p.95-99 Identity of a supposed whitefish, Coregonus angusticeps Cuvier & Valenciennes, with a northern cyprinid, Platygobio gracilis (Richardson) / 1
Q11.S7 v.52 p.101-116 The millers-thumb and its habits, / 1
Q11.S7 v.52 p.121-152 The Nettelroth collection of invertebrate fossils, / 1
Q11.S7 v.52 p.153 A new Opuntia from Arizona / 1
Q11.S7 v.52 p.155-180 The story of the devil-fish / 1
Q11.S7 v.52 p.181-194 Indians of Peru / 1
Q11.S7 v.52 p.195-196 On Opuntia santa-rita, a species of cactus of ornamental value / 1
Q11.S7 v.52 p.197-198 Two new species of Abronia / 1