Call Number Title Count
Q1.C92 Current science. 1
Q1.D57 Discover. 2
Q1.D6 Discovery; the magazine of scientific progress. 1
Q1.E4 The Edinburgh philosophical journal, exhibiting a view of the progress of discovery in natural philosophy, chemistry, natural history, practical mechanics, geography, navigation, statistics, and the fine and useful arts ... 1
Q1.E41 The Edinburgh new philosophical journal, exhibiting a view of the progressive discoveries and improvements in the sciences and the arts. 1
Q1.E6 Endeavour. 1
Q1.E68 ESN information bulletin : reports on current European/Middle Eastern science / 1
Q1.E75 European science notes / 1
Q1.F45 Journal. 1
Q1.G3 Science education.
General science quarterly.
Q1.G34 Gaea : Natur und Leben. 1
Q1.G37 Gesnerus; 1
Q1.G5 Ghana journal of science : a joint publication of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research and the Ghana Science Association. 1
Q1.G55 Gleanings in science. 1
Q1.H84 Scientific periodicals : their historical development, characteristics, and control / 1
Q1.I16 IBM journal of research and development. 1
Q1.I29 The Illustrated science monthly. A popular magazine of knowledge, research, travel and invention. 1
Q1.I34 Impact of science on society. 1
Q1.I36 The Imperial journal of art, science, mechanics, and engineering ... 1
Q1.I4 Indian science abstracts. 1
Q1.I48 Abstracts of theses. 1
Q1.I545 Indian science index. 1
Q1.I58 Inaugural lectures. 1
Q1.I61 Interdisciplinary science reviews. 1
Q1.I65 Iowa State journal of science. 1
Q1.I651 Iowa State journal of research. 1
Q1.I68 Iranian Journal of Science and Technology, Transactions A: Science 1
Q1.I7 Chakīdah : maqālahʹhā-yi majallahʹhā-yi Īrān dar zamīnah-yi ʻulūm va ʻulūm-i ijtimāʻī. 1
Q1.I72 Chakīdah : maqālahʹhā-yi majallahʹhā-yi Īrān dar zamīnah-i ʻulūm. 1
Q1.I73 Chakīdah : maqālahʹhā-yi majallahʹhā-yi Īrān dar zamīnah-i ʻulūm-i ijtimāʻī. 1
Q1.J15 FBIS report. Science & technology. China /
JPRS report. Science & technology. China.
Q1.J32a Recent progress of natural sciences in Japan. Nihon shizen Kagaku shūhō. 1
Q1.J57 Journal of Shanghai University. 1
Q1.J687 Journal of Zhejiang University. Science 1
Q1.J7 The Journal of natural sciences and mathematics. 1
Q1.J76 Quarterly journal of science, literature and art.
Quarterly journal of literature, science and the arts.
The Journal of science and the arts /
Q1.J78 A journal of natural philosophy, chemistry and the arts / 1
Q1.J8 The Journal of science, and annals of astronomy, biology, geology, industrial arts, manufactures, and technology ... 1
Q1.J87 Journal of scientific research. 1
Q1.J875 Journal of University of Mumbai. Science, physical science, mathematics, computer science, life science and medicine. 1
Q1.J884 Journal of Zhejiang University. Science. A. 1
Q1.K19 The Kansas University quarterly : Devoted to the publication of the results of research by members of the University of Kansas. 1
Q1.K2 The University of Kansas science bulletin. 1
Q1.K2 v.1 p. 45-63, etc. Observations on the Gryllidæ. [I-IV] 1
Q1.K2 v.5 p.1-8 The Dakota-Permian contact in northern Kansas. 1
Q1.K2 v.5 p.207-232 Cell changes in the alveoli of a carcinoma of the mamma. 1
Q1.K2 v. 5 p. 233-253 The temnospondylous amphibia and a new species of Eryops from the Permian of Oklahoma / 1
Q1.K2 v.5 p.255-273 An armored dinosaur from the Cretaceous of Wyoming. 1
Q1.K2 v.5 p.275-287 A contribution to the soft anatomy of cretaceous fishes and a new primitive herring-like fish from the Texas Cretaceous. 1
Q1.K2 v.5 p.289-295 A new species of holotrich. 1
Q1.K2 v.5 p.297-306 Orthoptera from the Santa Rita mountains, Arizona, 1
Q1.K2 v.5 p.347-380 An examination of the chromosomes of Anasa tristis. 1
Q1.K2 v.5 p. 381-411 The foundations of arithmetic. 1
Q1.K2 v.6 p.1-319 Theory of collineations / 1
Q1.K2 v.6 p.321-359 The Pennsylvanic Amphibia of the Mazon Creek, Illinois shales. 1
Q1.K2 v.6 p.361-372 Krameria canescens Gray. 1
Q1.K2 v.6 p.373-379 Evidence of pleistocene crustal movements in the Mississippi Valley. 1
Q1.K2 v.6 p.387-396 On a comparison of three skulls: Castoroides ohioensis, Castoroides kansensis, and Castor. 1
Q1.K2 v.6 p.397-405 Cytological studies of femur-rubrum and other Melanopli. 1
Q1.K2 v.7 p.1-67 The interrelations of eight fundamental properties of classes of functions / 1