Call Number Title Count
PS617 .R43 2017 Readings in contemporary poetry : an anthology if poems read at Dia, 2010-2016 / 1
PS617.R44 2006 Readings @ the Tap Room 2005-2006. 1
PS617.R49 2004 ReVerse. 1
PS617.R661 2004 Room 26 discrete notions. Exhibition series [1]. 1
PS617.R662 2006 Room 26 discrete notions. Exhibition series 2. 1
PS617.R86 Runes : a review of poetry. 1
PS617.S458 2002 Sentinel. 1
PS617 .S55 2010 Silent solos : improvisers speak / 1
PS617 .S56 2008 A sing economy / 1
PS617.S67 2007 The spoken word revolution redux / 1
PS617 .S87 2018 The Supposium : thought experiments & poethical play in difficult times / 1
PS617 .S93 2009 The Swallow anthology of new American poets / 1
PS617.T45 2014 A third instance : three chapbooks / 1
PS617 .T65 2013 Tandem. 1
PS617.T77 2007 Only the sea keeps : poetry of the Tsunami / 1
PS617 .U55 2020 Uninvited : talking back to Plato / 1
PS617 .W37 2007 War and peace 3 : the future / 1
PS617 .W4 2007 We begin here : poems for Palestine and Lebanon / 1
PS617 .W56 2018eb Invisible Gifts : Poems. 1
PS617.W567 2007 Winter 2007. 1
PS617 .Y33 2003 Evidence of the paranormal / 1
PS619.C5H83 2007 Hua Mei wen xue zuo pin ji. Shi ge juan / 1
PS619.C5M45 1985 Meiguo xian dai shi xuan / 1
PS619.C9A70 1929 Američtí básníci : anthologie / 1
PS619.D3N9 Amerikanske stemmer : et udvalg af amerikansk lyrik fra den første halvdel af det tyvende århundrede i dansk gendigtning / 1
PS619.F7R43 Read : a journal of inter-translation. 1
PS619.F7 W35 2005 Walt Whitman hom(m)age : 2005-1855 / 1
PS619.F8B7 Trente-cinq jeunes poètes américains. 1
PS619.F8C3 La poésie contemporaine aux États-Unis. 1
PS619.F8J7 Anthologie de la nouvelle poésie américaine, 1
PS619.F8L4 Anthologie de la poésie americaine contemporaine. 1
PS619.F8Y81 Fleuve profond, sombre rivière; les Negro spirituals, 1
PS619.G3 B74 1969 Silver screen : neue amerikanische Lyrik / 1
PS619.G3E5 Eight poets of Germany & America. 1
PS619.G3G6 Die neue Welt : eine Anthologie jüngster amerikanischer Lyrik / 1
PS619.G3H3 Amerikanische lyrik; 1
PS619.G3K7 Amerikanische Gedichte der Neuzeit : frei ins Deutsche übertragen. 1
PS619.G3R9 Fuck you(!) Underground poems. Untergrundgedichte. Hrsg. (ausgewählt, aus dem Amerikanischen übertragen, mit einem Nachwort) 1
PS619.G3S530 1993 Slam! poetry : heftige Dichtung aus Amerika / 1
PS619.H8E80 Észak-amerikai költők antológiája. 1
PS619.I7I9 Poesia americana del '900 / 1
PS619.I8C56 1996 Cloud nine / 1
PS619.I8P580 1990 Il ragno e l'aquila : Sei/Settecento americano / 1
PS619.J3A34 1993 Amerika meishisen / 1
PS619.N6B745 1957 Amerikansk lyrikk, et utvalg i norsk gjendiktning. 1
PS619.N68 1983 USA express : 6 americanske poeter etter annen verdenskrig / 1
PS619.P6Z66 1993 Z nowoczesnej poezji amerykańskiej / 1
PS619.R8G5 1968 Gitary v boi͡u : Pesni amerikanskikh narodnykh pevt͡sov / 1
PS619.R8K2 Slyshu, poet Amerika; poėty SShA. 1
PS619.R8 T3 Tălmăciri din lirica Americană : "antologie" / 1
PS619.R8Z4 Poėty Ameriki, XX vek : antologii͡a / 1
PS619.S6H47 1994 Nueva poesía de Los Ángeles / 1
PS619.S6 L67 2015 Imperfecta semejanza : meditaciones y diálogos en torno a la traducción poética / 1
PS619.S8G5 Quince poetas norteamericanos. 1
PS619.S8N8 La poesía norte-americana moderna / 1
PS619.S9H30 Det nye amerikanske huset. Samtidspoesi frå USA. 1
PS619.U72F53 1976 K̲h̲vushbū kā safar : ek sau g̲h̲air mulkī aur āfāqī manẓūmāt kā angrezī se Urdū men̲ manẓūm tarjumah / 1
PS620.S45 Ye butcher, ye baker, ye candlestick-maker, being sundry amusing and instructive verses for both old and young. Adorned with numerous woodcuts, 1
PS623 A telephone romance.
Wealth and wisdom.
Jedbury junior.
A commanding position.
Oscar, the half blood.
Her husband's wife.
A case of suspension.
Nancy and company.
Our English friend.
Bachelor Hall.
Cousin Faithful.
A victim of woman's rights.
A vision's quest.
A garland to Sylvia.
Captain Morgan, or, The conspiracy unveiled.
Paddy's trip to America.
Wheat and chaff.
Paul Jones, or, The pilot of the German ocean.
Sans souci, alias free and easy.
Gonzalvo, or, The corsair's doom.
Bianca visconti, or, The heart overtasked.
King's bridge cottage.
Shooting stars, or, The battle of the comets.
A Detective in petticoats.
Vanity, or, A lord in Philadelphia.
Mary of Scotland, or, The heir of Avenel.
Morning visitors, or, A trip to Quebec.
Philip, or, The Aborigines.
Wilhemina : a legendary, dramatic tale.
Sophia : the bandit of the forest.
Putnam, the iron son of '76.
A lover by proxy.
Pauvrette : a drama, in five acts ; with cast of characters, stage business, costumes, relative positions, &c., &c. ; as performed at the principal theatres.
Andrew Jackson : an interlude in three acts.
A decided case.
All's fair in love.
Columbus, el filibustero!!.
Life in the clouds, or, Olympus in an uproar.
Metamora, or, The last of the pollywogs.
Sertorius, or, The Roman patriot.
Tragedy, founded on the history of Joseph and his brethren.
Jack Cade, the captain of the commons.
Our Jemimy, or, Connecticut courtship.
Satan : a libretto.
A new world planted.
Madelaine, the belle of the faubourg.
Who's who : a farce in three acts by Richard Harding Davis.
Oolaita, or, The Indian heroine.
Heselrigge, or, The death of Lady Wallace.
Gambrinus, king of lager beer : a diabolical, musical, comical and nonsensical Ethiopian burlesque. Originally produced by Duprez and Benedict's minstrels, at Jackson, Mich., July 21st, 1875 ; to which are added, a description of the costumes ; cast of the characters ; entrances and exits ; relative positions of the performers on the stage ; and the whole of the stage business.
Pleasant companions : an Ethiopian sketch, in one scene. As performed by the San Francisco Minstrels at their opera house, Twenty-Ninth Street and Broadway, New York, Sept. 13, 1880 ; to which are added a description of the costumes ; cast of the characters ; entrances and exits ; relative positions of the performers on the stage ; and the whole of the stage business.
Wild-goose chace : a play, in four acts.
Lindor and Clara, or, The British officer.
Nolens volens, or, The biter bit.
Two men of Sandy Bar : a drama.
A school for soldiers.
Handsome Jack.
Julian : a tragedy.
Brian O'Linn.
Moll Pitcher, or, The fortune teller of Lynn.
Irma, or, The prediction.
La Fayette, or, The fortress of Olmutz.
Tancred, or, The rightful heir to Rochdale castle.
Yankee land.
La Fayette in Mount Vernon.
Mary's birthday, or, The cynic.
Senor Valiente.
Harolde, the envoye of Artois.
Mrs. Smith, or, The wife and the widow.
Peter Smink.
Eveleen Wilson, the flower of Erin.
Irish assurance and Yankee modesty.
Paddy the piper.
Servants by legacy.
Shandy Maguire.
Phelles, King of Tyre, or, The downfall of tyranny.
Heaven on earth, or, The new lights of harmony.
Blondel : a historic fancy.
Love's sacrifice, or, The rival merchants.
Rosina Meadows, the village maid.
Valdemar, or, The castle of the cliff.
Ramanzo, the conscience stricken brigand.
Tancred, or, The siege of Antioch.
A flash of lightning.
A wet blanket.
After business hours.
An international match.
PS623.A1 A6 Four plays by Royall Tyler. 1