Call Number Title Count
PR1175 .T75 2017 Trinity poets : an anthology of poems by members of Trinity College, Cambridge from the sixteenth to the twenty-first century / 1
PR1175.T76 Traffic with time : an anthology. 1
PR1175.U57 Poems for study ; a critical and historical introduction / 1
PR1175.U6 The book of living verse, English and American poetry from the thirteenth century to the present day, 1
PR1175.U603 The book of living verse, limited to the chief poets. 1
PR1175.U64 Poetry, its appreciation and enjoyment, 1
PR1175.U65 A treasury of great poems, English and American, from the foundations of the English spirit to the outstanding poetry of our own time, 1
PR1175.U651 A treasury of great poems, English and American, from the foundations of the English spirit to the outstanding poetry of our own time, with lives of the poets and historical settings 1
PR1175.V2 Gems of national poetry / 1
PR1175.V23 Introduction to poetry. 1
PR1175.V232 Introduction to poetry; commentaries on thirty poems. 1
PR1175.V25 Poetry / 1
PR1175.V35 1954 Hearing poetry. 1
PR1175 .V55 1997 Very bad poetry / 1
PR1175.W2 Poems on poetry; the mirror's garland, 1
PR1175.W22 Visions and revisions; an approach to poetry. 1
PR1175.W23 An anthology of recent poetry, 1
PR1175.W27 The poetical album; and register of modern fugitive poetry. 1
PR1175.W4 The Week-end book / 1
PR1175.W446 2012 When all else fails : the grassroots book of short poems / 1
PR1175.W6 Anthology of English poetry; Beowulf to Kipling, 1
PR1175.W63 Songs of three centuries. 1
PR1175.W66 Golden numbers; a book of verse for youth, 1
PR1175.W67 Golden numbers; a book of verse for youth, chosen and classified by Kate Douglas Wiggin and Nora Archibald Smith; 1
PR1175.W69 The new book of English verse, 1
PR1175.W698 A little treasury of British poetry; the chief poets from 1500 to 1950. 1
PR1175.W7 A little treasury of great poetry, English & American, from Chaucer to the present day, 1
PR1175.W71 The Mentor book of major British poets : from William Blake to Dylan Thomas / 1
PR1175.W74 Path to Parnassus; anthology for schools, 1
PR1175.W75 Quest for reality : an anthology of short poems in English / 1
PR1175.W76 The poets of Great Britain from Chaucer to Bayley. Hausschatz englischer poesie; auswahl ... seit Chaucer bis gegenwart ... begleitet von biographischen und literarischen einleitungen, zugleich handbuch der englischen poesie und ihrer geschichte 1
PR1175.W78 Famous poems and the little-known stories behind them / 1
PR1175.W8 Wood-side and sea-side, 1
PR1175.W89 The Wreath. Containing The minstrel and other favorite poems; : to which is prefixed the life of Dr. Beattie. 1
PR1175.W9 The wreath : a collection of poems, from celebrated English authors. 1
PR1175.3.L54 1990 Life doesn't frighten me at all : poems / 1
PR1175.3.N46 1996 The new Oxford book of children's verse / 1
PR1175.3.P64 1827 Poetic gleanings, from modern writers : with some original pieces / 1
PR1175.5.B9 What the poem means; summaries of 1000 poems 1
PR1176.L3 Beckonings for every day : a calendar of thought / 1
PR1176.L45 Five minutes daily readings of poetry, 1
PR1177.A13 2001 101 poems by 101 women / 1
PR1177 .A14 2008 100 essential modern poems by women / 1
PR1177.B438 1986 Beautiful barbarians : lesbian feminist poetry / 1
PR1177.B54 The British female poets: with biographical and critical notices, 1
PR1177.B55 The British female poets : with biographical and critical notices / 1
PR1177.B56 Pearls from the British female poets / 1
PR1177.B70 1982 Bread and roses : an anthology of nineteenth- and twentieth-century poetry by women writers / 1
PR1177.B75 1990 British women poets, 1660-1800 : an anthology / 1
PR1177 .B756 2009 British women poets of the long eighteenth century : an anthology / 1
PR1177 .B76 1997 British women poets of the Romantic era : an anthology / 1
PR1177.C7 Poems by the most eminent ladies of Great-Britain and Ireland ... Selected, with an account of the writers, 1
PR1177.C78 A gallery of distinguished English and American female poets. 1
PR1177.C79 1875 A gallery of English and American women famous in song, 1
PR1177.D364 1985 A Dangerous knowing : four black women poets / 1
PR1177.D95 Specimens of British poetesses / 1
PR1177 .E27 2001 Early modern women poets (1520-1700) : an anthology / 1
PR1177 .E27 2005 Early modern women's manuscript poetry / 1
PR1177.E34 1989 Eighteenth century women poets : an Oxford anthology / 1
PR1177 .E45 2005 Eliza's babes : four centuries of women's poetry in English, c. 1500-1900 / 1