Call Number Title Count
PN2598.L46P74 The films of Christopher Lee / 1
PN2598.L48 A58 2010 The king's jester : the life of Dan Leno, Victorian comic genius / 1
PN2598.L5D4 Vivian Leigh: a bouquet. 1
PN2598.L5E26 Vivien Leigh : a biography / 1
PN2598.L5R7 Light of a star. 1
PN2598.L52A3 Dan Leno, hys booke; 1
PN2598.L52W8 Dan Leno / 1
PN2598.L53V7 Recollections of Fred Leslie, 1
PN2598.L55A3 Memoirs of Charles Lee Lewes : containing anecdotes, historical and biographical, of the English and Scottish stages, during a period of forty years / 1
PN2598.L554 A3 1994 Kicking against the pricks : a theatre producer looks back : the memoirs of Oscar Lewenstein. 1
PN2598.L573D30 1985 John Liston, comedian / 1
PN2598.L574 T5 1979 Little Tich : giant of the music hall / 1
PN2598.L577 A3 2003 Joan's book : the autobiography of Joan Littlewood / 1
PN2598.L577 H655 2011 Joan Littlewood's theatre / 1
PN2598.L65 L54 2013 The life of Robert Loraine : the stage, the sky, and George Bernard Shaw / 1
PN2598.L67A30 1988 John Lowin and Conclusions upon dances (1607) / 1
PN2598.L695W66 2013 John Lowin and the English theatre, 1603-1647 : acting and cultural politics on the Jacobean and Caroline stage / 1
PN2598.L72A22 Every other inch a lady. 1
PN2598.L76L7 Head wind; the story of Robert Loraine, 1
PN2598.L9A3 From the stocks to the stars : an unconventional autobiography / 1
PN2598.M16A3 Myself and my friends, 1
PN2598.M18 B37 2005 Ian McKellen : an unauthorised biography / 1
PN2598.M2A65 Charles Macklin : an actor's life / 1
PN2598.M2C7 Memoirs of Charles Macklin, comedian : with the dramatic characters, manners, anecdotes, &c. of the age in which he lived : forming an history of the stage during almost the whole of the last century, and a chronological list of all the parts played by him. 1
PN2598.M2K6 Memoirs of the life of Charles Macklin, esq., principally compiled from his own papers and memorandums; which contain his criticisms on and characters and anecdotes of Betterton, Booth, Wilks and most of his contemporaries ... the whole forming a comprehensive but succinct history of the stage ... 1
PN2598.M24A175 The journal of William Charles Macready, 1832-1851; 1
PN2598.M24A18 Macready's reminiscences and selections from his diaries and letters /
Macready's reminiscences, and selections from his diaries and letters.
PN2598.M24A2 The diaries of William Charles Macready, 1833-1851, 1
PN2598.M24D6 The eminent tragedian William Charles Macready 1
PN2598.M24D7 The drama, the press, and Mr. Macready. / 1
PN2598.M24D9 The influence of Macready on the nineteenth century stage ... 1
PN2598.M24P8 A life of William Charles Macready, 1
PN2598.M24R4 The replies from England, etc., to certain statements circulated in this country respecting Mr. Macready. 1
PN2598.M24S5 The dramatic collaborations of William Charles Macready / 1
PN2598.M24T8 Mr. Macready: a nineteenth-century tragedian and his theatre. 1
PN2598.M3 A3 2009eb The journal of William Charles Macready, 1832-1851 / 1
PN2598.M3A4 1875a Macready's reminiscences, and selections from his diaries and letters. 1
PN2598.M33A2 Life of Pauline Markham. Written by herself. 1
PN2598.M34 S84 1999 James Mason : a bio-bibliography / 1
PN2598.M345 A34 2006 Telling some tales / 1
PN2598.M35K590 Mr. Mathews at home / 1
PN2598.M35M4 1839 A continuation of the memoirs of Charles Mathews, comedian : including his correspondence and an account of his residence in the United States / 1
PN2598.M356R660 1991 A profile of Jonathan Miller / 1
PN2598.M36A3 Outrageous fortune / 1
PN2598.M39A2 Mr. Mathews' comic annual for ... 1
PN2598.M39A24 The London Mathews; containing an account of Master Charles Mathew's youthful days, with six original and humorous songs ... embellished with eight copper-plate engravings ... 1
PN2598.M39A25 Duncombe's edition of Mathews at home; being the entertainment of earth, air, and water 1
PN2598.M39A26 Mathews in America! : a new dramatic at home, written for and intended to be delivered by Mr. Mathews abroad : containing a new budget of songs, tales, and anecdotes ... 1
PN2598.M39M41 The life and correspondence of Charles Mathews, the elder, comedian / 1
PN2598.M4D5 The life of Charles James Mathews, chiefly autobiographical, with selections from his correspondence and speeches; 1
PN2598.M4M4 Memoirs of Charles Mathews, comedian / 1
PN2598.M46 Pamphlets on Charles James Matthews--1803-1878 1
PN2598.M48A3 Over my shoulder : an autobiography / 1
PN2598.M5A29 Behind the scenes with Cyril Maude, by himself. 1
PN2598.M5A3 Lest I forget, being the reminiscences of social & dramatic life in England & America, 1
PN2598.M5P47 2002 The merry duchess / 1
PN2598.M53A3 Fixing the stoof oop / 1
PN2598.M536 B37 2012 In two minds : a biography of Jonathan Miller / 1
PN2598.M545A38 2001 Up in the clouds, gentlemen please / 1
PN2598.M545 P53 2006 John Mills and British cinema : masculinity, identity and nation / 1