Call Number Title Count
PN2.B76 Boundary 2. 2
PN2.C17 Cambridge quarterly. 1
PN2.C2 Canto. 1
PN2.C37 Carrier pigeon.
The casket
PN2.C42 The Charleston spectator and ladies' literary port folio 1
PN2.C44 Child of Pallas devoted mostly to the belles-lettres / 1
PN2.C45 Chandrabhāgā. 1
PN2.C55 Chicago literary times. 1
PN2.C62 Cleft. 1
PN2 .C7 The critical survey : the journal of the Critical Quarterly Society. 1
PN2.C73 Comparative literature studies. 1
PN2.C75 Confrontation. 1
PN2.C77 Critical survey. 1
PN2.C87 Copyright. 1
PN2.C9 Criticism : a quarterly for literature and the arts.
PN2.D41 Denver quarterly. 1
PN2.D55 Diacritics. 2
PN2.E18 The East-West review. 1
PN2.E23 Edge. 1
PN2.E34 Eighteenth-century studies. 1
PN2.E442 Electronic literature collection. 2
PN2.E58 English language notes. 1
PN2.E78 Essays in literature. 1
PN2.E8 Essays in literature. 1
PN2.E81 Essays in poetics. 1
PN2 .E84 Essays in literature. 1
PN2.E92 Exile ; the literary quarterly. 1
PN2.G46 Genre : an international journal of literature and the arts. 1
PN2.G56 Glyph. 1
PN2.G675 Granta Japan with Waseda Bungaku. 1
PN2.G84 2014 Guernica Annual : 2014. #1 / 1
PN2.G9 The Guild pioneer; prospecting on the frontier of arts and letters. 1
PN2.H3 Hartford studies in literature.
University of Hartford studies in literature.
PN2.H47 Helix. 1
PN2.H52 Hephaistos. 1
PN2.H67 The History of the works of the learned ... Containing impartial accounts and accurate abstracts of the most valuable books pub. in Great-Britain, and foreign parts. Interspers'd with dissertations on several curious and entertaining subject ... 1
PN2.H74 The Hollins critic. 1
PN2.I15 Iconomatrix. 1
PN2.I524 Indian review of world literature in English 1
PN2.I64 The Iowa review. 1
PN2 .J6 Journal of Modern Literature. 1
PN2.J86 Journal of modern literature. 2
PN2.L28 Language. 1
PN2.L36 .LDOC. 1
PN2.L54 Lightning & ash. 1
PN2.L69 Text and performance quarterly : TPQ. 1
PN2.L77 Litera. 1
PN2.L78 Literary imagination : the review of the Association of Literary Scholars and Critics. 1
PN2.L8 The Literary magazine: or, The History of the works of the learned. Containing an account of the most valuable books publish'd both at home and abroad, in most of the languages in Europe, on all arts and sciences. With proper observations on each author. To which are occasionally added, biographical memoirs, dissertations, and critical enquiries. 1
PN2.L82 The Literary world; a monthly survey of international letters. 1
PN2.L83 Literature & ideology. 1
PN2.L85 Literature and psychology. 1
PN2.L851 Literature and psychology. Bibliography. 1
PN2.L87 Literature & theology. 1
PN2.M18 MSS. 1
PN2.M2 The Mad River review. 1
PN2.M47 Mediterranean review. 1
PN2.M5 Memoirs of literature; containing a weekly account of the state of learning, both at home and abroad. 1
PN2.M594 Mixed blood. 1
PN2.M62 Midwest monographs. 1