Call Number Title Count
PE685.S5S363 1951 Middle English sea terms / 1
PE688.R50 1991 Regionalism in late medieval manuscripts and texts : essays celebrating the publication of A Linguistic atlas of late mediaeval English / 1
PE700 Pamphlets on English language--Middle English 1
PE815.D2 Chapters on English printing, prosody, and pronunciation (1550-1700) 1
PE815.F6 Forschungen zur frühzeit der neuenglischen schriftsprache, 1
PE815.H7 Die englische Schriftsprache in Tottel's "Miscellany" (1557) und in Tottel's Ausgabe von Brooke's "Romeus and Juliet" (1562) ... 1
PE815.M82 Tudor-Stuart views on the growth, status and destiny of the English language, 1
PE821.B895 The English Grammar, Or The Institution of Letters, Syllables, and Words, in the English tongue. Whereunto is annexed An Index of Words Like and Unlike. 1
PE821.B897 Charles Butler's English grammar (1634) 1
PE821.B9E3 Schriftbild und Lautwert in Charles Butler's English grammar (1633, 1634) und Feminin' monarchi'(1634) 1
PE821 .D66 2004 Descriptive adequacy of early modern English grammars / 1
PE821.G6130 1991 Introduction to early modern English / 1
PE821.R43 1998 A reader in Early Modern English / 1
PE821 .S78 1994 Studies in early modern English / 1
PE821.S780 1994 Studies in early modern English / 1
PE821.W9 Beiträge zur geschichte der englischen grammatik (17. jahrhundert) 1
PE823.B4 J. B. gen. ca. Le maistre d'escole anglois (1580) hrsg. 1
PE823.C74 Coopers Grammatica linguae anglicanae (1685) 1
PE823.C741 Grammatica linguae anglicanae, 1685. 1
PE823.H47 A new and easy English grammar ... Whereunto is added a nomenclature, English and Dutch. Een nieuwe en gemakkelijke Engelsche spraakkonst ... 1
PE823.J8 The English grammar; 1
PE823.J81 1972 The English grammar (from the Works) 1640. 1
PE823.M4 George Mason's Grammaire angloise nach den Drucken von 1622 und 1633, 1
PE823.M4 1971 Grammaire angloise, 1633. 1
PE823.W55 A new English-grammar: containing all rules and directions necessary to be known for the judicious reading, right speaking, and writing of letters, syllables, and words in the English tongue. ... 1
PE825 .B76 Two books more exact and judicious for the entring of children to spell and read English than were ever yet extant : viz. An English syllabary, and An English monosyllabary, wherein is the best art that may be to teach the learners of the same tongue ... to spell and read all words of one syllabl ... : whereunto are added a competent number of polysyllabls first divided and then joyned ... : as also brief and artificial rules and directions for ... the profitable use of the said books / 1
PE825 .S933 1966 First Middle English primer, extracts from the Ancren Riwle and Ormulum, 1
PE828.B65 Die englische lautentwicklung im 17. jahrhundert nach den briefen der familie Verney ... 1
PE828.D63 English pronunciation, 1500-1700. 1
PE828.D631 English pronunciation 1500-1700 / 1
PE831.S49 De recta & emendata lingvae Anglicae scriptione : dialogus / 1
PE831.S5 De recta et emendata linguae anglicae scriptione dialogus (1568) hrsg. 1
PE831.S51 De recta et emendata linguae Anglicae scriptione, dialogus, 1568. 1
PE832.9 Pamphlets on English language--Early modern (1500-1700)--Phonetics 1
PE833.B9H4 Systematische lautlehre Bullokars (vokalismus). 1
PE833.D6 Englische Schreibung und Aussprache im Zeitalter Shakespeares, nach Briefen und Tagebüchern. 1
PE839.9 Pamphlets on English language--Early modern--Inflection 1
PE843.P86 The comparison of adjectives in English in the XV and the XVI century, 1
PE845.P7 A history of ablaut in the strong verbs from Caxton to the end of the Elizabethan period, 1
PE861.K7 Die Kongruenz zwischen Subjekt und Prädikat und die 3. Person Pluralis Präsentis auf -s im Elisabethanischen Englisch 1
PE871.A46 The genitive v. the of-construction : a study of syntactic variation in 17th century English / 1
PE871.B4 Lateinische Satzformen im Englischen : Latinismen in der Syntax der englischen, übersetzungen des Humanismus / 1
PE871 .P47 1999 Historical English syntax : a statistical corpus based study on the organisation of early modern English sentences / 1
PE871.W42 Syntactical studies in Bishop Fisher's English. 1
PE877 .M33 2002eb Elizabethan rhetoric : theory and practice / 1
PE877.M91 The native tongue and the word : developments in English prose style, 1380-1580 / 1
PE877.R660 1992 A way with words : the language of English Renaissance literature / 1
PE877.S580 1988 Sacred rhetoric : the Christian grand style in the English Renaissance / 1
PE880.5 .D47 2003 Giacomo Castelvetro Renaissance translator : an interface between English and Italian culture / 1
PE881 .E54 1997 English in transition : corpus-based studies in linguistic variation and genre styles / 1
PE881 .E54 1997eb English in transition : corpus-based studies in linguistic variation and genre styles / 1
PE881 .L88 2012eb Discourse markers in early modern English / 1
PE889.S5 A glossary of Tudor and Stuart words, especially from the dramatists, 1
PE891.E16 Early modern English : additions and antedatings to the record of English vocabulary, 1475-1700 / 1
PE891.M55 1983 A glossary of household, farming, and trade terms from probate inventories / 1
PE891 .M59 2017eb The first century of English monolingual lexicography / 1
PE891.M66 1983 A glossary of household, farming and trade terms from probate inventories / 1
PE891.S340 1989 Early modern English lexicography / 1
PE893.G19 Promptorium parvulorum, 1499. 1
PE893 .G3 1508 Promptoriu[m] paruulorum clericorum quod apud nos Medulla gra[m]matice appellatur scolasticis q[uam] maxi[m]e necessariu[m]. 1