Call Number Title Count
PE3727.N4S730 1995 A 2 Z : the book of rap & hip-hop slang / 1
PE3727.P4H3 The language of the oil fields: examination of an industrial argot, 1
PE3727.P6 H38 2004 Hatchet jobs and hardball : the Oxford dictionary of American political slang / 1
PE3727.P7P5 Political slang, 1750-1850, 1
PE3727.P74D485 1996 Prison patter : a dictionary of prison words and slang / 1
PE3727.P74 E53 2001 Prison argot : a sociolinguistic and lexicographic study / 1
PE3727.R3L92 Herb's hot box of railroad slang, plus Heroes of American railroading / 1
PE3727.R3S5 Dictionary of railway slang. 1
PE3727.R5F8 A dictionary of rhyming slang. 1
PE3727.S3 R63 2008 Not enough room to swing a cat : naval slang and its everyday usage / 1
PE3727.S4F3 The public school word-book; a contribution to a historical glossary of words, phrases, and turns of expression obsolete and in present use, peculiar to our great public schools, together with some that have been or are modish at the universities, 1
PE3727.S4M4 Public school slang. 1
PE3727.S44G7 Sea slang of the twentieth century; Royal navy, merchant navy, yachtsmen, fishermen, bargeman, canalmen, miscellaneous; 1
PE3727.S44G71 Sea slang of the twentieth century; Royal Navy, Merchant Navy, yachtsmen, fishermen, bargemen, canalmen, miscellaneous. 1
PE3727.S44G72 A dictionary of sailors' slang. 1
PE3727.S7 A95 2013 Whiskey tango foxtrot : the real language of the modern American military / 1
PE3727.S7C570 1990 Words of the Vietnam War : the slang, jargon, abbreviations, acronyms, nomenclature, nicknames, pseudonyms, slogans, specs, euphemisms, double-talk, chants, and names and places of the era of United States involvement in Vietnam / 1
PE3727.S7D37 2014 Vietnam war slang : a dictionary on historical principles / 1
PE3727.S7 D53 2004 War slang : American fighting words and phrases since the Civil War / 1
PE3727.S7D530 1994 War slang : fighting words and phrases of Americans from the Civil War to the Gulf War / 1
PE3727.S7D68 1990 W.H. Downing's Digger dialects / 1
PE3727.S7F8 Soldier and sailor words and phrases; including slang of the trenches and the air force; British and American war-words and service terms and expressions in every-day use; nicknames, sobriquets, and titles of regiments, with their origins; the battle-honours of the Great War awarded to the British Army; 1
PE3727.S7G7 Der Slang des englischen Soldaten im Weltkrieg 1914-1918 ... 1
PE3727.S7 L36 2016 Languages and the First World War : communicating in a transnational war /
Languages and the First World War : representation and memory /
PE3727.S7 M667 2012 Roger, sausage & whippet : a miscellany of trench lingo from the Great War / 1
PE3727.S7P4 A dictionary of Forces' slang, 1939-1945, 1
PE3727.S7 R67 2007 FUBAR : soldier slang of World War II / 1
PE3727.S7S6 Lingo of no man's land; or, War time lexicon, 1
PE3727.S7S65 2014 Lingo of no man's land : a World War I slang dictionary / 1
PE3727.S7 W35 2017 Words and the First World War : language, memory, vocabulary / 1
PE3727.S8 E255 1996 Slang and Sociability : In-Group Language Among College Students.
Slang & sociability : in-group language among college students /
PE3727.S8E2550 1996 Slang and socialility : in-group language among college students / 1
PE3727.T43Y680 1993 Naz's dictionary of teen slang / 1
PE3727.U6M4 University slang. 1
PE3727.Y68 D35 2010 Flappers 2 rappers : American youth slang / 1
PE3729.A5B5 The American thesaurus of slang; a complete reference book of colloquial speech, 1
PE3729.A5B51 The American thesaurus of slang, with supplement : a complete reference book of colloquial speech / 1
PE3729.A5G6 Dictionary of American underworld lingo. 1
PE3729.A5M4 The American slang dictionary / 1
PE3729.A5T67 Yankee slang / 1
PE3729.A5W4 Dictionary of American slang. 1
PE3729.A5W401 Dictionary of American slang. 1
PE3729.A5W401 1975 Dictionary of American slang / 1
PE3729.A5W5 A dictionary of American slang, 1
PE3729.G7 B47 2006 Knickers in a twist : a dictionary of British slang / 1
PE3729.N4B3 New Zealand slang; a dictionary of colloquialisms, the first comprehensive survey yet made of indigenous English speech in this country--from the argot of whaling days to children's slang in the twentieth century. 1
PE3729.N49K45 2015 Dictionary of slang in New Zealand : as slung today / 1
PE3999 Aldrich Two contrasted methods of teaching English composition. 1
PE3999 Anderson A study of errors in composition in the University of Chicago high school.
An investigation of the factors conditioning success in teaching English.
PE3999 Aucoin The sociohistorical and linguistic development of African American English in Virginia and South Carolina / 1
PE3999 Bardovi-Harlig A functional approach to English sentence stress / 1
PE3999 Bradley Diagnostic and remedial measures relating to linguistic disabilities. 1
PE3999 Brawer Aspects of dramatic art in the Middle English cycle plays. 1
PE3999 Brooks The use of rules in the teaching of spelling. 1
PE3999 Butler Nature of the content of third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grade readers. 1
PE3999 Butterworth The ability of elementary-school children to use a dictionary. 1
PE3999 Chamberlain The laboratory versus the recitation method of teaching English composition to groups of low ability. 1
PE3999 Charney The development of personal pronouns / 1
PE3999 Condit The relation between attainment in language and general scholastic success. 1
PE3999 Corcoran An experiment in correlating English composition with curriculum activities. 1