Call Number Title Count
NA9127.C4 P63 2009 The plan of Chicago @ 100 : 15 views of Burnham's legacy for a new century / 1
NA9127.C4 P73 2004 Prairie urbanism / 1
NA9127.C4 R63 2009 Plans of Chicago / 1
NA9127.C4S63 Lakefront development plan, central area, Chicago, Illinois / 1
NA9127.C4S7 Community appraisal study : a summary of current proposals. 1
NA9127.C4T3 2003 3 acres on the lake : DuSable Park Proposal Project / 1
NA9127.C4Y4 City residential land development : studies in planning : competitive plans for subdividing a typical quarter section of land in the outskirts of Chicago / 1
NA9127.C48480 1991 Constructing Chicago / 1
NA9127.C5A22 Metropolitan master plan study ... 1
NA9127.C5A26 Report. 1
NA9127.C5A5 1925 The official city plan of Cincinnati, Ohio, adopted by the City Planning Commission, 1925. 1
NA9127.C5A5 1939 Preliminary report on a plan of redevelopment for the central river front / 1
NA9127.C5A5 1951 Redevelopment of blighted areas. 1
NA9127.C5A5 1957 Cincinnati central business district plan. 1
NA9127.C54O51 1975 Architectural character study : Buckeye Road Community, Cleveland, Ohio / 1
NA9127.C6A22 Planning Cleveland. ... Annual report. 1
NA9127.C6A24 Publication. 1
NA9127.C6A5 1907 The group plan of the public buildings of the city of Cleveland. Report made to the honorable Tom L. Johnson, mayor, and to the Honorable Board of Public Service by Daniel H. Burnham, John M. Carrère, Arnold W. Brunner, Board of Supervision. 1
NA9127.C6A5 1921 The Cleveland thorofare plan. City of Cleveland. City plan commission. 1
NA9127.C6A5 1927 The tentative building zone maps of Cleveland, Ohio. 1
NA9127.C6A5 1950 The general plan of Cleveland. 1
NA9127.C6R32 Plan bulletin ... 1
NA9127.C6R33 Publication. 1
NA9127.C6R370 1986 Progressive vision : the planning of downtown Cleveland, 1903-1930 / 1
NA9127.C6R6 Decentralization, a problem in Cleveland's future, a report prepared for the Cleveland Chamber of Commerce 1
NA9127.C66G33 A comprehensive community plan, Columbia, Illinois / 1
NA9127.C68A5 1935 A city plan for Columbia, Missouri. Report of the City Planning and Zoning Commission. 1
NA9127.C7A3 A new approach to Columbia's future. 1
NA9127.C7K3 The improvement of Columbia, South Carolina. Report to the civic league, Columbia, South Carolina, 1
NA9127.C71S61 Comprehensive area plan; City of Columbus and Muscogee County, Georgia. 1
NA9127.C72A3 1908 The plan of the city of Columbus : report made to the Honorable Charles A. Bond, mayor, to the Honorable Board of Public Service, and to the Honorable City Council / 1
NA9127.C72A3 1928 The Columbus zoning ordinance ... ordinance no. 38852, passed February 27, 1928 ... 1
NA9127.C77C78 A comprehensive plan for community progress for the village of Coopersville and the township of Polkton in Ottawa County, Michigan / 1
NA9127.C83C8 A master plan of Cortland, New York 1
NA9127.D2K3 A city plan for Dallas / 1
NA9127.D203A3 1940 Report on city, port and county planning, the Dalles, Oregon, and metropolitan area with recommendations. 1
NA9127.D22E24 Master development plan, City of Danville and contiguous areas / 1
NA9127.D24A5 1918 Report to the mayor and City Council of the city of Davenport, Iowa on city planning for Davenport. 1
NA9127.D31 Annexation study: Dayton metropolitan area, January 1946, 1
NA9127.D31A5 1950 Planning in Dayton. 1
NA9127.D35W5 "The city practical"; the Decatur plan made for the City plan commission of Decatur, Illinois, 1
NA9127.D4A3 The Denver plan ... Report by the Denver Planning Commission ... 1
NA9127.D4A5 1934 Denver planning primer / 1
NA9127.D4A5 1952 General street plan (preliminary) : Denver metropolitan area / prepared by the Denver Planning Office. 1
NA9127.D4A5 1963 Development guide for downtown Denver / 1
NA9127.D4D41 Parks and recreation, open space : regional open space plan and program / 1
NA9127.D4 U55 1959 Government agencies concerned with land use, planning or conservation in the Washington metropolitan area : agencies of the state of Virginia / 1
NA9127.D5A5 1939 The Des Moines city plan. What is has done, what it can do to guide the development of a finer city ... Being a series of five broadcasts ... 1
NA9127.D5B3 1925 A preliminary major street plan for Des Moines, Iowa / 1
NA9127.D6A18 Master plan technical report. 1
NA9127.D6A2 Report. 1
NA9127.D6A5 1915 Preliminary plan of Detroit 1
NA9127.D6A5 1921 A center of arts and letters. 1
NA9127.D6A5 1921a Preliminary plan of Detroit, 1
NA9127.D6A5 1922 Zoning and its application to Detroit. 1
NA9127.D6A5 1925 Carrying out the master plan. 1
NA9127.D6A5 1930 Proposed ten year program for street widening / 1
NA9127.D6A5 1941 Preliminary report on the preparation of a master plan for Detroit. To the Honorable Edward J. Jeffries, Jr., mayor of the city of Detroit. 1
NA9127.D6A5 1951 Detroit master plan; the official comprehensive plan for the development and improvement of Detroit as approved by the Mayor and the Common Council. 1
NA9127.D6A5 1955 Planning Detroit : 1953-1955 : two year report of the Detroit City Plan Commission / 1