Call Number Title Count
N8370.W173 1986 Deutsche Kunsthistoriker / 1
N8375.A6A3 1960 Chroniques d'art, 1902-1918 / 1
N8375.A64A304 Apollinaire on art : essays and reviews, 1902-1918 / 1
N8375.B28H33 Dr. Barnes of Merion, an appreciation. 1
N8375.B325A25 1968 Documents / 1
N8375.B325A4 1996 L'informe : mode d'emploi / 1
N8375.B36A3 Adolph Bayersdorfers Leben und Schriften. 1
N8375.B45W76 Waldron Phoenix Belknap, Jr., whose ideals of scholarship are perpetuated in the Belknap Press at Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, and the establishment of a research library of American painting bearing his name at the Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum, Winterthur, Delaware 1
N8375.B46A3 Rumor and reflection. 1
N8375.B46A33 Sunset and twilight : from the diaries of 1947-1958 / 1
N8375.B48A18 The Bernard Berenson treasury; a selection from the works, unpublished writings, letters, diaries, and journals of the most celebrated humanist and art historian of our times, 1887-1958. 1
N8375.B48A181 The Bernard Berenson treasury : a selection from the works, unpublished writings, letters, diaries, and journals: 1887-1958 / 1
N8375.B48A19 One year's reading for fun, 1942. 1
N8375.B48A2 Rumour and reflection, 1941:1944. 1
N8375.B48A2 1952 Rumor and reflection. 1
N8375.B48A23 The passionate sightseer, from the diaries, 1947-1956. 1
N8375.B48A24 Sunset and twilight; from the diaries of 1947-1958. 1
N8375.B48A28 Colloqui con Berenson. 1
N8375.B48A284 Conversations with Berenson 1
N8375.B48A3 Sketch for a self-portrait. 1
N8375.B48M33 The Berenson archive; an inventory of correspondence, 1
N8375.B48M35 Forty years with Berenson; 1
N8375.B48M9 Bibliografia di Bernard Berenson. 1
N8375.B48P22 Una visita al signor Berenson e ai Tatti. 1
N8375.B48S8 Berenson; a biography. 1
N8375.B66A3 Mein leben ... 1
N8375.B66B5 Verzeichnis der Schriften von Wilhelm v. Bode / 1
N8375.B85L19 Verzeichnis der Schriften : aufgestellt im Kunsthistorischen Institut der Universität Köln / 1
N8375.B87B88 Breaking barriers; Eric Brown and the National Gallery, 1
N8375.B89S7 Professor dr. phil. Anders Bugges forfatterskap. 1
N8375.B9A3 Briefwechsel mit Heinrich von Geymüller / 1
N8375.B9A32 Jacob Burckhardt und Heinrich Wölfflin; Briefwechsel und andere Dokumente ihrer Begegnung, 1882-1897. 1
N8375.B9M45 Jacob Burckhardt und Rubens. 1
N8375.C59S63 Sir Kenneth Clark; 1
N8375.C59S63 1971 Kenneth Clark, Lord Clark of Saltwood: 1
N8375.C6 S39 2006 Dear Mr. Cockerell, Dear Mr. Peirce : an annotated description of the correspondence of Sydney C. Cockerell and Harold Peirce in the Grolier Club archive / 1
N8375.C67A3 The best of friends; further letters to Sydney Carlyle Cockerell. 1
N8375.C67B66 Cockerell; 1
N8375.C78L8 The traditional theory of literature / 1
N8375.C8P3 Storia dello spirito tedesco nelle memorie d'un contemporaneo. 1
N8375.C9A3 Reminiscences of thirty-five years of my life, 1
N8375.D4A206 Deux romans d'amour chez Madame Récamier. 1
N8375.D4A3 Two lovers in Rome : being extracts from the journal and letters of Étienne-Jean Delécluze / 1
N8375.D4B3 E.-J. Delécluze, témoin de son temps, 1781-1863 ... 1
N8375.D5M47 Diderot et Baudelaire, critiques d'art. 1
N8375.D71C37 The living museum : experiences of an art historian and museum director: Alexander Dorner / 1
N8375.D9A17 Listy o životě a umění : dopisy Jaroslavu Gollovi, Josefu Pekařovi a Josefu Šustovi / 1
N8375.D9A2 L'arte italiana nella critica di Max Dvorak. 1
N8375.E34A2 C. A. Ehrensvärds brev, 1
N8375.E34W3 Karl August Ehrensvärd. En lefnadsbild frän gustavianska tiden. 1
N8375.E46J54 Christian Elling bibliografi. 1
N8375.F37C54 Fenollosa: the Far East and American culture. 1
N8375.F375A2 2009 Ernest Francisco Fenollosa : published writings in English / 1
N8375.F4A3 Römische briefe an Johann Pohrt 1793-1798; 1
N8375.F4F35 Carl Ludwig Fernow als Ästhetiker; ein Vergleich mit der "Kritik der Urteilskraft" ... 1
N8375.F4G37 Carl Ludwig Fernow, 1
N8375.F42A2 På kulturvernets veier og kulturforskningens. Første og annen del. 1
N8375.F65G87 Bibliographie Henri Focillon. 1
N8375.F68 K67 2008 Der Kenner im Museum : Max J. Friedländer ,1867-1958 / 1
N8375.F7 W6 1940 Roger Fry : a biography / 1