Call Number Title Count
LB2826.I3E48 2008 Education funding : the funding of elementary and secondary education / 1
LB2826.I3E6 Crisis in Illinois nonpublic schools; final research report to the Elementary and Secondary Nonpublic Schools Study Commission, State of Illinois, 1
LB2826.I3E930 Financing the public schools : House Republican committee staff report / 1
LB2826.I3F3 1965 A Survey of the potential use of a state supported loan program at private higher educational institutions within the State of Illinois. 1
LB2826.I3F56 1990 Financing Illinois schools in the 1990s : reaching a consensus / 1
LB2826.I3 F75 2010 Essentials of Illinois school finance : a guide to techniques, issues and resources / 1
LB2826.I3F86 2000 The funding of elementary & secondary education in Illinois / 1
LB2826.I3G95 1998 Guide to auditing and reporting for Illinois public local education agencies / 1
LB2826.I3 H52 1985 The decline and fall of school finance reform in Illinois : a study of the politics of school finance, 1973 to 1986 / 1
LB2826.I3H52 1987 A brief history of K-12 finance in Illinois, or, 162 years in search of the perfect formula / 1
LB2826.I3H53 1975 The 1973 reform of the Illinois general purpose educational grant-in-aid : a description and an evaluation / 1
LB2826.I3H680 How school districts spend their money; a five-year study of operating expenditures/1965-1970. 1
LB2826.I3I490 1993 Report of the Illinois Task Force on School Finance. 1
LB2826.I3I52 Illinois public schools financial statistics. 1
LB2826.I3I525 Illinois public schools financial statistics and local property tax data / 1
LB2826.I3L49 1995 Preserving privilege : inequity of the Illinois education finance system / 1
LB2826.I3L633 1992 Public school endowment funds : starting, developing and profiting / 1
LB2826.I3L644 1991 The Long march to educational inequality in Illinois : financial facts for The Committee versus Edgar / 1
LB2826.I3P53 1991 School finance in Illinois : results from the 1990 school finance survey and policy statements of interest groups / 1
LB2826.I3S73 State, local, and federal financing for Illinois public schools
State, local, and federal financing for Illinois public schools.
LB2826.I3W37 1987 The concept of adequacy in Illinois school finance / 1
LB2826.I3W42 1991 School finance reform : equity or adequacy : a brief look at several widely circulated proposals for reform / 1
LB2826.I47570 1983 The report of the Technical Advisory Panel : a comprehensive system for financing Illinois public education / 1
LB2826.I64B36 Iowa school bond issues; data book 1
LB2826.I64B37 Iowa school bond issues: summary report, 1
LB2826.K4A38 Public school bonding and taxation / 1
LB2826.K4H3 1991 School finance reform in Kentucky, West Virginia and Texas / 1
LB2826.M3A5 1952 Report to Theodore R. McKeldin, Governor of Maryland [and] the General Assembly of Maryland. 1
LB2826.M3M3740 1994 The report of the Governor's Commission on School Funding. 1
LB2826.M4A5 1835 Report of the Committee on Education on so much of the Governor's message as relates to the school fund. 1
LB2826.M4P750 1988 Private support for public schools : a description of local education funds in Massachusetts / 1
LB2826.M5B470 1984 The measurement of equity in school finance : conceptual, methodological, and empirical dimensions / 1
LB2826.M5 K43 2002 A primer on Michigan school finance. 1
LB2826.M5S360 1994 School finance reform : analysis of the ballot and statutory reform proposals. 1
LB2826.M5T46 School finance and educational opportunity in Michigan: Michigan school finance study, 1
LB2826.M5U55 1997 The Universal Tuition Tax Credit : a proposal to advance parental choice in education : how educational freedom will help Michigan students, schools, and taxpayers / 1
LB2826.M6M5750 1993 How is Minnesota spending its tax dollars? : elementary and secondary education. 1
LB2826.M9J430 1988 Montana's system of public school finance : a historical perspective / 1
LB2826.N25N4830 1990 Funding Nebraska's schools : toward a more rational and equitable school finance system for the 1990s : final report of the Nebraska School Financing Review Commission to the Nebraska State Legislature. 1
LB2826.N5A3 Report of the Commissioner of Education; comparative financial statistics of school districts. 1
LB2826.N5 F53 1997 From cashbox to classroom : the struggle for fiscal reform and educational change in New Jersey / 1
LB2826.N5L43 The quest for justice : the politics of school finance reform / 1
LB2826.N5S83 The garden apartment development: a municipal cost-revenue analysis. 1
LB2826.N5 S83 1983 Subcommittee staff report on investigation of New Jersey Department of Education in the administration of certain programs under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 / 1
LB2826.N6W66 Politics and purse strings in New Mexico's public schools. 1
LB2826.N6W67 Public school education in New Mexico / 1
LB2826.N7A3 State aid for education in New York State; a guide to State and Federal aid programs in support of education. 1
LB2826.N7A5 1942 First report of the Joint Legislative Committee to investigate procedures and methods of allocating state moneys for public school purposes and subversive activities. 1
LB2826.N7A6 1973 The Fleischmann report : On the quality, cost, and financing of elementary and secondary education in New York State. 1
LB2826.N7B470 Financing equal educational opportunity; alternatives for state finance; a background report originally prepared for the Fleischmann Commission, 1
LB2826.N7 B48 1984eb Politicians, judges, and city schools : reforming school finance in New York / 1
LB2826.N7B480 1984 Politicians, judges, and city schools : reforming school finance in New York / 1
LB2826.N7C87 School aid in New York State 1
LB2826.N7F14 Facing financial exigency : strategies for educational administrators / 1
LB2826.N7N340 1978 School district budget voting and contingency budgeting : program audit 9.1.78, December 26, 1978 / 1
LB2826.N7N340 1978a Fiscal effect of state school mandates : program audit, 8.1.78 / 1
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LB2826.N7N56 1961 Challenges to education in a dynamic society. 1
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LB2826.N8 L48 Schools & taxes in North Carolina / 1