Call Number Title Count
KB744.C57D6 1967 Divorce and matrimonial causes in a nutshell. 1
KB744.C6C8 Copy of letter from the Lord Chief Justice of England, dated the 12th day of June 1879, containing comments and suggestions in relation to the Criminal Code (Indictable Offences) Bill. 1
KB744.C65H4 1972 A history of English assizes, 1558-1714 1
KB744.C8C8 1871 A treatise on the common and civil law, as embraced in the jurisprudence of the United States. 1
KB744.C82Y4 1693 The Young clerk's tutor enlarged: being a most useful collection of the best presidents of recognizances, obligations, conditions, acquittances, bills of sale, warrants of attorney, &c. ...To which is annexed, several of the best copies of court and chancery hand now extant / 1
KB744.C84I5 1987 The interpretation of statutes / 1
KB744.C85S9 1939 Successful justice / 1
KB744.C9P2 1967 A Paper on trading partnership or limited company? Week-end course at Oxford. 1
KB746.C12A24 1951 Advice on advocacy in the Magistrates' Court (to solicitors) 1
KB746.C12A24 1954 Advice on advocacy in the lower courts. 1
KB746.C3E9 1837 An exposition of the pretended claims of William Vans on the estate of John Codman : with an appendix of original documents, correspondence and other evidence / 1
KB746.C55P8 1876 The practice at the judges' chambers, Queen's bench, Commonplease, & Exchequer divisions, and in the district registries, under the Supremem court of judicature acts of 1873, 1875; and other statutes; with an Appendix of the Judicature acts, and the rules and orders to June, 1876. 1
KB746.C56B15 1974 The Bank secrecy act and retention of bank records. 1
KB747.C52T2 1960 The tax gatherers / 1
KB747.C55C4 1972 Civil disobedience: aid or hindrance to justice? 1
KB747.C627W418 1971 What price parochiaid? A comprehensive analysis of reasons why public funds should not be used for non-public schools. 1
KB747.C63L25 1970 The lawmaking process in West Virginia; a study in legislative ethics 1
KB747.C65S8 1894 The law of strikes, lockouts, and labor organization / 1
KB747.C8T7 1843 A treatise on the necessity of capital punishment / 1
KB748.C18C8 1961 Cost of flotation of long-term corporate debt since 1935. 1
KB748.C18P9 1961 Private placements and public offerings: market shares since 1935. 1
KB748.C19D7 1972 Drafting California revocable inter vivos trusts. 1
KB748.C2T2 1960 Tax accounting problems in international operations. 1
KB748.C21P2 1968 A panel discussion of urban demonstrations 1
KB748.C23P549 1972 Police background characteristics and performance; 1
KB748.C23P55 1972 Police background characteristics and performance: summary 1
KB748.C23P6 1970 The police internal administration of justice in New York City. 1
KB748.C25C4 1971 Civil disobedience: conscience, tactics, and the law. 1
KB748.C26E9 1974 Experience with variable rate mortgages: the case of the United Kingdom 1
KB748.C28C8 1944 Combating totalitarian propaganda: a legal appraisal, 1
KB748.C285L3 1969 The legal challenge to corrections; implications for manpower and training. 1
KB748.C289V4 1861 Die verfassung und geschäftsordnung des englischen parlaments. 1
KB748.C295P8 1952 The powers of the New York Court of Appeals, 1
KB748.C3C8 1908 The Criminal appeal act, 1907, and the rules, forms and rates and scales of payment thereunder, with notes 1
KB748.C3S7 1907 The spirit of our laws, 1
KB748.C3S7 1932 The spirit of our laws; British justice at work, 1
KB748.C3T8 1907 Trade union law / 1
KB748.C3T84 1901 Trade union law and cases, a text book relating to trade unions and to labour. 1
KB748.C314D5 1967 A descriptive study of the availability and useability of social services in the South central area of Los Angeles / 1
KB748.C3145S4 1972 The Sino-Indian dispute over the internment and detention of Chinese in India, 1
KB748.C315B9 1966 Burn, baby, burn! The Los Angeles race riot, August, 1965, 1
KB748.C3167C28 1968 Causes and prevention of road accidents 1
KB748.C318P2 1958 Parental authority: the community and the law 1
KB748.C32C7 1918 Commercial arbitration and the law, 1
KB748.C32P56 1940 The Port of New York Authority : the evolution of the authority plan in American administrative law / 1
KB748.C325R3 1965 Recent railroad litigation and the valuation of railroads / 1
KB748.C325S8 1969 State supervision of Illinois local finance; public policy background study. 1
KB748.C325T2 1965 Intra-county tax uniformity in Madison and St. Clair Counties, Illinois. 1
KB748.C33A9 1960 Awards to inventors, being the presidential address of the president of the Holdsworth Club. 1
KB748.C33O6 1957 One hundred years of limited liability companies in England. 1
KB748.C34M9 1952 Murder, madness, and the law / 1
KB748.C3428C15 1971 Can regulatory agencies protect consumers? 1
KB748.C343I4 1964 Income taxation of inter vivos trusts. 1
KB748.C347R2 1964 Race, creed, and color in adoption proceedings, 1
KB748.C35A25 1883 Admiralty jurisdiction, law, and practice. With an appendix, containing rules, statutes, and forms. 1
KB748.C37C7 1967 The context of the curfew area. 1
KB748.C37L8 1967 Los Angeles riot study: summary and implications for policy. 1
KB748.C48L2 1964 Labor law. 1
KB748.C48S8 1948 State labor legislation, 1937-1947; a study of state laws affecting the conduct and organization of labor unions. 1
KB748.C485S6 1972 Social security: universal or selective? 1