Call Number Title Count
KB4536.P56P6 1968 Powell on real property, 1
KB4536.P56R3 1938 Registration of the title to land in the State of New York : with supplements as to experience elsewhere / 1
KB4536.P6B8 1963 Busses and ballots: public transportation to Catholic schools. 1
KB4536.P6S4 1960 The school bus law; a case study in education, religion, and politics. 1
KB4536.P63I4 Indirect encroachment on federal authority by the taxing powers of the states, 1
KB4536.P63M6 Miscellaneous publications. 1
KB4536.P63S9 1932 The Supreme court and state police power, 1922-1930, 1
KB4536.P63S92 1922 The Supreme court's construction of the federal constitution in 1920-1921, / 1
KB4536.P63V2 1956 Vagaries and varieties in constitutional interpretation / 1
KB4536.P65A5 1878 Analysis of American law / 1
KB4536.P68A7 1872 The law of appellate proceedings : in relation to review, error, appeal, and other reliefs upon final judgments / 1
KB4536.P92D6 1948 The law and practice relating to divorce and other matrimonial causes in Canada, with appendices containing the applicable statutes, rules and forms, and a subject index and table of cases. 1
KB4536.P92D6 1976 Power on divorce and other matrimonial causes. 1
KB4537.P37P8 1966 A practical guide to bills of lading, 1
KB4537.P39B3 1957 The basic structure of the administration of criminal justice in Massachusetts. 1
KB4537.P39B3 1959 The basic structure of the administration of criminal justice in Massachusetts. 1
KB4537.P39B3 1964 The basic structure of the administration of criminal justice in Massachusetts / 1
KB4537.P39C8 1966 Crime and punishment in early Massachusetts, 1620-1692; a documentary history. 1
KB4537.P39P25 1970 Parole boards -appointments, -compensation, -qualifications; a review of the laws in the fifty states. 1
KB4537.P39P27 1969 Parole eligibility of prisoners serving a life sentence. 1
KB4537.P4S9 1884 Powers' Supreme court practice, a treatise on the practice of the Supreme court of the state of Michigan. And adapted to any state where the common law practice prevails in courts of error and appeals. With forms of bills of exception, case made, writs, petitions, affidavits, motions, orders, briefs, bonds, pleas, replications, demurrers, rejoinders, etc. 1
KB4537.P55P6 1967 Population projection to 1971 / 1
KB4537.P7A2 1972 An ACLU guide to cable television. 1
KB4537.P7M5 1970 Model city; a test of American liberalism: one town's efforts to rebuild itself. 1
KB4539.P57C8 1824 A concise view of the doctrine and practice of the ecclesiastical courts in Doctors' commons, on various points relative to the subject of marriage and divorce. 1
KB4540.P6L4 1976 Legal choices for state enterprises in the Third World / 1
KB4542.F6F68 1958 Forum on buying, selling and merging businesses: the corporate, financial and tax problems, March 21-22, 1958, Hotel Commodore, New York, N. Y. 1
KB4542.G4I8 1946 Corporate practice / 1
KB4542.P4 1872 Practical instructions on the law of landlords and tenants, and of purchasers and sellers of real estates : with forms and suggestions : a complete manual for popular use adapted to every state of the Union / 1
KB4542.P42N3 The practical lawyer's negligence law manual. 1
KB4542.P43 1800 The practical register in Chancery : with the addition of the modern cases, and a copious index / 1
KB4542.P435 1743 The practical register of the Common Pleas : containing select cases or determinations in points of practice of that court in the reigns of Queen Anne and King George the First and of His present Majesty King George the Second [1705-1742], with three tables, one of the principal matters, one of the general heads therein contained, and the other of the names of the cases. 1
KB4542.P45 1838 A practical treatise on the law of auctions : with forms, tables, statutes, & cases and directions to auctioneers. 1
KB4542.P53 1654 The PRACTICK part of the law: shewing the office of a compleat attorney, in the full prosecution of any action, whether reall, personall, or mixt; (from the very original to the execution) in all courts; with the exact fees of all officers and ministers of the courts: together with speciall instructions for the solicitation of any cause in chancery, or elsewhere, relating to the present government, being usefull for all men. 1
KB4542.P58 1975 Practicing law in New York City / 1
KB4542.P6A22 1969 Accountants' liability. 1
KB4542.P6A22M3 1969 Accountants' liability. Jim McCord, editor; Barbara Ellen Burgdorf, editorial administrator. 1
KB4542.P6A295 1964 Two-day forum on administration and tax problems of small estates, Friday and Saturday, April 24 and 25 at Hotel Commodore, New York City. 1
KB4542.P6A68 1974 Arbitrating labor cases / 1
KB4542.P6A78 1968 Automobile dealers : business and legal problems. 1
KB4542.P6A8 1968 Automobile insurance problems. 1
KB4542.P6B25P6 1970 Bank holding companies / 1
KB4542.P6B3 1975 Bankruptcy practice and procedure / 1
KB4542.P6B67H35 1971 Suppl. Federal securities laws : 1973 supplement / 1
KB4542.P6B747 1970 Business & legal problems of exporters and importers. 1
KB4542.P6B8 1968 Business and legal problems of shopping centers. 1
KB4542.P6B8M2 1968 Business and legal problems of shopping centers. Benjamin Pollack, chairman. 1
KB4542.P6B8M21 1970 Business and legal problems of shopping centers--2d. 1
KB4542.P6B85 1968 Business and legal problems of TV and radio / 1
KB4542.P6B88 1968 Business and legal problems of the franchise. 1
KB4542.P6B885 1968 Business and legal problems of the thrift industry / 1
KB4542.P6B885 1970 Business and legal problems of the thrift industry, 2d / 1
KB4542.P6B8855 1970 Business and legal problems of the travel industry. 1
KB4542.P6B9 1963 Business corporation law and excerpts from the civil practice law and rules and the executive law. 1
KB4542.P6C2 1969 The campus crisis : legal problems of university discipline, administration & expansion / 1
KB4542.P6C2F5 1969 The Campus crisis; legal problems of university discipline, administration & expansion. 1
KB4542.P6C21 1970 The Campus crisis revisited. 1
KB4542.P6C408 1968 Collective bargaining for public employees. 1
KB4542.P6C4086 1982 Collective bargaining in a changing environment / 1
KB4542.P6C409 1975 Collective bargaining in higher education, the developing law / 1