Call Number Title Count
KB3811.N288A64 1974 The appellate process and staff research attorneys in the Illinois Appellate Court: a report of the Appellate Justice Project of the National Center for State Courts, 1972-1973 / 1
KB3811.N288A65 1974 The appellate process and staff research attorneys in the Supreme Court of Nebraska, 1
KB3811.N288A66 1974 The appellate process and staff research attorneys in the appellate division of the New Jersey Superior Court, 1
KB3811.N288A68 1974 The appellate process and staff research attorneys in the Supreme Court of Virginia, 1
KB3811.N288C6 1972 Court improvement programs : a guidebook for planners / 1
KB3811.N288E8 1973 Expediting review of felony convictions after trial : a report of the Committee on Criminal Appeals of the Advisory Council on Appellate Justice. 1
KB3811.N288F2 1976 Facets of the jury system : a survey / 1
KB3811.N288F3 1973 Federal funding assistance for state courts. 1
KB3811.N288G3 1980 Georgia, state court organization profile / 1
KB3811.N288I5 1974 Implementation of Argersinger v. Hamlin : a prescriptive program package 1
KB3811.N288N3 1973 National Center for State Courts court services package. 1
KB3811.N288P5 1974 Proposal and analysis of a unitary system for review of criminal judgements. 1
KB3811.N288P6 1973 Proposed standards for appellate court statistics : report / 1
KB3811.N288Q3 Quarterly survey of judicial salaries in state court systems.
Survey of judicial salaries in state court systems.
KB3811.N288R3 1973 Report on the appellate process in Alabama (summary). 1
KB3811.N288S7 1973 Standards for publication of judicial opinions : A report of the Committee on Use of Appellate Court Energies of the Advisory Council on Appellate Justice. 1
KB3811.N288T35 1978 Texas state court organization profile / 1
KB3811.N288V4 1979 Virgin Islands : court organization profile / 1
KB3811.N288V45 1978 Virginia, state court organization profile / 1
KB3811.N288W74 1975 Wisconsin appellate practice and procedure study : final report / 1
KB3811.N2882M5 1974 Minnesota district court survey / study prepared by North Central Regional Office: 1
KB3811.N289G89 1974 Guidelines for the planning and design of state court facilities and programs. Working draft. 1
KB3811.N289G89 1976 Guidelines for the planning and design of state court programs and facilities / 1
KB3811.N289G9 1973 Guidelines for the planning and design for a unified state court system. 1st draft. 1
KB3811.N3L2 1949 Labor union monopolies and the anti-trust laws. 1
KB3811.N302H8 1967 How the Federal Government builds ghettos. 1
KB3811.N302J7 1970 Jobs and housing; a study of employment and housing opportunities for racial minorities in the suburban areas of the New York metropolitan region. An interim report on the first year's findings of a two-year study. 1
KB3811.N3035G9 1961 Guidelines for consideration of the dropout and employment problems of youth; prepared for Conference on Unemployed, Out of School Youth in Urban Areas. 1
KB3811.N304P9 1959 Protection for designs. 1
KB3811.N305C55 1950 Community trusts of America, their origin, development, and status after thirty-six years, 1914-1950; a review of community trust experience, 1
KB3811.N31M7 1962 Model traffic ordinance. 1
KB3811.N31T8 1972 Traffic laws annotated. 1
KB3811.N31U6 1945 Uniform vehicle code ... as rev. and approved by the National Conference on Street and Highway Safety, 1944. 1
KB3811.N31U6 1954 Uniform vehicle code; a consolidation and rearrangement of Acts I, II, III, IV and V heretofore published separately [combined into one]. 1
KB3811.N31U6 1962 Uniform vehicle code. 1
KB3811.N31U6 1968 Uniform vehicle code: rules of the road with statutory annotations. 1
KB3811.N31U61 1968 Uniform vehicle code and Model traffic ordinance. Rev. 1
KB3811.N315B6 1963 Birth control and the legislation of morality 1
KB3811.N315C4 1962 Community conflict; Christmas observance in the public schools. 1
KB3811.N315R3 1963 Religious freedom in America: changing meaning in the past and present 1
KB3811.N32A18 1971 Uniform abortion act / 1
KB3811.N32A2 1966 Revised Uniform acknowledgment act. Drafts. 1
KB3811.N32A3 1967 Revised Uniform adoption act. Drafts. 1
KB3811.N32A301 1971 Amendments to Revised Uniform Adoption Act . 1
KB3811.N32A4 1971 Uniform alcoholism and intoxication treatment act : drafted by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws and by it approved and recommended for enactment in all the States at its annual conference meeting in its eightieth year at Vail, Colorado, August 21-28, 1971 ; with prefatory note and comments. 1
KB3811.N32A6 1966 Uniform anti-discrimination act. Drafts. 1
KB3811.N32A8 [Archive publications]. 1
KB3811.N32B9 1928 Uniform business corporation act, 1
KB3811.N32C3 1966 Uniform certification of questions of law act. Drafts. 1
KB3811.N32C35 1925 the thirty-fifth annual meeting of the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws...including third draft of a Uniform chattel mortgage act. 1
KB3811.N32C4 1966 Uniform child custody jurisdiction act. Drafts. 1
KB3811.N32C42 1966 Uniform choice of forum act. Drafts. 1966- 1
KB3811.N32C44 1910 American uniform commercial acts, including Uniform Sales Act, Uniform Stock Transfer Act, Uniform Negotiable Instruments Act, Uniform Warehouse Receipts Act, Uniform Bills of Lading Act, 1
KB3811.N32C45 The Uniform commercial code. 1
KB3811.N32C49 1964 The Uniform Commercial Code in Pennsylvania 1954-1964 : and in Massachusetts 1958-1964. Experience--not theory. Some interesting letters and resolutions. A convincing article by a prominent banker. 1
KB3811.N32C5 1961 The uniform commercial code in Pennsylvania, 1954-1961: experience-not theory. 1
KB3811.N32C7 1959 Connecticut enacts the Uniform commercial code. 1
KB3811.N32C79 Report. 1
KB3811.N32C79 no.1 Variations from and selections of alternatives in the official text of the code by the six enacting states of Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah and Wyoming, with Committee comments. 1
KB3811.N32C8 1966 [Miscellaneous drafts and papers concerning the Uniform consumer credit code. 1