Call Number (LC) Title Results
KB2668.H4M4 1964 Notes on matrimonial causes proceeding in district registries. 1
KB2668.H45T9 1845 Two letters addressed to the right honourable Thomas Lord Denman, Lord Chief Justice of the Court of Queen's Bench, by the Earl of Stirling. 1
KB2670.H93L5 1986 Legal ideology and politics in South Africa : a social science approach / 1
KB2671.H9M5 1961 The medieval coroner. 1
KB2672.H38A3 1912 A treatise on the law of accord and satisfaction, compromise, and composition at common law : with forms for use in composition proceedings : in three books / 1
KB2672.H38T3 1903 A treatise on the law of tender, and bringing money into court not only in support of a plea of tender : but under the common rule : together with a chapter on offer of judgment / 1
KB2672.H42B8 1904 The law of boundaries & fences in relation to the seashore and sea-bed; public and private rivers and lakes; private properties; mines; railways; highways; canals; waterworks; parishes and counties; church lands; inclosed lands; roads, etc. Together with the evidence in proof of boundaries and the remedies where boundaries, etc., are affected or confused, and including the law of party walls and party structures, both generally and within the metropolis. 1
KB2672.H42B8 1912 Hunt's law of boundaries, walls and fences. 1
KB2672.H45D5 1936 The development of the business corporation in England, 1800-1867, / 1
KB2672.H8M5 1971 Minority recruiting in the New York City Police Department 1
KB2672.H82L3 1973 Laws, licenses and the offender's right to work; a study of state laws restricting the occupational licensing of former offenders 1
KB2672.H85H36 1973 Heroin epidemics: a quantitative study of current empirical date. 1
KB2673.H35L8 1958 Law and locomotives : the impact of the railroad on Wisconsin law in the nineteenth century / 1
KB2673.H37G3 1973 The genesis of California's first constitution (1846-49). 1
KB2673.H5C8 1794 A collection of cases on the annuity act, with an epitome of the practice relative to the enrolment of memorials. 1
KB2673.H8C7 1966 Competition and the law. 1
KB2673.H8M6 1969 Monopoly and competition: selected readings. 1
KB2674.H25S8 1948 State rent control laws; an analysis of the statutory provisions. 1
KB2674.H278F4 1974 Federal review of voting changes : how to use section 5 of the Voting Rights Act / 1
KB2674.H28S38 1965 Seven motive ideas 1
KB2674.H28S52 1963 Social work and social problems 1
KB2674.H28S55 1961 Some problems of the future for social workers. 1
KB2674.H28W45 1963 Who's got the action? Welfare planning in the city 1
KB2674.H3A7 1966 Attack by mail. 1
KB2674.H33S24 1978 Scottish woman's place : a practical guide and critical comment on women's rights in Scotland / 1
KB2674.H4F33 1974 Federal trial handbook / 1
KB2674.H4T8 1964 Trial handbook for Illinois lawyers. 1
KB2674.H4T8 1969 Trial handbook for Illinois lawyers, 1
KB2674.H4T8 1972 Trial handbook for Illinois lawyers, 1
KB2674.H45E4 1867 An elementary view of the proceedings in a suit in equity. With an appendix of forms. 1
KB2674.H48T2 1968 The tax climate for philanthropy 1
KB2674.H5R2 1889 The railway and canal traffic act, 1888, 1
KB2674.H54T8 1895 Torrens title cases : being a collection of important cases decided by the courts of England, Australasia and Canada upon statutes relating to the transfer of land by registration of title with a full digest of the cases to which is prefixed a summary of Torrens title legislation / 1
KB2676.H855I58 1961 Instability at the non-strategic level of conflict / 1
KB2679.H77T6 1895 The Torrens System in two parts. Part I: Law of the State of Illinois ... essay explanatory of the System, by Harvey B. Hurd. Part II: Registration and transfer of the title to real estate ... by M.M. Yeakle. 1
KB2679.H8F8 1858 The law of freedom and bondage in the United States. 1
KB2679.H84R4 1858 A treatise on the right of personal liberty : and on the writ of habeas corpus and the practice connected with it : with a view of the law of extradition of fugitives / 1
KB2679.H84R4 1876 A treatise on the right of personal liberty : and on the writ of habeas corpus and the practice connected with it : with a view of the law of extradition of fugitives / 1
KB2681.H25E6 1971 Environmental legislation, 1
KB2681.H5K4 1969 The king's pardon for homicide before A.D. 1307. 1
KB2682.H4A5 1961 American law of products liability : a modern statement of the complete body of substantive law governing liability for product-caused injury including exhaustive analysis of all existing case law from the earliest to the most recent decisions. 1
KB2682.H4A5 1974 American law of products liability. 1
KB2682.H5G8 1950 The growth of American law : the law makers / 1
KB2682.H5J9 1964 Justice Holmes on legal history / 1
KB2682.H5L2 1964 Law and economic growth; the legal history of the lumber industry in Wisconsin, 1836-1915. 1
KB2682.H5L28 1977 Law and social order in the United States / 1
KB2682.H5L3 1956 Law and the conditions of freedom : in the nineteenth-century United States / 1
KB2682.H5L36 1973 A legal history of money in the United States, 1774-1970. 1
KB2682.H5L4 1970 The legitimacy of the business corporation in the law of the United States, 1780-1970. 1
KB2682.H5S6 1960 Law and social process in United States history; five lectures delivered at the University of Michigan, November 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13, 1959. 1
KB2682.H5T7 1971 The law of treason in the United States; collected essays. 1
KB2682.H5U5 1960 The law in United States history 1
KB2682.H53F6 1973 Freedom, corruption and government in Elizabethan England. 1
KB2682.H53Q4 1973 The Queen's wards; wardship and marriage under Elizabeth I. 1
KB2682.H8S8 1968 State intervention in Great Britain; a study of economic control and social response, 1914-1919. 1
KB2683 .H15D7 1967 Mazhar Husain's The law relating to drugs and cosmetics in India. 1
KB2683.H15S7 1978 Mazhar Husain's The Suppression of immoral traffic in women and girls act, 1956 : with critical commentary, case law and states' rules. 1
KB2683 .H2L4 1961 Law of bails in India and Pakistan. 1
KB2683.H22C3 1967 Capitalism; essays in understanding. 1
KB2685.H28W3 1969 The West Pakistan industrial & commercial employment (standing orders) ordinance, 1968; containing 1. Exhaustive commentary with caselaw upto December, 1968; 2. Critical treatment of law of dismissal and discharge; 3. Procedure for disciplinary actions and inquiries, and; 4. Specimen forms of letters of suspension, charge sheet, dismissal, discharge, etc., 1