Call Number Title Count
KB147.S49A6 [Memoranda on cases before the Supreme Court]. 1
KB149.A18T3 1973 Tax reform and the crisis of financing higher education; a report of the Association of American Universities. 1
KB149.A22S8 1947 Some legal aspects of charities, with particular reference to the Income tax acts, 1
KB149.A4C55 1957 Comparison of the administrative procedure act and the American Bar Association proposed code of federal administrative procedure. 1
KB149.A4M3 A manual of practice and procedure before the Interstate Commerce Commission ... 1
KB149.A4M6 1953 [Miscellaneous publications] 1
KB149.A46L3 Life, health and accident insurance law index. 1
KB149.A46P3 [Proceedings] 1
KB149.A55R4 1974 The regulation of bank holding companies, 1971-1973 : views presented to the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System / 1
KB149.A55R4 1977 The regulation of bank holding companies 1974-1976 : views presented to the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System by the Association of Bank Holding Companies. 1
KB149.A58G8 1933 The guaranty of bank deposits; a report of the Commission on banking law and practice, 1
KB149.A6N5 1974 New York pattern jury instructions--civil / 1
KB149.A75B18 1954 Bad housekeeping; the administration of the New York Courts. 1
KB149.A75E6 1959 Equal justice for the accused / 1
KB149.A75G66 1979 Grand jury reform / 1
KB149.A75G8 1964 A guide to the legal institutions of New York City [prepared by the Association of the Bar of the City of New York and the New York County Lawyers Association. 1
KB149.A75P65 1971 Proposed federal legislation to protect consumers, including consumer class actions, 1
KB149.A75R3 1957 Report on the 1957 Bricker amendment. 1
KB149.A77A2 1965 Joint report on police advisory board for civilian complaints ... 1
KB149.A79O9 1965 An outline of procedure under the New York arbitration law, July 1, 1965 / 1
KB149.A79O9 1971 An outline of procedure under the New York arbitration law. 1
KB149.A791O9 1942 An outline of arbitration procedure : (Revised to January 1, 1942) / 1
KB149.A791O9 1956 An outline of arbitration procedure : September 1, 1956 / 1
KB149.A7915B9 1975 Business reorganizations under the proposed new bankruptcy act / 1
KB149.A7915P7 1973 Proposed new Bankruptcy act : chapter IV and V / 1
KB149.A792A3 1973 The administration's proposed amendment to the Federal Communications Act of 1934, Section 307. 1
KB149.A792I5 1976 Intelligence agency abuses : the need for a temporary special prosecutor / 1
KB149.A792P7 1975 The privacy of federal income tax returns / 1
KB149.A793D3 1974 The Department of Justice as an independent establishment / 1
KB149.A793E9 1973 Executive impoundment of appropriated funds. 1
KB149.A793J6 1973 Journalists' privilege legislation. 1
KB149.A793L18 1974 The law of Presidential impeachment. 1
KB149.A793L181 1974 The law of presidential impeachment / 1
KB149.A793L2 1973 Legislation to protect federal employees' privacy / 1
KB149.A793N3 1976 A national institute of justice / by the Committee on Federal Legislation. 1
KB149.A793P6 1974 Pocket veto legislation. 1
KB149.A793P64 1975 Political activities of government employees / 1
KB149.A793P9 1967 Proposed legislation to protect certain rights of privacy of civilian employees of the executive branch of the Federal Government / 1
KB149.A793P93 1970 The proposed Organized crime control act of 1969 (S.30). 1
KB149.A793P95 1972 Proposed procedures for federal constitutional conventions (S. 215) / 1
KB149.A793R46 1956 The risks of the 1956 Bricker Amendment : report / 1
KB149.A798A5 1974 Antitrust immunity under the Standby Energy Emergency Authorities act (S. 3267 and H. R. 13834) / 1
KB149.A798R3 1975 Report on proposed amendments to the Antitrust Civil Process Act (S. 1284; H.R. 39) / 1
KB149.A8R39 1952 Report on the proposed uniform commercial code. 1
KB149.A8R4 1962 Report on the Uniform commercial code, containing an analysis of the criticisms of the code made by the New York Law Revision Commission and the extent to which subsequent changes in the code comply with such criticisms. 1
KB149.A802R3 1970 Report on welfare proposals, 1
KB149.A8028D46 1973 Disorder in the court; report of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York Special Committee on Courtroom Conduct, 1
KB149.A803E4 1972 Electricity and the environment: the reform of legal institutions; report. 1
KB149.A804R4 1960 Report. 1
KB149.A807F8 1967 Freedom of the press and a fair trial; final report with recommendations by the Special Committee on Radio, Television, and the Administration of Justice of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York. 1
KB149.A807R2 1965 Radio, television, and the administration of justice; a documented survey of materials. 1
KB149.A808S88 1962 Study of the impact of technological progress on privacy in the United States (with particular reference to legal, political, and socio-economic consequences) 1
KB149.A81C8 Court reform and the citizen, report. 1
KB149.A813C7 1960 Conflict of interest and federal service / 1
KB149.A816C6 1955 Report and recommendations ... 1
KB149.A818A3 1962 Reports and comments on proposals of the Joint Legislative Committee on Court Reorganization / 1
KB149.A82C5 1954 Children and families in the courts of New York City: a report 1
KB149.A83F9 1958 Freedom to travel : report of the Special Committee to Study Passport Procedures of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York. 1
KB149.A85S5 1959 Gifts of securities or money to minors; a guide for member organization personnel in the handling of custodian accounts under the various State laws enacted to facilitate such gifts. 1
KB149.A85S5 1961 Gifts of securities or money to minors; a guide for member organizations personnel ... 1