Call Number Title Count
KB1420.E35D6 1952 Divorce and matrimonial causes in a nutshell / 1
KB1420.E35D6 1957 Divorce and matrimonial causes in a nutshell. 1
KB1420.E4A3 1969 Administrative justice 1
KB1420.E56L2 1967 Law enforcement and the youthful offender: juvenile procedures. 1
KB1420.E56L2 1973 Law enforcement and the youthful offender. 1
KB1420.E57A8 1969 An attempt to amend the Illinois constitution; a study in politics and taxation, 1
KB1420.E574I5 1968 The information machine : the United States Information Agency and American foreign policy / 1
KB1420.E6D3 1978 The law of defamation / 1
KB1420.E6M8 1941 Modern tort problems / 1
KB1420.E78P8 1976 Products liability : the law in Georgia / 1
KB1420.E84N3 1962 Narcotics and the law : a critique of the American experiment in narcotic drug control / 1
KB1420.E84N3 1967 Narcotics and the law : a critique of the American experiment in narcotic drug control / 1
KB1420.E85M3 1907 Marine policies; a complete statement of the law concerning contracts of marine insurance, with an appendix, containing the Marine insurance act, 1906, and other statutes, 1
KB1420.E85M3 1938 Marine policies : a complete statement of the law concerning contracts of marine insurance / 1
KB1421.E6 1977 Electronic surveillance : two views / 1
KB1422.E3F5 1961 Financing farm transfers with land contracts 1
KB1423.E5R2 1971 Race and urban medicine factors affecting the distribution of physicians in Chicago 1
KB1423.E8P7 1968 The politics of fair-housing legislation; State and local case studies. 1
KB1423.E8R4 1968 The regionalization of business services in the Agricultural Research Service. 1
KB1424.E85F3 1817 A few cursory remarks on the obnoxious parts of the game laws / 1
KB1425.E54L2 1967 The law and the teacher. 1
KB1425.E6G4 1962 Ghana and Sierra Leone: the development of their laws and constitutions. 1
KB1425.E6G9 1954 Groundwork of Nigerian law. 1
KB1425.E6G9 1963 The Nigerian legal system. 1
KB1425.E6I3 1960 The impact of English law on Nigerian customary law; a reprint of the 1958 Lugard Lectures. 1
KB1425.E6L3 1972 Law and social change in Nigeria. Commemorative volume on the tenth anniversary of the founding of the Faculty of Law in the University of Lagos. 1
KB1425.E6M3 1956 Makers of Nigerian law. 1
KB1425.E6N6 1967 Nigeria: the development of its laws and constitution, 1
KB1425.E6N7 1953 Nigerian land law and custom. 1
KB1425.E6N7 1962 Nigerian land law and custom. 1
KB1425.E6N7 1971 Nigerian land law, 1
KB1425.E6P7 1968 The prison system in Nigeria. Papers submitted at The National Conference on the Prison System, July 1-5, 1968. 1
KB1427.E24N3 1981 New York penal law felony sentencing manual / 1
KB1427.E3F5 1964 The finances of metropolitan areas / 1
KB1427.E68R3 1969 Relating program to costs in children's residential institutions / by Robert Elkin. 1
KB1427.E7E5 1957 The English penal system / 1
KB1427.E72 1986 A standard for justice : a critical commentary on the proposed Bill of Rights for New Zealand / 1
KB1427.E75M8 1965 Municipal home rule in West Virginia 1
KB1427.E8H8 1952 How arbitration works. 1
KB1427.E8H8 1973 How arbitration works, 1
KB1428.E44C8 1971 Crime, dissent, and the Attorney General: the Justice Department in the 1960's 1
KB1428.E72T7 1968 Travellers' cheques and the law; inaugural address delivered before the Victoria University of Wellington on 11 July, 1967 1
KB1428.E75P8 1948 Protecting our children from criminal careers. 1
KB1428.E8C6 1971 Comparative tax study : Missouri and bordering states / 1
KB1430.E16W8 1907 The Workmen's compensation act, 1906 : being the fourth edition of "Elliott's Workmen's compensation acts," / 1
KB1430.E16W8 1915 The Workmen's compensation act, 1906 : being the seventh edition of Elliott's Workmen's compensation acts / 1
KB1430.E2A6 1892 A treatise on appellate procedure and trial practice incident to appeals, 1
KB1430.E2E9 1904 A treatise on the law of evidence; being a consideration of the nature and general principles of evidence, the instruments of evidence and the rules governing the production, delivery and use of evidence, together with incidental matters of practice, including also under an alphabetical arrangement the application of the rules and principles of evidence to particular actions, issues and parties in civil, criminal, equity and admiralty cases, together with evidence in courts martial, 1
KB1430.E2G4 1894 A treatise on general practice, containing rules and sugestions for the work of the advocate in the preparation for trial, conduct of the trial and preparation for appeal, 1
KB1430.E2R2 1897 A treatise on the law of railroads; containing a consideration of the organization, status and powers of railroad corporations, and of the rights and liabilities incident to the location, cnstruction and operation of railroads and also the duties, rights and liabilities of railroad companies as carriers, under the rules of the common law and the Interstate commerce act, 1
KB1430.E2R8 1900 A treatise on the law of roads and streets, 1
KB1430.E2W8 1911 The work of the advocate; a practical treatise containing suggestions for preparation and trial, including a system of rules for the examination of witnesses and the argument of questions of law and fact, 1
KB1430.E25S4 1850 Sinfulness of American slavery : proved from its evil sources; its injustice; its wrongs; its contrariety to many Scriptural commands, prohibitions, and principles, and to the Christian spirit; and from its evil effects; together with observations on emancipation, and the duties of American citizens in regard to slavery / 1
KB1430.E26I6 1902 The law of insurance : a treatise on the law of insurance, including fire, life, accident, casualty, title, credit and guaranty insurance in every form / 1
KB1430.E26I65 1896 An outline of the law of insurance, with illustative cases / 1
KB1430.E26M9 1925 The principles of the law of municipal corporations / 1
KB1430.E26P74 1900 Practice at trial and on appeal for Minnesota / 1
KB1430.E26P8 1895 The principles of the law of private corporations. With leading and illustrative cases. 1
KB1430.E26P8 1897 The principles of the law of private corporations, with leading and illustrative cases, 1
KB1430.E26P8 1897a The principles of the law of private corporations. Leading cases on private corporations to accompany principles of private corporations 1