Call Number Title Count
KA1.C91252 Criminal justice abstracts. 1
KA1.C91256 Criminal justice ethics. 1
KA1.C9126 Criminal justice journal. 1
KA1.C9128 Criminal justice newsletter. 1
KA1.C91285 The Criminal justice quarterly. 1
KA1.C91287 Criminal law and practice review / 1
KA1.C9129 Criminal law brief / 1
KA1.C91292 Criminal law practitioner / 1
KA1.C913 Criminal law bulletin. 1
KA1.C916 Criminal law forum. 1
KA1.C917 Criminal law journal. 1
KA1.C92 The Criminal law magazine and reporter, a bi-monthly periodical devoted to the interests of bench and bar in criminal cases. Containing original articles on timely topics, full reports of important cases, and a digest of all recent criminal cases, American and English. 1
KA1.C922 The criminal law quarterly. 1
KA1.C9224 American criminal law quarterly.
Criminal law quarterly.
The American criminal law review.
KA1.C9226 Criminal law reporter. 1
KA1.C9227 The Criminal law reporter. 2
KA1.C923 The Criminal law review. 1
KA1.C924 The Criminal law review. 1
KA1.C926 Criminal law review. 1
KA1.C927 Criminologist 1
KA1.C9272 The Criminologist. 1
KA1.C928 Criminology. 1
KA1.C942 Cuadernos de derecho angloamericano. 1
KA1.C945 The Cumberland lawyer. 1
KA1.C946 Cumberland law review.
Cumberland-Samford law review.
KA1.C947 Current. 1
KA1.C95 Current comment and legal miscellany ; 1
KA1.C953 Current income-tax law. 1
KA1.C954 Current law and social problems. 1
KA1.C95408 Current legal problems. 1
KA1.C955 Current legal thought; the lawyer's digest of law reviews. 1
KA1.C962 Current municipal problems. 1
KA1.C97 Current thought on peace and war. 1
KA1.C977 Current treaty actions / 1
KA1.C978 Cyprus human rights law review. 1
KA1.D24 Dakota law review. 1
KA1.D26 Dalhousie journal of legal studies. 1
KA1.D27 Dalhousie law journal. 1
KA1.D28U5 University of Dayton law review.
University of Dayton intramural law review.
KA1.D3 The Decalogue journal : a publication of the Decalogue Society of Lawyers. 1
KA1.D32 The decisive utterance. 1
KA1.D323 Deakin law review. 1
KA1.D325 Defender newsletter. 1
KA1.D33 Defense law journal. 1
KA1.D333 The Delaware journal of corporate law. 1
KA1.D334 Delaware law review. 1
KA1.D335 Delhi law review. 1
KA1.D337 The Denning law journal. 1
KA1.D34 Denver journal of international law and policy. 1
KA1.D35 Denver law journal. 1
KA1.D353 Library bulletin. 1
KA1.D362 Department of State news letter. 1
KA1.D37 DePaul business law journal. 1
KA1.D372 DePaul business & commercial law journal. 1
KA1.D375 DePaul journal of health care law. 1
KA1.D38 De Paul law review. 1
KA1.D4 Delaware lawyer. 1
KA1.D41 Derecho y Opinión. 1
KA1.D42 Michigan State law review.
Detroit College of Law review.
Detroit College of Law at Michigan State University law review.
The law review of Michigan State University Detroit College of Law.
Michigan State DCL law review.
KA1.D45 The Detroit lawyer. 1