Call Number Title Count
K90.P3A2 Decisions of the commissioner of patents and of the United States courts in patent and trade-mark and copyright cases ... 1
K90.P3A27 Rules of practice in the United States Patent Office. 1
K90.P3A28 Rules of practice of the United States Patent Office in patent cases.
Rules of practice in patent cases /
Rules of practice in patent cases.
K90.P3A3 Trademark rules of practice of the U.S. Patent Office, with forms and statutes. 1
K90.P3C6 Classification bulletin of the United States Patent Office ... containing the classification of subjects of invention ... 1
K90.P3D3 1966 Development and use of patent classification systems. 1
K90.P3G3 1966 General information concerning patents. 1
K90.P3G3 1969 General information concerning patents. 1
K90.P3G8 1971 Guide for patent draftsmen / 1
K90.P3H4 1962 How to obtain information from United States patents. 1
K90.P3P3 1964 Patents and inventions; an information aid for inventors. 1
K90.P3S8 Annotated rules of practice in the United States Patent office, 1
K90.P3S84 1965 The story of the United States patent office. 1
K90.P3Z9N4 Newton's digest of Patent Office trade-mark decisions. 1
K90.P3Z9S6 A digest of Patent office decisions, 1869-1879. Being a digest, in classified and chronological order, of substantially all the reported decisions of the commissioners of patents to January 1, 18880. 1
K90.P32G6 1944 Government owned patents and inventions of government employees and contractors; second report. 1
K90.P325N3 News release. 1
K90.P33A2 Report. 1
K90.P36A3 1961 The Pecos River Commission of New Mexico and Texas; a report of a decade of progress, 1950-1960. 1
K90.P368A2 Annual report. 1
K90.P368I54 Index of federal labor relations cases. 1
K90.P37H4 1974 A history of the Petroleum Administration for War, 1941-1945. 1
K90.P38F3 1973 Federal-State relations in gas pipeline safety; report to Congress (pursuant to Section 5, P.L. 92-401, approved August 22, 1972, 86 Stat. 616) 1
K90.P4A2 1967 Report. 1
K90.P45A18 1971 An interim report to the President and the Congress / 1
K90.P45A6 1972 Aspects of population growth policy. 1
K90.P45D3 1972 Demographic and social aspects of population growth. 1
K90.P45E3 1972 Economic aspects of population change, 1
K90.P45G6 1972 Governance and population: the governmental implications of population change, 1
K90.P45P5 1972 Population and the American future; the report. 1
K90.P45P53 1972 Population, distribution and policy. 1
K90.P45P55 1972 Population, resources, and the environment, 1
K90.P45S7 1972 Statements at public hearings of the Commission on Population Growth and the American Future. 1
K90.P5A2 Annual report of the postmaster-general.
Annual report of the Postmaster General.
K90.P5A3 Official opinions ... 1
K90.P5A5 1966 Agreement between United States Post Office Department and National Association of Letter Carriers AFL-CIO [and others] Sept. 24, 1966-Oct. 31. 1967. 1
K90.P5R3 Report to the parties by Factfinding Panel in re the dispute between seven national postal unions and the United States Post Office Department 1
K90.P516C4 1975 Chief administrative law judge's initial decision on postal rate and fee increases. 1
K90.P516O62 1975 Opinion and recommended decision (August 28, 1975) postal rate and fee increases, 1973, docket no. R74-1 : before Chairman DuPont, Commissioners Miltich, O'Doherty, Saponaro, and Villarreal. 1
K90.P516O621 1976 Opinion and recommended decision (June 30, 1976) Postal rate and fee increases, 1975, docket no. R76-1 : before Chairman DuPont, Vice-Chairman Villarreal, Commissioners Miltich, O'Doherty, and Saponaro. 1
K90.P52A4 1972 Action of the Governors under 39 U.S.C. section 3625 and supporting record in the matter of postal rate and fee increases, 1971: pocket no. R71-1 before the Postal Rate Commission. 1
K90.P52A41 Action of the governors under 39 U.S.C., section 3625, and supporting record in the matter of postal rate and fee increases, 1974 : docket no. R74-1 before the Postal Rate Commission. 1
K90.P52P6 1973 The private express statutes and their administration; a report to the President and the Congress, pursuant to section 7 of the Postal reorganization act. 1
K90.P56A3 1975 A report on improving the productivity of electric powerplants / 1
K90.P66A2 1969 Final report. 1
K90.P66A54 1969 Approaches to drug insurance design. 1
K90.P66C6 1968 Coverage of drugs under Medicare 1
K90.P66C7 1968 Current American and foreign programs. 1
K90.P66D64 1968 The drug makers and the drug distributors : background papers. 1
K90.P66D66 1968 The drug prescribers, background papers. 1
K90.P66D68 1968 The drug users. 1
K90.P661 A3 1969 Report of the Secretary's Review Committee of the Task Force on Prescription Drugs. 1
K90.P8A2 Opinions and decisions; opinions of the price administrator and decisions of the federal and state courts on price control, rent control, rationing; 1
K90.P8Q3 Quarterly report. 1
K90.P805I5 1972 Information for retailing and wholesaling firms. 1
K90.P805N3 News. 1
K90.P805R3N3 News. 1
K90.P805T3 1972 The tenant's guide to rent controls. 1
K90.P81A3 Manual for special agent-attorneys / 1
K90.P81S4 1951 Selected legal essays on price control. 1