Call Number (LC) Title Results
K337.L4G6 1974 Government publications in Illinois / 1
K337.L4G9 1976 Guide to statistics in Illinois state documents / 1
K337.L58A3 1969 Report to Governor Richard B. Ogilvie and members of the 76th Illinois General Assembly. 1
K337.L585G94 1976 Guide to Illinois state services / 1
K337.L59I35 Illinois property tax statistics. 1
K337.L59I5 1972 Illinois tax rate and levy manual. 1
K337.L59I5 1974 Illinois tax rate and levy manual. 1
K337.L59L2 LGA reports. 1
K337.L59R3 1972 Report on the assessment practices in Cook County. 1
K337.L59R4 1972 A review of assessment practices: a digest of report to Govoner Richard B. Ogilvie from Richard J. Kissel. 1
K337.L6A2 1969 Report of the Local Government Board Selection Commission to Governor Richard B. Olgilvie and members of the Illinois 76th General Assembly. 1
K337.L63A2 Biennial report. 1
K337.L7A2 1971 Report to Governor Richard B. Ogilvie. 1
K337.M3A2 Report. 1
K337.M4D8 1972 The Illinois drug abuse program. 1
K337.M44R8 1972 Rules and regulations pertaining to the Surface-mined land conservation and reclamation act. 1
K337.M48H6 1974 Home ownership in Illinois : the elusive dream : report / 1
K337.M5A2 Report submitted to the General Assembly. 1
K337.N7A2 Annual report / 1
K337.N7D4 1967 Diversity within order; 1
K337.N7M2 1967 Managing the air resource in northeastern Illinois. 1
K337.N7P75 1974 Project review, A-95. 1
K337.N7S3 1964 A selected bibliography on the Chicago metropolitan area. 1
K337.N81S91 1969 Strengthening private higher education in Illinois; a report on the State's role to the Governor, the General Assembly, and the Board of Higher Education. 1
K337.O22A3 1969 Report the 76th General Assembly . 1
K337.O4I5 1972 Intercity rail passenger service in Illinois. 1
K337.O8I6 1967 Improving the State Legislature : a report of the Illinois Commission on the Organization of the General Assembly. 1
K337.P2O4 1945 Officers' Training School [manual] 1
K337.P22A4 1973 Affirmative action program for equal employment opportunity in state government / 1
K337.P35L6 Census of local law enforcement personnel. 1
K337.P36A3 1969 Report...Submitted to the 76th General Assembly and the Governor. 1
K337.P38A2 Report. 1
K337.P38B8 [Briefs and records] 1
K337.P38N3 Environmental register.
K337.P38N7 1973 Noise pollution control regulations. 1
K337.P38N7 1973a State of Illinois noise pollution control regulations. 1
K337.P38O8 Opinions. 1
K337.P38P7 1974 Proposed Illinois Pollution Control Board rules and regulations, chapter 6, public water supplies. 1
K337.P38R3 1970 Regulations. 1
K337.P38R9 Rules and regulations. 1
K337.P39S9 1987 Synopses of appeals decided by the Property Tax Appeal Board during calendar year 1987. 1
K337.P4A3 1971 Report to the Governor and 77th General Assembly. 1
K337.P4A3 1971 Suppl. 1 Report to the Governor and 77th General Assembly. 1
K337.P4A3 1971 Suppl. 2 Report to the Governor and 77th General Assembly. 1
K337.P4A31 1973 Report to the Governor and the 78th General Assembly. 1
K337.P4I3 1972 Interim report to the Governor and the 77th General Assembly. 1
K337.P4I3 1975 Interim report to the Governor and the 79th Gerneral Assembly/ Illinois State Property Insurance Study Commission. 1
K337.P45A2 Report. 1
K337.P47A4 1972 Report on aging, 1
K337.P47C3 Categorical assistance rules and regulations. 1
K337.P47R7 1963 Rules and regulations of the Illinois Dept. of Public Aid. 1
K337.P57A2 Report. 1
K337.P6C6 Rules and regulations for the control of communicable diseases, revised and in force throught Illinois, October 1, 1970- 1
K337.P6H2 1961 Illinois uniform hazardous substances labelling act (chapter 111 1/2. Illinois Revised Statutes, 1961) and rules and regulations adopted pursuant thereto, promulgated and in force throughout Illinois Nov. 1, 1961. 1
K337.P6N8 1965 Minimum standards: rules and regulations for nursing homes. 1
K337.P6R9 1968 Rules and regualtions pertaining to the sanitation of food service establishments/ Illinois Department of Public Health, Division of Food and Drugs. 1
K337.P6S68 1972 State of Illinois rules and regulations for recreational areas : [Recreational area licensing act rules and regulations]. 1
K337.P6T9 Rules and regulations for trailer coach parks 1
K337.P63E32 1966 Efficient and adequate standards for the construction of schools / 1
K337.P63R9 1973 Rules and regulations to govern the administration and operation of special education / 1