Call Number Title Count
K326 1945 Illinois Revised statutes, 1945. State bar association ed. Containing all the laws of the state of Illinois of a general and permanent character to date, including laws passed by the 64th General assembly adjourned June 30, 1945. 1
K326.M4 1993 Illinois compiled statutes annotated. Advance legislative service.
State court rules.
Federal court rules.
Illinois compiled statutes annotated. Advance code service.
Illinois compiled statutes annotated : with provision for subsequent pocket parts /
K326.S6 Smith-Hurd Illinois annotated statutes. 1
K326.S6 1992 West's Smith-Hurd Illinois compiled statutes annotated.
West's Smith-Hurd Illinois compiled statutes annotated. Interim annotation service.
K326.S6W4 Illinois legislative service. 1
K326.S61 1992 Illinois compiled statutes (ILCS) : section by section cross-references. 1
K326.S611 1992 Illinois compiled statutes (ILCS). 1
K326.S7I4 Illinois civil practice. 1
K326.S7I5 Illinois criminal practice. 1
K326.W4 Illinois compiled statutes. 1
K326.W4C4 Illinois practice act and rules.
Illinois code of civil procedure and court rules.
K326.W4C45 Illinois court rules and procedure. 1
K326.3.A2 Report. 1
K326.3.A5 1974 Analysis and evaluation of emergency medical care transportation : a technical report / 1
K326.3.B9 Bulletin. 1
K326.3.C5 1979 Collection of nuclear energy memoranda. 1
K326.3.C6 1969 Constitutional convention ballot and related questions : history of ballot on constitutional propositions, past examples of constitutional convention ballot. 1
K326.3.D7 1971 Drunkenness as a problem for police in Illinois. Memorandum to Representatives Arthur L. Berman and Thaddeus S. Lechowicz in connection with proposal 683. 1
K326.3.E2 1968 Earmarked funds in Illinois state finance. 1
K326.3.F4 File. 1
K326.3.I5A2 Report to the General Assembly. 1
K326.3.L3 Illinois legislative directory. 1
K326.3.L3R3 1969 The revision, codification and official publication of Illinois statutes; report of the Legislative Reference Bureau to the members of the 76th General Assembly. 1
K326.3.L334 1991 Revised plan for the Illinois compiled statutes (ILCS). 1
K326.3 .R4 Publication. 1
K326.3.R4 Publication. 1
K326.3.R4 no.1 Circuit Court redistricting in Illinois. 1
K326.3.R4 no.2 State labor preference law for public works. 1
K326.3.R4 no.3 Reapportionment in Illinois : congressional and state senatorial districts. 1
K326.3.R4 no.4 Some aspects of school administration in Illinois. 1
K326.3.R4 no.5 Oil legislation in Illinois. 1
K326.3.R4 no.6 Revision of the Illinois Revenue Act. 1
K326.3.R4 no.13 Tax delinquency in Illinois : with particular reference to Cook County. 1
K326.3.R4 no.25 The direct primary ballot. 1
K326.3.R4 no.28 State cigarette and chain store taxes. 1
K326.3.R4 no.31 Regulation of campaign expenditures. 1
K326.3.R4 no.35 The committee system of the Illinois general assembly. 1
K326.3.R4 no.37 Exemption of food under sales tax statutes. 1
K326.3.R4 no.42 Existing and proposed strip-mining legislation in the states. 1
K326.3.R4 no.43 Problems of constitutional revision in Illinois. 1
K326.3.R4 no.63 Inheritance tax refunds : with special reference to interest paid on such refunds. 1
K326.3.R4 no.66 Reapportionment in Illinois. 1
K326.3.R4 no.85 Constitutional revision in Illinois. 1
K326.3.R4 no.87 Selection of judges in state courts. 1
K326.3.R4 no.101 Air pollution legislation. 1
K326.3.R4 no.102 Local tax calendars and cash basis operations. 1
K326.3.R4 no.104 Annual vs. biennial legislative sessions. 1
K326.3.R4 no.106 Legislative broadcasting and recording. 1
K326.3.R4 no.107 Publication requirements for local governments. 1
K326.3.R4 no.108 Scheduling legislative workloads. 1
K326.3.R4 no.109 County zoning in Illinois. 1
K326.3.R4 no.110 Periodic inspection of motor vehicles. 1
K326.3.R4 no.111 Legislative budget staffing. 1
K326.3.R4 no.112 Legislative apportionment in Illinois. 1
K326.3.R4 no.113 Structure of governments in metropolitan areas; research report. 1
K326.3.R4 no.114 Chicago sanitary district, research report prepared pursuant to Proposal 374, 1
K326.3.R4 no.115 Financial responsibility in motor vehicle accidents. 1
K326.3.R4 no.116 Regulation of billboards. 1
K326.3.R4 no.117 Illinois public health organization. 1
K326.3.R4 no.118 Verification of election results. 1