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K2016.C844 Is it in Force?
Halsbury's statutes of England and Wales.
K2016.C9 Current law statutes annotated. 1
K2016.D65 Leges Henrici primi / 1
K2016.E9 A collection of statutes connected with the general administration of the law; arranged according to the order of subjects:
A collection of statutes connected with the general administration of the law : arranged according to the order of subjects, with notes /
K2016.H3 The statutes at large, from Magna charta to the [thirtieth] year of King George the Second, inclusive. [1225-1757] / 1
K2016.K26 1684 The statutes at large in paragraphs and sections or numbers from Magna Charta until this time : (1681), (carefully examined by the rolls of Parliament, with the titles of such statutes as are expired, repealed, altered, or out of use) : together with the heads of Pulton's or Rastal's abridgements in the margin and the addition of above a thousand new references from other books of law : and a new table / 1
K2016.K6 1826 Legum regis Canuti Magni quas Anglis olim dedit, versionem antiquam latinam ex codice Colbertino ... 1
K2016.L4 The legislation of the empire; being a survey of the legislative enactments of the British dominions from 1898 to 1907; 1
K2016.L68 Consiliato cnuti, eine übertragung anglesächsischer gesetze, aus fem zwölften jahrhundert. Zum ersten male herausgegeben. 1
K2016.L69 Die Gesetze der Angelsachsen / 1
K2016.L7 Die Gesetze der Angelsachsen / 1
K2016.M2 An exact abridgment of all the statutes, as well repealed as in force. Made in the reigns of King Charles I. and King Charles II. Until the end of the sessions of Parliament the 29th of March 1673. With a catalogue of all publick and private acts. And also, of the lords, spiritual and temporal of the House of peeres. And the names of the members of the House of commons, and the counties, cities and burroughs for which they serve ... 1
K2016.M4 1899 Lois de Guillaume le Conquérant en français et en latin; 1
K2016.P5 The statutes at large from the Magna Charta, to the end of the eleventh Parliament of Great Britain, anno 1761 [continued to 1806]. By Danby Pickering. 1
K2016.P51 The statutes of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland ... 1
K2016.P88 A collection of sundry statutes, frequent in use: with notes in the margent and references to the book cases and books of entries and registers, where they be treated of. Together with an abridgement of the residue which be expired, repealed, altered and worn out of use, or doe concern private persons, places, or things, and not the whole common-wealth. Also a necessary table, or kalender, is annexed hereunto, expressing in titles the most materiall branches of those statutes in use, and practice. 1
K2016.P9 A collection of sundry statutes, frequent in use. With notes in the margent, and references ... Together, with an abridgment of the residue which be expired, repealed, altered, and worn out of use, or do concern private persons, places, or things, and not the whole common-wealth. Also, a necessary table, or kalender, is annexed ... 1
K2016.R3 A collection of all the statutes : from the beginning of Magna Charta, unto this present year of our Lord God 1579... 1
K2016.R6 The laws of the kings of England from Edmund to Henry I / 1
K2016.R85 The statutes at large from Magna Charta to the [last session of Parliament, 1225-1763] 1
K2016.S34 Die Gesetze der Angelsachsen : In der Ursprache mit Übersetzung, Erläuterungen und einem antiquarischen Glossar / 1
K2016.S4 A collection of acts and ordinances of general use, made in the Parliament begun and held at Westminster the third day of November, anno 1640 and since, unto the adjournment of the Parliament begun and holden the 17th of September, anno 1656, and formerly published in print, which are here printed at large with marginal notes, or abbreviated: being a continuation of the work from the end of Mr. Pulton's collection. In two parts. Together with several tables of the titles of, and principal matters contained in the said acts and ordinances; and likewise of such as being of more private and particular concernment, or less use, are omitted. 1
K2016.W68 Leges anglo-saxonicæ ecclesiasticæ & civiles : Accedunt leges Edvardi latinæ, Guilielmi Conquestoris gallo-normannicæ, et Henrici I. latinæ. Subjungitur domini Henr. Spelmanni Codex legum veterum statutorum regni angliæ, quæ ab ingressu Guilielmi I. usque ad annum nonum Henr. III. edita sunt. Toti operi præmittitur Dissertatio epistolaris admodum reverendi domini Guilielmi Nicolsoni episcopi derrensis de jure feudali veterum saxonum / 1
K2017.A3 Index to the statutes. 1
K2017.C29 An abridgment of the publick statutes in force and use from Magna charta, in the ninth year of King Henry III. to the eleventh year of His present Majesty King George II. inclusive. 1
K2017.C3 An abridgment of the publick statutes now in force and of general use from Magna Charta, in the ninth year of King Henry III. to the eleventh year of His present Majesty King George II. inclusive. 1
K2017.C5 Chronological table of the statutes. 1
K2017.C8 A digest and index, with chronological tables, of all the statutes, 1
K2017.L7 The practical register: or, A general abridgement of the law, as it is now practiced in the several courts of the Chancery, King's bench, Common pleas, and Exchequer, digested by way of common-place, under alphabetical heads, with great variety of cases extracted from the reports. Together with all the rules of the said courts brought down to the year 1719. 1
K2017.P9 A kalender, or table, comprehending the effect of all the statutes that have beene made and put in print : beginning with Magna charta, enacted Anno 9. H. 3. ... untill the end of the session of Parliament holden Anno 4. R. Iacobi ... : whereunto is annexed an abridgement of all the statutes ... / 1
K2017.R25 An index to the statutes at large : from Magna Carta, to the forty ninth year of George III inclusive / 1
K2017.S9 A Succinct digest of the laws relating to bankrupts : in which all the reported, and several manuscript cases upon this important subject ... are inserted, and the respective rights and duties of the commissioners, creditors and bankrupt discussed and explained. 1
K2017.V3 Index to the local and personal and private acts, 1798-1839, 38 Geo. 3 - 2 & 3 Vict. / 1
K2017.V75 A general abridgement of law and equity, alphabetically digested under proper titles; with notes and references to the whole. 1
K2017.W3 An exact abridgment of all the statutes of King William and Queen Mary, and of King William III. in force and vse. / 1
K2017.W45 A compendious digest of the statute law : comprising the substance and effect of the most material clauses in all the public acts of Parliament in force within Great Britain... / 1
K2017.W5 An exact abridgment of all statutes in force and use, from the beginning of Magna charta, untill 1641. 1
K2018.B2C5 The Deeds of Arrangement Act, 1887 and the Bankruptcy (Discharge and Disclosure) Act, 1887 : with rules, forms and scales of fees prescribed thereunder, also with notes and index / 1
K2018.B2R8 The law and practice under the Bankruptcy act & rules, 1883, the Rule and orders, 1884, and Board of Trade orders : with the Debtors acts, 1869, 1878, County Court rules thereunder, 1875-1884, the Bills of sale acts, 1878, 1882, and Rules of court thereunder, 1883 / 1
K2018.B2S8 The acts for relief of insolvent debtors, 1 & 2 Vic., c. 110, and 5 & 6 Vic., c. 116; with practical notes, the orders & forms of the Insolvent court, and the rules and forms in bankruptcy for obtaining a protecting order. 1
K2018.B2W2 1904 The law and practice of bankruptcy, comprising: the Bankruptcy acts, 1883 and 1890; the Bankruptcy appeals (county courts) act, 1884; the Preferential payments in bankruptcy act, 1888; and the rules and forms. With notes founded on the 3d ed. of Yate Lee and Wace on bankruptcy. 1
K2018.C5B8 The law relating to the administration of charities under the Charitable trusts acts, 1853-1894, Roman Catholic charities act, 1860, Local government act, 1894, and other statutes, with forms of applications in use by the charity commissioners and Board of education, 1
K2018.C53S25 The Children and young persons act 1963, 1
K2018.C57M2 Companies: law and practice, 1
K2018.C57M2 1968 Companies: law and practice, 1
K2018.C6G743 2005 Constitutional Reform Act 2005 : Chapter 4. 1
K2018.C7D2 The Copyright Act, 1956 / 1
K2018.C7R9 Copyright Act, 1956 : (deutsche Übersetzung) / 1
K2018.C73F8 Commercial laws of the world, United Kingdom. 1
K2018.C8B797 1998 Crime and Disorder Act 1998 : Chapter 37. 1
K2018.C8B8 1908 Criminal appeals under the Criminal Appeal Act of 1907, with rules of court and forms, 1
K2018.C8C5 A collection of statutes relating to criminal law : reprinted from the 5th ed. (by J. M. Lely ...) of Chitty's Statutes of practical utility / 1
K2018.C8F4 1769 Extracts from such of the Penal Laws: as particularly relate to the peace and good order of this metropolis with observations for the better execution of some and on the defects of others to which are added the felonies made so by statute, some general cautions to shopkeepers and a short treatise on the Office of Constable. . ./ 1
K2018.C8H2 1825 The criminal code : coining. 1
K2018.C8K9 1952 Das englische Gesetz über Kriminalrechtspflege von 1948 (Criminal justice act. 1948) / 1
K2018.C8M8 1952 The Criminal justice act, 1948, 1
K2018.C8P9 1579 An abstract of all the penal statutes which be general, in force and use ... / 1
K2018.C8P9 1600 An Abstract of all the penall Statutes which be generall, in force and use; Wherein is conteined the effect of all those Statutes, which do threaten to the offenders thereof the losse of life, member, lands, goods, or other punishment or forfaiture whatsoeuer. Whereunto is also added, in their apt Titles, the effect of all other generall Statutes, wherein there is any thing materiall and necessarie for each Subject to know. 1
K2018.E3S8 The statutes relating to the ecclesiastical and eleemosynary institutions of England, Wales, Ireland, India, and the colonies : with the decisions thereon / 1
K2018.E35B4 1947 The new law of education / 1