Call Number Title Count
JX1568.S19 1902 Salname-i nezaret-i umur-i hariciyye, 1318. 1
JX1568.S19 1905 Salname-i nezaret-i umur-i hariciyye, 1320. 1
JX1568.S35 1992 al-Silm wa-al-ḥarb wa-al-ʻalāqāt al-dawlīyah : fī nuṣūṣ al-Kitāb wa-al-sunnah wa-al-sabīl al-ʻamalī fī taḥqīqihā / 1
JX1568.S9 The capitulatory régime of Turkey, its history, origin, and nature, 1
JX1569.A38 An introduction to the history of the law of nations in the East Indies: (16th, 17th and 18th centuries), 1
JX1569.A820 1989 Asia-Pacific region, conflicting security concepts / 1
JX1569.D560 1990 Diplomatic ideas and practices of Asian states / 1
JX1569.H15 Basic documents of Asian regional organizations. 1
JX1569.H290 1989 The Asian way to peace : a story of regional cooperation / 1
JX1569.K67 Detente and East Asia / 1
JX1569.N57 Agenda for Japan-U.S. coordination in Southeast Asia / 1
JX1569.P350 1991 The new regionalism in Asia and the Pacific / 1
JX1569.P40 1974 Peace and security in Asia / 1
JX1569.S62 The struggle for power in Asia. 1
JX1569.S80 Southeast Asian neutralization : the time is now / 1
JX1569.S830 1990 Security in a changing world / 1
JX1569.V360 Foreign policies in South Asia. 1
JX1569.Y680 1992 A Northeast Asian security regime : prospects after the cold war / 1
JX1569.Z5 1976 Chinas Weg in die Weltpolitik : d. Nationalen u. aussenpolit. Konzeptionen Sun Yat-sens, Chiang Kai-sheks u. Mao Tse-tungs / 1
JX1569.Z50 1983 Vneshni͡ai͡a politika stran Azii / 1
JX1569.Z53 1991 Kindai Higashi Ajia no seiji rikigaku : Kantō o meguru Nichi-Chū-Chō kankei no shiteki tenkai / 1
JX1569.Z7U670 1987 Soviet-American relations with Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan / 1
JX1570.B370 1985 The making of foreign policy in China : structure and process / 1
JX1570.C43 Essai historique et analytique sur la situation internationale de la Chine; conséquences des traités sino-étrangèrs, 1
JX1570.C46 A brief history of Chinese foreign relations. 1
JX1570.C53 China's practice of international law: some case studies. 1
JX1570.C530 China and the world Community. 1
JX1570.C630 People's China and international law; a documentary study 1
JX1570.D340 China, the superpowers, and the Third World : a handbook on comparative world politics / 1
JX1570.D480 1989 Mao and China's foreign policy perspectives / 1
JX1570.D53 2012 Zhongguo guo ji tiao yue yi wu lun = The legal obligations out of treaty relations between China and other states / 1
JX1570 .E7 Droits et intérêts étrangers en Chine / 1
JX1570.F47 De rechtspositie van Nederlanders in China / 1
JX1570.H252 2012 Ling shi cai pan quan wen ti / 1
JX1570.H87 Law and policy in China's foreign relations; a study of attitudes and practice. 1
JX1570.K280 China and the Third World / 1
JX1570.L5 2012 Ling shi cai pan quan / 1
JX1570.O9 Essai sur le régime des capitulations en Chine ... 1
JX1570.P450 Chinas aussenpolitischer Sprung nach vorn : d. Aussen- u. Sicherheitspolitik d. Volksrepublik China vom Ende d. Kulturrevolution bis zum Vorabend d. Chinareise Nixons : (1969-1971) / 1
JX1570.P640 1981 Security, strategy, and the logic of Chinese foreign policy / 1
JX1570.S24 The People's Republic of China, international law, and arms control / 1
JX1570.S43 Chinese treaties : the post-revolutionary restoration of international law and order / 1
JX1570.S450 1990 The spirit of Chinese foreign policy : a psychocultural view / 1
JX1570.T86 China and some phases of international law, 1
JX1570.T9 1927 The legal obligations arising out of treaty relations between China and other states, 1
JX1570.W41 L'exterritorialité en Chine. La thèse chinoise. Le point de vue étranger. 1
JX1570 .W5 China at the conference a report / 1
JX1570.W5 China at the conference : a report / 1
JX1570.W648 2012 Wo guo xiu gai tiao yue zhi yun dong / 1
JX1570.W85 2012 Bu ping deng tiao yue gai lun / 1
JX1570.W92 La politique étrangère du gouvernement national de Chine et la révision des traités inégaux. 1
JX1570 .Z5 1997 The dynamics of foreign-policy decisionmaking in China / 1
JX1570.Z5L48 China and international agreements. A study of compliance. 1
JX1570.Z50 1975 Chinas Weg in die Weltpolitik / 1
JX1570.Z50 1980 Ėkspansii͡a Kitai͡a na more / 1
JX1570.Z50 1993 China's just world : the morality of Chinese foreign policy / 1
JX1570.Z6 E84 1926 Report of the Commission on Extraterritoriality in China, Peking, September 16, 1926 being the report to the governments of the commission appointed in pursuance to Resolution v of the Conference on the Limitation of Armaments ; together with a brief summary thereof. 1
JX1570.Z6E880 1925 Exterritorialité et intéréts étrangers en Chine 1
JX1570.Z6E9F5 The end of extraterritoriality in China, 1
JX1570.Z6R4A62 Advancing and contending approaches to the study of Chinese foreign policy / 1