Call Number Title Count
JK5774.A5 1918 Statutory revision in Illinois / 1
JK5774.A5 1950 Notes on bill drafting in Illinois. 1
JK5774.A5 1972 Summary of bills passing both houses, 1972. 1
JK5774.A5 1973 Major legislation, 1969-1972 / 1
JK5774.I45 1997 The Illinois Legislative Information System 1
JK5774.5.M360 Manual of public interest lobbying in Illinois / 1
JK5774.5.M368 1984 Manual of public interest lobbying in Illinois / 1
JK5774.5.P440 1992 Partisans and progressives : private interest and public policy in Illinois, 1870-1922 / 1
JK5774.7.I29 1972 State building contracts involving the architectural firm of Golabowski, Spinney & Coady; a report to the Illinois General Assembly. 1
JK5774.8.I43a Annual report: a report to the Illinois General Assembly by the Legislative Investigating Commission. 1
JK5778.R420 1980 Mr. Speaker : presiding officers of the Illinois House of Representatives, 1818-1980 / 2
JK5781.A82 1850 Advice concerning the duties of justices of the peace and constables : with the forms necessary to be used in the discharge of their respective duties, and also common forms, useful in the transaction of business, designed for the State of Illinois / 1
JK5781.C36 Early bench and bar of Illinois / 1
JK5781.C5 The rules of court as entered of record, regulating the practice in the several state courts of Illinois having jurisidiction, original or appellate, over cases begun in Cook County. Embracing the Supreme court of Illinois, the Appellate court, the Circuit, Superior, Criminal, County and Probate courts. 1
JK5781.E4 The rules of court as established by the several state courts of Illinois : embracing the Supreme and Appellate courts, and the Circuit, Superior, Criminal, County and Probate courts of Cook county. / 1
JK5784.A3 1915 Organization and rules of procedure of the Circuit and Superior Courts of Cook County : revised and compiled by the Executive Committees of said courts : adopted and in force and effect June 1st, 1915 : together with the rules of the Criminal Court of Cook County. 1
JK5786.A2 Report of the Judicial Advisory Council of Cook County to the president and members of the Board of Cook County Commissioners and the Chicago Bar Association. 1
JK5786.A5 1930 Laws of Illinois relating to publications required to be made in newspapers or otherwise. 1
JK5789.S730 State government and politics in the secondary curriculum / 1
JK5790.W555 1941 Will the General Assembly make it possible for Illinois citizens to vote the modern way?. 1
JK5792.E443 2003 Election history for Illinois : counties and media markets, 2003-2004 edition / 1
JK5792.I450 1992 Illinois elections, 1818-1990 : candidates and county returns for President, Governor, Senate, and House of Representatives / 1
JK5792.P650 1988 Political atlas of Illinois / 1
JK5792.W664 1938 A partial record of the conduct of elections in Chicago and Cook County from December 1922 to [March 1938] 1
JK5793.C6 Counting and tallying of ballots with illustrations and explanations. 1
JK5793.G72 Illinois votes, 1900-1958 : a compilation of Illinois election statistics. 1
JK5793.I44 State of Illinois official vote cast at the general election ...
Official vote of the State of Illinois cast at the general election /
Official vote of the State of Illinois cast at the general election ..., judicial elections ..., primary elections ...
State of Illinois official vote cast at the general election, judicial.
JK5795.C5 Election laws and vote frauds report ... 1
JK5795.L5 Illinois' legislature, preliminary report of the Legislative Voters League of the State of Illinois on the Forty-fifth General Assembly. Political bossism and its cure. Great opportunities in the New direct primary law. 1
JK5795.N670 1983 Broadcast advertising and party endorsements in a statewide primary : an Illinois case study / 1
JK5795.N6750 1986 Illinois : problems & promise / 1
JK5795.N6770 1989 A new game plan for Illinois / 1
JK5799 Pamphlets on Illinois, constitutional history 1
JK5801.M5 Technical bulletin B / 1
JK5801.M5 no.9 Population changes in a suburban township : a case study of Portage Township, Kalamazoo County, Michigan / 1
JK5801.M5 no.10 Michigan's 600,000 senior citizens / 1
JK5801.M5 no.12 Existing land use & circulation in Sault Ste. Marie / 1
JK5801.M5 no.15 Police manpower and population changes in Michigan communities of 10,000 or more population, 1950 to 1960 / 1
JK5801.M5 no.18 Jackson County, Michigan : population changes and potentials for 1970 / 1
JK5801.M5 no.19 Population changes in Hillsdale County, Michigan & outlook for 1970 / 1
JK5801.M5 no.22 Ionia County : population trends, characteristics and projections to 1970 / 1
JK5801.M5 no.23 Delta County's changing population and 1970 prospects / 1
JK5801.M5 no.24 Population of Michigan counties; projections to 1970, 1
JK5801.M5 no.25 A Michigan local property tax primer / 1
JK5801.M5 no.28 The Michigan county : an outline of the structure and functions of county government / by D. Hale Brake. 1
JK5801.M5 no.29 An annotated bibliography on water problems 1
JK5801.M5 no.31 The planning process in community development / 1
JK5801.M5 no.39 Skid row and its men : an exploration of social structure, behavior and attitudes / 1
JK5801.M5 no.42 The impact of highway transportation on regional and community development / 1
JK5801.M5 no.55 Choice theory : a glossary of terms / 1
JK5801.M5 no.58 Study outline for a township zoning ordinance, Hamburg Township, Michigan / 1
JK5801.M5 no.59 Designing a police performance evaluation form : an experiment in organizational involvement / 1
JK5801.M5 no.60 A sociometric approach to the analysis of inter-organizational relationships / 1
JK5801.M5 no.61 Review of annexation proposals before the Michigan State Boundary Commission / 1
JK5801.M5 no.63 Primer for board of review members / 1
JK5801.M6 Michigan pamphlets. 1
JK5801.R82 State supervision of Michigan local government; the water pollution problem. 1
JK5803.A4 [Documents compiled for the Committee on printing of the Constitutional convention of 1907. 1
JK5816 1961 .A5 A comparative analysis of the Michigan constitution. 1
JK5816.B760 1995 Michigan government & politics : facing change in a complex state / 1