Call Number Title Count
JK2493.S43 1952 Methods of reapportionment. 1
JK2493.W35 The Michigan plan; an equitable proposal for the reapportionment of the Michigan State Legislature. 1
JK2494.R585 1990 Legislative review of administrative rules and regulations / 1
JK2494.R670 1990 Governors and legislatures : contending powers / 1
JK2495.A5 Modern information technology in the State legislatures. 1
JK2495.B670 1992 Black state legislators : a survey and analysis of Black leadership in state capitals / 1
JK2495 .C37 2011 Latino representation in state houses and Congress / 1
JK2495 .C37 2011eb Latino representation in state houses and Congress / 1
JK2495.C8 American legislature: structure and procedures; summary and tabulations of a 1959 survey. 1
JK2495.C8 1964 Roster of legislative service agencies. 1
JK2495.C8 1967 American State legislatures: their structures and procedures. 1
JK2495.C8 1968 Rosters of legislative officers and leaders and chairmen of house and senate finance and appropriations committees. 1
JK2495.C8 1968a Permanent legislative service agencies / 1
JK2495.C8 1969 Roster of legislative service agencies / 1
JK2495.C8 1969a Permanent legislative service agencies; [a roster of staff heads and services provided] 1
JK2495.C8 1969b Rosters of legislative officers and leaders and chairmen of House and Senate finance and appropriations committees / 1
JK2495.C83 Our state legislatures : report / 1
JK2495.C831 Our state legislatures: report of the Committee on Legislative Processes and Procedures. 1
JK2495.E48 A survey of the use of electronic data processing by state legislatures. 1
JK2495.F730 1989 The legislative committee game : a comparative analysis of fifty states / 1
JK2495.I575 1988 Inside the legislative process : a comprehensive survey of the American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries / 1
JK2495.J480 1994 Legislative leadership in the American states / 1
JK2495 .L53 1972 Modern information technology in the state legislatures : prepared for the Joint Committee on Congressional Operations / 1
JK2495.M53 1985 State legislature use of information technology in oversight / 1
JK2495.N450 1991 Emerging influentials in state legislatures : women, Blacks, and Hispanics / 1
JK2495 .R66 2004 Heavy lifting : the job of the American legislature / 1
JK2495.R82 Legislative performance in the States; explorations of committee behavior. 1
JK2495.R83 Roster of legislative standing committees and chairmen. 1
JK2495.U86 Patterns of decision making in State legislatures / 1
JK2495.W75 State legislative committees, a study in procedure, 1
JK2497.D25 Legislative councils. 1
JK2497.L680 1995 Legislative reference services and sources / 1
JK2497.S7 State legislative leadership, committees, and staff.
CSG state directory. Directory II, Legislative leadership, committees & staff.
State leadership directory. Directory II, State legislative leadership, committees & staff.
JK2498 .A33 2007 Citizen lobbyists : local efforts to influence public policy / 1
JK2498 .A43 2002 Rolling the dice with state initiatives : interest group involvement in ballot campaigns / 1
JK2498.B490 1990 Beyond Washington : an association's guide to shaping a state government affairs program / 1
JK2498.C65 1979 The Washington lobby. 1
JK2498.C65 1982 The Washington lobby. 1
JK2498 .H86 1999 Interest groups and state economic development policies / 1
JK2498 .J46 2016 The governors' lobbyists : federal-state relations offices and governors associations in Washington / 1
JK2498.L26 Die rechtliche Regelung des Lobbyismus in den Vereinigten Staaten. 1
JK2498.M470 1989 Lobbying on a shoestring / 1
JK2498 .M67 2008 Selling out America's democracy : how lobbyists, special interests, and campaign financing undermine the will of the people / 1
JK2498.N435 2005 Making your case : how to win in the legislature / 1
JK2498.N5M2 Pressures on the Legislature of New Jersey, 1
JK2498.N7Z5 Pressure politics in New York, a study of group representation before the Legislature, 1
JK2498 .S55 2008 Turkmeniscam : how Washington lobbyists fought to flack for a Stalinist dictatorship / 1
JK2498 .Z45 1937 Pressure politics in New York : a study of group representation before the Legislature / 1
JK2498.Z46 Lobbying; interaction and influence in American state legislatures 1
JK2499.M2A3 1880 Report of the Joint Select Committee to inquire into the condition of the election returns of September 8th, 1879, and the expenditure of public moneys under the direction of Gov. Garcelon and Council, together with the evidence taken before the Committee, made to the 59th Legislature of Maine. 1
JK2499.P4G7 Argument of Mr. Franklin B. Gowen, of counsel for the Commonwealth, in the case of the Commonwealth vs. Petroff : indicted in the Court of Quarter Sessions of Dauphin County for corrupt solicitation of members of the legislature : delivered March 10, 1880 / 1
JK2506.M22 The upper house in Revolutionary America, 1763-1788. 1
JK2508 .G7 1963 The quest for power : the lower houses of assembly in the Southern Royal colonies, 1689-1776 / 1
JK2508.G8 The quest for power : the lower houses of assembly in the Southern Royal colonies, 1689-1776 /
The quest for power : the lower houses of assembly in the Southern Royal colonies, 1689-1776.
JK2521.A5 1975 Structure and internal procedures : recommendations for change / 1
JK2521.C6 Summary, annual meeting of the Conference of Chief Justices. 1
JK2521.C85 1969 Members of State courts of last resort and their terms of office. 1
JK2521.D81 From ballot to bench : judicial elections and the quest for accountability / 1
JK2521.G55 Supreme courts in state politics; an investigation of the judicial role. 1
JK2521.N27 1971 Report on the office of attorney general. 1