Call Number Title Count
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-58 Crop card sorting. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-59 Time record for month of _____, 1902. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-61 [Balance of public funds on deposit and in hand at close of week; blank form for reports by census employees]. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-62 Record. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-63 Expense voucher, appropriation for expenses of 12th Census. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-64 Appointment of census enumerators; form letter]. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-65.1 to I1307-65.2 Rules and regulations of U.S. Census Office. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-66 Time card. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-67 Requisition for purchases. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-68 [Requisition for purchases of paper for use in Printing Division of Census Office; blank form]. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-69 Circular of instructions for enumeration of military and naval population in U.S. and at stations abroad, on form 7-413; special instructions for enumeration of civilians living at military or naval stations in U.S. and abroad, on form 7-224. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-70 Accounts and disbursements. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-73 [Instructions on pay vouchers for census enumerators; form letter]. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-74 Instructions for keyboard punching : Individual card. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-75.1 to I1307a-75. Printing Division time slip. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-76 Examination of schedules by supervisors and return of completed work to Census Office; reprinted from Circular of Instructions (Form 7-668), dated May 31, 1900. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-78 Appointment Division : Daily statement. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-79 Attention of clerks and other employees of Census Office is respectfully called to following rules governing leaves of absence. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-80.1 to I1307a-80. [Receipt for removal of waste paper from Census Office; blank form]. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-81 Special report of absences of temporary clerks. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-82 Consolidated daily work record, Printing Division. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-84 [Dismissal of Census Office clerical employee; form letter]. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-85 [Dismissal of Census Office employee; form letter]. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-86 [Dismissal of Census Office employee; form letter]. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-87 Acceptance of resignation of Census Office employee; form letter]. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-88 [Dismissal of Census Office employee; form letter]. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-89 [Dismissal of Census Office employee; form letter]. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-93 Deaf and blind. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-94 Methods and results. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-95 Statement of memorandum ledger accounts. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-96 Cost of 12th Census by divisions. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-97.1 to I1307a-97. Index to blanks, etc., 12th U.S. Census, from beginning to year ending Dec. 31, 1901. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-98 Applications for sick leave by Census Office employees; blank form and text of regulations]. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-99 Report of Census Office physician. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-100 Geographical divisions. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-101 [Request for organizational reports by Census Office; form letter]. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-102 [Request for public documents by Census Office; form letter]. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-103 Acknowledgement of receipt of mailing list for census reports; form letter]. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-104 Geographical divisions. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-105 Forbidding solicitation of increase of pay or attempt to influence legislation except through heads of departments. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-106 Schedule No. 4 : Mortality. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-107 Vital statistics : Table A. Deaths from each specified disease and class. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-108 Circular : Registration of deaths, including paper on ""Essential requirements of law forregistration of deaths and collection of mortality statistics,'' prepared by Committee on Demography of American Public Health Association. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-109 Cause of death check list. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-110 Causes of death. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-111 [Designation of special census enumerators for persons residing in institutions; form letter]. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-112 Index to place of birth and parent nativity : Population Division. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-113 Instructions for card verification : Individual card, Population Division. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-114 Aggregation sheet. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-115 Index to occupations : Population Division. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-116 Posting sheet : Foreign parentage. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-117 Fifth rearrangement. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-118 Posting sheet : Occupations, number only. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-119 to I1307a-121 Posting sheet : Occupations, detail. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-122 to I1307a-128 Posting sheet : Dwellings and families, etc. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-129 to I1307a-131 Posting sheet : Ownership of homes, native white. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-132 to I1307a-134 Posting sheet : Ownership of homes, foreign white. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-135 to I1307a-137 Posting sheet : Ownership of homes, colored. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-138 to I1307a-145 Summary sheet : Occupations, detail. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-146 [Letterhead of census expert special agent for shipbuilding]. 1