Call Number Title Count
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-12 Farm crop card punching. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-13 State. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-14.1 to I1307-14.2 Crop card; instructions for punching crop cards. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-15 Farm card; instructions for punching farm cards. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-16 Result slip : Number of farms by race and tenure. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-17 Result slip for Table 20 and number of farms for Table 10 (1st run). 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-18 Result slip (3rd run). 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-19 Result slip for cereals and grass seed. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-20 Result slip for grapes. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-21 Result slip for hay. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-22 Result slip : Cereals, by race and tenure and size of farms. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-23 Result slip for citrons and other tropical fruits. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-24 Report of tabulation work. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-25 Result slip for wool, mohair, and goat hair. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-26 Result slip for bees and honey. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-27 Tabulation record. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-28 Result slip for miscellaneous products. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-29 Result slip for poultry and eggs. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-30 Result slip for vegetables. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-31 Statistics of agriculture : Rice irrigation. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-32 [Request for census information on land ownership; form letter]. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-33 State result slip for vegetables. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-34 State result slip for vegetables. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-35 State result slip for vegetables. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-36 Consolidation slip : Wool, mohair, and goat hair. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-37 State result slip for vegetables. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-38 Consolidation slip : Grapes, wine, and raisins. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-39 Consolidation slip : Nuts. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-40 Consolidation slip : Small fruits. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-41 Consolidation slip : Orchard fruits. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-42 Slip for corrections. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-43 Consolidation slip for Table 3. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-44 Final results : Result slips received and worked. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-45 Consolidation slip : Crops by classes of tenure. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-46 Final results : Cards withdrawn, after tabulation, for investigation. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-47 Report of work done in tabulating sections, on ___ 1901. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-48 Calculation slip. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-49 Crop card : Result slip for irrigated farms and part owners. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-50 Farm card record. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-51 Crop card record. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-52 [Request for census information on manufacturing; form letter]. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-53 [Transmittal of Census Bulletin No. 58 on cotton ginned; form letter]. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-54 Report of tabulation work. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-55 Wage statistics. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-56 Memorandum readings for farm cards. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-57 Farm card tabulation in sub-section. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-58 Crop card sorting. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-59 Time record for month of _____, 1902. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-61 [Balance of public funds on deposit and in hand at close of week; blank form for reports by census employees]. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-62 Record. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-63 Expense voucher, appropriation for expenses of 12th Census. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-64 Appointment of census enumerators; form letter]. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-65.1 to I1307-65.2 Rules and regulations of U.S. Census Office. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-66 Time card. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-67 Requisition for purchases. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-68 [Requisition for purchases of paper for use in Printing Division of Census Office; blank form]. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-69 Circular of instructions for enumeration of military and naval population in U.S. and at stations abroad, on form 7-413; special instructions for enumeration of civilians living at military or naval stations in U.S. and abroad, on form 7-224. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-70 Accounts and disbursements. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-73 [Instructions on pay vouchers for census enumerators; form letter]. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1307a-74 Instructions for keyboard punching : Individual card. 1