Call Number Title Count
J83.U13 1990:I1202-1.2 Abstract of 11th Census 1890. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1202-2 Agriculture by irrigation in western part of U.S. at 11th Census : 1890. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1202-3 Vital statistics of Boston and Philadelphia, covering period of 6 years ending May 31, 1890. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1202-4 Preliminary results of production of cereals. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1202-5 Vital statistics of D.C. and Baltimore, covering period of 6 years ending May 31, 1890. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1202-6 Responsibility for public documents. In Supreme Court of D.C. : Thomas Donaldson v. Carroll D. Wright, Commissioner of Labor, in charge of 11th Census; in equity, No. 15,923, being suit in equity to restrain defendant from publishing report on Five Civilized Tribes. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1202-7.1 to I102-7.2 Index to bulletins. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1202-8 Statistics of manufactures in cities as returned at 11th Census, June 1, 1890. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1202-9 Report on marble quarrying industry of U.S. . 1
J83.U13 1990:I1202-10 Vital statistics of New York City and Brooklyn, covering period of 6 years ending May 31, 1890. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1202-12 Population of U.S. by minor civil divisions as returned at 11th Census, June 1, 1890. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1202-13 Report of social statistics of cities in U.S. at 11th Census 1890. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1202a-14 Abstract of disbursements on account of appropriation for expenses of 11th Census. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1202a-15 Appointment of special agents of Census Office, blank form. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1202a-16 Statistics of insurance companies. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1202a-17 Request to New York City mayor for copy of city charter for use in tabulation of census data on wealth, debt, and taxation, form letter. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1202a-18 Schedule 1. Population and social statistics. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1202a-19 Statistics of family of... 1
J83.U13 1990:I1202a-20 Request for census information on real estate mortgage debt, form letter. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1202a-21 Schedule 5. Mortality Persons who died during census year. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1202a-22 Request to steel manufacturers for census data on production of steel ingots and rails, form letter. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1202a-23 Statistics of education Schools of theology. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1202a-24 Statistics of education Schools of pedagogy. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1202a-25 Statistics of education Commercial schools and business colleges. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1202a-26 Statistics of fish and fisheries, special oyster schedule. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1202a-27 Circular to special agents. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1202a-28 Office of Supervisor of Census, for district of New Hampshire. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1202a-29 Agriculture Miscellaneous. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1202a-30 Result slip no. 5 Crime, institutions compared with crimes. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1202a-31 Penalties for failing to provide census information on home and farm mortgage debt, form letter. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1202a-32 Time card 1893. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1202a-33 Agriculture : Sugar (a). 1
J83.U13 1990:I1203-1D Supervisors' districts. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1203-2D Products of fisheries of U.S. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1203-3D Cities and towns by supervisors' districts in which statistics of manufactures will be collected by special agents. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1203-4D Names and addresses of supervisors of 11th Census. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1203-5D Statistics of farms, homes, and mortgages. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1203-6D Financial condition of counties. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1203-7D Indebtedness of States in 1880 and 1890. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1203-8D Mines and mining : Slate. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1203-9D Manufactures Production of pig-iron. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1203-10D Mines and mining : Quicksilver. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1203-11D Transportation Rapid transit in cities. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1203-12D Population of U.S. by States and territories: 1890. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1203-13D Manufactures : Production of steel. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1203-15D Census of Alaska. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1203-16D Population of U.S. by States and territories 1890. Official count: 62,622,250. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1203-17D Education : Preliminary statistics. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1203-18D Statistics of churches. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1203-19D Vital statistics of Jews in U.S. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1203-20D Mines and mining Anthracite coal. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1203-21D Population of New Hampshire by minor civil divisions. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1203-22D Manufactures : Distilled spirits consumed in arts, manufactures, and medicine. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1203-23D Areas of States and counties. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1203-24D Population of Massachusetts by minor civil divisions. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1203-25D Statistics of Indians. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1203-26D Mines and mining Maryland coal. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1203-27D Mines and mining : Alabama coal. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1203-28D Transportation : Freight traffic on Great Lakes. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1203-29D Transportation, changes in floating equipment on Great Lakes since 1886 1