Call Number (LC) Title Results
J83.U13 1990:I1103-245D Preliminary report upon salt manufacture of U.S. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-246D Statement of indebtedness and analysis of outstanding bonded debt of cities and towns of U.S. containing population of 7,500 and upward. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-247D Nevada (in part). 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-248D Illinois (in part). 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-249D Illinois (in part). 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-250D Illinois (in part). 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-251D Cotton production. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-252D Mississippi (in part). 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-253D Mississippi (in part). 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-254D Population of territories, in part, with preliminary data by selected township, city, and county. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-255D Texas (in part). 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-256D Texas (in part). 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-257D Texas (in part). 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-258D Texas (in part). 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-259D Pennsylvania (in part). 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-260D Pennsylvania (in part). 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-261D Statistics of fisheries of Great Lakes. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-262.D Statistics of number and size of farms in States of Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina, according to Census of 1880. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-263D Preliminary report on culture and curing of tobacco. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-264D Production of copper east of 100th meridian. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-265D Utah (in part). 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-266D Utah (in part). 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-267D New Mexico (complete). 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-268D Statistics of public schools and illiteracy for State of Maryland. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-269D Settled area in 1880. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-270D Production of iron ore. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-271D Population of U.S. in 1880. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-272D Statistics of steam craft of New England States. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-273D Production of bituminous coal. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-274D Statement of population of 100 principal cities in U.S., arranged according to rank, giving population by aggregates and by details, according to U.S. census of 1880, with column showing aggregate population in 1870. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-275D Selected nativities. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-276D Selected nativities. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-277D Plan for subdivision of States and territories for statistical purposes, with summary data on land area, population, industrial and agricultural production, wealth, and debt, by subdivision, 1870. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-278D Statistics of fisheries of Maine. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-279D Statistics of number and size of farms, and of tenure thereof, in certain States and territories at Census of 1880. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-280D Selected nativities. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-281D Statistics of fisheries of Virginia. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-282D Showing for several States and territories of U.S., number of persons; area in square miles; number of families; number of dwellings; number of persons, of families, and of dwellings, to square mile; number of acres to person and to family, and number of persons to dwelling and to family, as shown at Census of 1880. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-283D Live-stock on farms June 1, 1880. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-284D Some of hydrological features of Mississippi River. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-285D Selected nativities. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-286D Manufacture of chemicals, Census of 1880. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-287D Selected nativities. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-288D Number of farms in U.S. in 1880, 1870, 1860, and 1850. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-289D Manufactures from wool. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-290D Males of voting age in U.S. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-291D Statistics of fisheries of New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-292D Selected nativities. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-293D Statistics of number and size of farms in certain States and territories of U.S.; also, total for U.S. as shown by Census of 1880. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-294D Population and males of voting age in each county of U.S. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-295D Statistics of fisheries of Massachusetts. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-296D Nativities of population of U.S. in 1880. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-297D Commercial fisheries of Middle States. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-298D Commercial fisheries of Southern Atlantic States. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-299D Statistics of manufacture of petroleum during census year ending May 31, 1880. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-300D Specific cotton manufactures of U.S. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-301D Selected statistics of manufactures, including agricultural implements, ammunition, boots and shoes, brick and tile, fire-arms, lumber sawed, paper, and slaughtering and meat-packing. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-302D Statistics of manufactures. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1103-303D Illiteracy in U.S., as returned at 10th Census. 1
J83.U13 1990:I1106-1 Approximate areas of U.S., several States, and territories. 1