Call Number Title Count
HV89.C683 Corporate giving yellow pages. 1
HV89.C75 Directory. 1
HV89.D430 1985 NALEO national directory of citizenship services / 1
HV89.D48 Directory of accredited agencies / 1
HV89.D54 1984 Directory of voluntary agencies, M-233. 1
HV89.D574 1989 Directory of voluntary agencies, M-233 / 1
HV89.D6 Diplomate directory.
Diplomate directory
HV89.E6 The teacher, the school, and the community : an annotated directory and bibliography / 1
HV89.F58 1981 Focus on service : a comprehensive guide to community services in Springfield, Illinois. 1
HV89.G5 Giving USA. 1
HV89.G6 1985 Directory of intergovernmental programs / 1
HV89.G85 GuideStar : the national database of nonprofit organizations. 1
HV89.H5 Handbook of social resources of the United States, 1
HV89.H8490 1996 Human service organizations and their publications : a directory of selected sources / 1
HV89.I6 Directory of member agencies of the Family Service Association of America.
Directory of member agencies /
Directory of member organizations.
Directory of member organizations /
HV89.K85 Social service organizations and agencies directory : a reference guide to national and regional social service organizations, including advocacy groups, voluntary associations, professional societies, federal and state agencies, clearinghouses, and information centers / 1
HV89.M24 A selected list of information systems and services for social workers / 1
HV89.N19 National directory of hotlines and crisis intervention centers / 1
HV89.N2 Membership directory.
NASW directory of professional social workers.
The NASW professional social workers' directory.
HV89.N22 NASW register of clinical social workers. 1
HV89.N2230 1978 Directory of agencies : U.S. voluntary, international voluntary, intergovernmental. 1
HV89.N224 1980 Directory of agencies : U.S. voluntary, international voluntary, intergovernmental. 1
HV89.N25 Directory, diocesan agencies of Catholic charities, United States, Puerto Rico and Canada.
Directory Catholic Charities USA.
HV89.N26 National directory of corporate giving / 1
HV89.N27 National directory of private social agencies, 1977- : a loose-leaf directory of private social agencies in the United States, classified by services offered and listed by states and cities / 1
HV89.N3 Bulletin. 1
HV89.N4 1973 Directory of agencies: U.S. voluntary, international voluntary, intergovermental. 1
HV89.N5 Directory of public welfare agencies in other states, United States possessions and Canada. 1
HV89.N6 National registry of health care providers in clinical social work. 1
HV89.N7 1967 Charitable organizations, professional fund raisers, and professional solicitors; a directory of organizations and individuals registered with the State Department of Social Services as of July 1, 1967. 1
HV89.O35 Directory of Catholic charities in the United States, 1
HV89.O73 Directory of information and referral services in the United States and Canada / 1
HV89.P4 The poor districts of Pennsylvania and the officials thereof / 1
HV89.R47 1988 Research in progress, 1986-87 : a national compilation of research projects on philanthropy, voluntary action, and not-for-profit activity. 1
HV89.R9 Directories of social agencies. 1
HV89.R91 A list of directories of social agencies. 1
HV89.S49 Service directory of national organizations affiliated and associated with the National Social Welfare Assembly. 1
HV89.S933 1988 Success 1988 : innovation and excellence in public human services. 1
HV89.S933 1989 Success 1989 : innovation and excellence in public human services. 1
HV89.T2 Where to get help for your family; a directory of 118 agencies that can serve you in time of need, 1
HV89.U54 Learning to care : national directory of student community service programs. 1
HV89.U58 Directory of social, health, welfare and rehabilitation services in Massachusetts / 1
HV89.U59 1976 Directory of state public information officers representing SRS program areas. 1
HV89.U6 International directory.
HV89.W46 Who's who in human services. 1
HV89.W9 Directory of Social resources, Columbus and Franklin County / 1
HV90 Role expectations of first semester casework students and their field work instructors 1
HV90.A2P2 Papers on relief statistics. 1
HV90.A2P2 no.1 Use by a state agency of social data about recipients of public assistance 1
HV90.A2P2 no.2 Preparation of valid statistics of the cost of relief administration / 1
HV90.A2P2 no.3 Problems in the compilation of data on total relief and work program expenditures 1
HV90.A2P2 no.4 Households and persons receiving relief or assistance 1
HV90.A2P2 no.6 Studying the effect of unemployment compensation on relief 1
HV90.A2P2 no.8 Standards for periodic publications of bureaus of research and statistics 1
HV90.A2P2 no.9 The place of research in the long-time planning of a state program for public welfare / 1
HV90.A2P2 no.10 Visitors' travel cost in a public assistance agency / 1
HV90.A2P2 no.11 A New adjustable chart for the executive's office / Pirie H. Perenyi ... 1
HV90.A3 1910 Benevolent institutions. 1910. 1
HV90.A5 1963 Public assistance in the counties of the United States, June 1960. 1
HV90.A5 1968 Analysis of appointments, separations, promotions: public assistance caseworkers and employment security interviewers. 1