Call Number Title Count
HV88.A3 The Social welfare forum, Official proceedings [of the] annual forum. 1
HV88.A3 1914 Proceedings of the National Conference of Charities and Correction : at the Forty-first Annual Session held in Memphis, Tennessee, May 8-15, 1914. 1
HV88.A3 v.79 pt.4 Selected papers on the aging, presented at the 79th annual meeting of the National Conference of Social Work, May 25-30, 1952, Chicago, Illinois. 1
HV88.A3 v.81 pt.4 Administration, supervision, and consultation; papers from the 1954 social welfare forum, 1
HV88.A3 v.82 pt.4 Minority groups: segregation and integration; papers presented at the 82d annual forum of the National Conference of Social Work. 1
HV88.A32 Community organization in social work: its practice in old and new settings. 1
HV88.A328x Social work in the current scene: selected papers, 76th annual meeting, National Conference of Social Work, Cleveland, Ohio, June 12-17, 1949. 1
HV88.A33 Conference bulletin. 1
HV88 .A33 Proceedings of the Section on Organization of Charity of the National Conference of Charities and Correction : at the twenty-fourth annual session held in Toronto, Ont., July 7-14, 1897 / 1
HV88.A35 1959 Community organization, 1959; papers presented at the 86th annual forum of the National Conference on Social Welfare. 1
HV88.A35 1961 Readings on forums in social welfare; selected papers. 1
HV88.A363 [Miscellaneous publications] 1
HV88.A42 1897 Proceedings of the National conference of charities and correction, at the special meeting, held in New Orleans, La., March 4-7, 1897. 1
HV88.A54 Directory of members. 1
HV88.A55 Vocational studies. 1
HV88.A57 Unnumbered bulletins. 1
HV88.A61 APWA, our autobiography. 1
HV88.A63 Conference report series. Second annual round table conference, Washington, D.C., December 10-12, 1937. Report ... no. 1-10 ... 1
HV88.A632 Miscellaneous publications by American Public Welfare Association 1
HV88.A6327 Report. 1
HV88.A633 Selected biennial round table conference papers. 1
HV88.A634 Strengthening public welfare services through the use of volunteers : summary of material presented by all participants in an institute 1
HV88.A64 Proceedings. 1
HV88.A65 1968 Round table reader, 1967. 1
HV88.A7 Legal instruments of foundations / 1
HV88.B65 Proceedings. 1
HV88.B79 1964 Centrally planned change: prospects and concepts; results of a workshop held at Themis House, Weston, Massachusetts, September 11-14, 1963, 1
HV88.C226 Quarterly bulletin. 1
HV88.C44 Charters of philanthropies; a study of selected trust instruments, charters, by-laws and court decisions; 1
HV88.C5 1932 Proceedings of the Chicago Conference on Relief Standards, November 18, 19, 20, 1932. 1
HV88.C7 Report of a conference on charities and on other subjects pertaining to the prevention of suffering, pauperism, and crime : held in Baltimore, April 15 and 16, 1887. 1
HV88.C75 Conference on the maintenance of welfare standards. The American public welfare association with the cooperation of the Public administration clearing house, the School of social service administration of the University of Chicago, November 18, 19, 20, 1932 at Chicago, Illinois. 1
HV88.C8 Proceedings. 1
HV88.F2 Bulletin. 1
HV88.F22 [Miscellaneous publications]. 1
HV88.F23 News letter. 1
HV88.F232 New letter. [Mimeographed series] 1
HV88.F24 Summary of relief releases. 1
HV88.F4 1967 Agency policy--who makes it--who controls it? / 1
HV88.F68 1984 Foundations / 1
HV88.F9 Proceedings of Friends' Union for Philanthropic Labor of the ... conference. 1
HV88.G77 Proceedings. 1
HV88.G78 1963 Proceedings of the Great Lakes Institute : social welfare--bedrock or bedlam / 1
HV88.G8 [Reports] 1
HV88.H69 KWIC (Keyword-in-context) index [to] publications of the National Conference on Social Welfare / 1
HV88.I32 Proceedings ... 1
HV88.I61 Mobilizing resources for social needs in the United States of America ; report of the United States Committee to the Ninth International Conference of Social Work / Melvin A. Glasser, chairman. 1
HV88.I75 Minutes of interstate conference on transients and settlement laws, March 6th and 7th, 1936, Assembly chambers, State house, Trenton, New Jersey. 1
HV88.I75 1936 The Interstate Conference on Transients and Settlement Laws, March 6-7, 1936, Assembly chambers, State house, Trenton, New Jersey. 1
HV88.I78 Proceedings of the annual conference. 1
HV88.I8 Proceedings ... state conference. 1
HV88.K2 Proceedings of the annual meeting. 1
HV88.M4 Proceedings ... Maryland Conference of Charities and Correction ... 1
HV88.M45 A discourse delivered in the church in Brattle Street, in Boston, Tuesday, June 11th, 1799, before the Humane Society of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts ... 1
HV88.M5 Proceedings of the ... annual convention of the Superintendents of the Poor and Union Association ... of the state of Michigan. 1
HV88.M6 Proceedings. 1
HV88.M8 Proceedings ... annual ... conference ... 1
HV88 .N118 2000 Social work speaks : National Association of Social Workers policy statements, 2000-2003. 1
HV88.N1180 1994 Social work speaks : NASW policy statements. 1
HV88 .N126 2018 Social work speaks : National Association of Social Workers policy statements, 2018-2020 / 1