Call Number Title Count
HV85.N33a Social work speaks : NASW policy statements. 1
HV85.N385 1981 NASW standards for the classification of social work practice / 1
HV85.N667 1985 Non-profit service organizations: 1982 / 1
HV85.N8N8 1964 The North Carolina Volunteers : final report : cooperative research project no. F-049, contract SAE 325-EDU-3 : period covered by report, June 1, 1964 to Oct. 31, 1964 : name of institution, University of North Carolina, chapel Hill : tiitle of project, Experimental program for mobilizing college student volunteer services to communities / 1
HV85.O330 1979 Characteristics of general assistance in the United States / 1
HV85.P7 Profile of state performance in the aid to families with dependent children program. 1
HV85.P76 Sharing / 1
HV85.Q3 Quarterly public assistance statistics / 2
HV85.R311 1978 Recommendations for changing Title XX / 1
HV85.S378 Publication. 1
HV85.S53 1989 Welfare reform and the education provisions : programmatic options and considerations ; preliminary analysis / 1
HV85.S58a State expenditures for public assistance programs approved under titles I, IV-A, X, XIV, XVI, XIX, XX of the Social security act.
Expenditures for public assistance programs.
HV85.S58b Action transmittal. 2
HV85.S59 Funds, by source, expended for public assistance payments and for administration, services, and training. 1
HV85.S6 1992 "It's not like they say" : welfare recipients talk about welfare, work and education / 1
HV85.S62 Social services U.S.A. 1
HV85.S63 Social Services Block Grant program : annual report on expenditures and recipients / 1
HV85.S727 1985 Tracking federal dollars / 1
HV85.T25 1980 A work measurement system for the Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) program : pilot-test guidelines : prepared for Division of Procedures, Office of Family Assistance, Social Security Administration, U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services / 1
HV85.T26 1979 Final report : improving interviewing in the AFDC programs / 1
HV85.T43 Technical notes / 2
HV85.T46a Annual report to Congress / 1
HV85 .T6 1957 Common human needs. 1
HV85.T619 1977 Title XX and the state budgetary process / 1
HV85.U5 1968 Health, education, and welfare : accomplishments, 1963-1968 : problems and challenges, and a look to the future : a report to President Lyndon B. Johnson. 1
HV85.U5 1980 Guide to federal financial participation under Title XX of the Social Security Act : title XX social services. 1
HV85.U52 1977 Summary of HEW programs. 1
HV85.U54 1986 Report on the low income home energy assistance program as requested by the Senate Committee on Appropriations. 1
HV85.U547 1976 Integration of human services in HEW : an evaluation of services integration projects. 1
HV85.U84 1977 The Use of P.L. 94-401 funds / 1
HV85.V15 VISTA fact book. 1
HV85 .W37 1976 Title XX, social services in your state : a child advocate's handbook for action. 1
HV85.Z71 Historic themes and landmarks in social welfare research / 1
HV86 Major trends in social work research : an analysis of the nature and development of research in social work, as seen in the periodical literature, 1900-1950 / 1
HV86.A16 Report. 1
HV86.A2 Alabama social welfare. 1
HV86.A22 Annual report. 1
HV86.A24 Statistics / 1
HV86.A3 1935 Two years of federal relief in Alabama. Wetumpka, Ala. Wetumpka printing company, 1
HV86.A3 1941 Defense developments in Alabama ... 1
HV86.A6 Annual report of the Board of Control of the State of Arizona. 1
HV86.A61 Annual report. 1
HV86.A631 Financial and statistical report. 1
HV86.A6317 Report. 1
HV86.A632 Financial and statistical report ... 1
HV86.A84 Biennial report. 1
HV86.A854 Public welfare in Arkansas; report. 1
HV86.A863 Report. 2
HV86.B82 Breakthrough. 1
HV86.C2 Biennial report. 1
HV86.C2B669 1971 Purchase of social service : study of the experience of three states in purchase of service by contract under the provisions of the 1967 Amendments to the Social Security Act / 1
HV86.C2T28 Family law and the poor; essays. 1
HV86.C25 The California bulletin of charities and corrections. 1
HV86.C27 Report. 1
HV86.C271 Public welfare in California; annual statistical report. 1
HV86.C2711 Public Welfare in California.
Public welfare in California.
HV86.C2712 Public welfare in California. 1
HV86.C29 Your job and the State department of social welfare ... 1
HV86.C3 Biennial report. 1
HV86.C31 Statistical report. 1