Call Number Title Count
HQ722.8.M5C65 1990 Marriage in Melanesia : a sociological perspective / 1
HQ724.A3 Interracial marriage in Hawaii; a study of the mutually conditioned processes of acculturation and amalgamation, 1
HQ724.S57 1969 Sex, marriage and the family in the Pacific. Report ... 1
HQ725.B47 Familiens organisation i det grønlandske samfund. 1
HQ727.I584 2006 Les intermittents du foyer : couples et mobilité professionnelle / 1
HQ727.9 .H68 2005eb Household surveys in developing and transition countries. 1
HQ727.9.R65 1986 The Role of the family in the development process. 1
HQ727.9 .S77 1995eb Strengthening the family : implications for international development / 1
HQ728 Dangerous Bride : a memoir of love, gods and geography.
To love, honor, and obey in colonial Mexico : conflicts over marriage choice, 1574-1821 /
Patterns of contact with relatives /
Migration und familie : Kindheit mit Zuwanderungshintergrund /
Familie und Normalitat : Diskurse, Praxen und Aushandlungsprozesse.
Understanding Marriage, Family, and Intimate Relationships.
Family conflicts : psychological, social and medical implications /
HQ728.A1J86 Journal of comparative family studies
Journal of comparative family studies.
HQ728.A1V8 New family series ... 1
HQ728.A15 The home builder, 1
HQ728.A18 The psychodynamics of family life : diagnosis and treatment of family relationships. 1
HQ728.A2 Trois leco̧ns sur les principes philosophiques et juridiques du mariage, 1
HQ728.A23 Marriage and divorce, 1
HQ728.A32 The crisis of marriage / 1
HQ728.A5 The modern American family / 1
HQ728.A50 Family careers : developmental change in families / 1
HQ728.A503 Toward family stability / 1
HQ728.A507 Marriage counseling: a casebook; the theory and practice of marriage counseling including 41 typical cases contributed by members of American Association of Marriage Counselors. 1
HQ728.A52 L'Amour au siècle de la cybernétique. 1
HQ728 .A53 2016 Šeimos egalitarizmas : monografija / 1
HQ728.A537 2006 Sot͡sialʹnai͡a psikhologii͡a semʹi / 1
HQ728.A54 The family book. The genius and design of the domestic constitution, with its untransferable obligations and peculiar advantages. 1
HQ728.A55 1998 Die Familie : Fallstudien zur Unverwüstlichkeit einer Lebensform / 1
HQ728.A57 Family government : a treatise on conjugal, parental, filial and other duties / 1
HQ728.A586 1998 Mikrosot͡siologii͡a semʹi : metodologii͡a issledovanii͡a struktur i prot͡sessov / 1
HQ728.A6 The family encounters the depression 1
HQ728.A6 1965 The family encounters the Depression. 1
HQ728.A62 The family : its function and destiny. 1
HQ728.A62 1959 The family: its function and destiny. 1
HQ728.A68 Family relationships. 1
HQ728.A695 2010 Ancient marriage in myth and reality / 1
HQ728 .A695 2010eb Ancient marriage in myth and reality / 1
HQ728 .A72 2011 Family interaction : a multigenerational developmental perspective / 1
HQ728.A720 1995 Family interaction : a multigenerational developmental perspective / 1
HQ728.A74 The art of governing a wife; with rules for batchelors. To which is added, An essay against unequal marriages ... 1
HQ728 .A75 2010 The family : a liberal defence / 1
HQ728.A78 Aspects of the analysis of family structure / 1
HQ728.A8 La famiglia e la società, 1
HQ728 .A8 2017eb Aspects of the Analysis of Family Structure. 1
HQ728.A9 Volk und familie, 1
HQ728.B15 Marriage and the family, 1
HQ728.B15 1953 Marriage and the family. 1
HQ728.B17 The intimate enemy; how to fight fair in love and marriage, 1
HQ728.B17 1970 The intimate enemy; how to fight fair in love and marriage, 1
HQ728.B2 Clavdivs Badvellvs De ratione uita͡e studiosa͡e, ac literata͡e in matrimonio collocanda͡e, & degenda͡e. 1
HQ728.B23 Die naturehe in ihrem verhältnis zur paradiesischen, vorchristlichen und christlich-sakramentalen ehe. 1
HQ728.B27 Marriage and the family : a comparative analysis of contemporary problems / 1
HQ728.B3 The coming order, 1
HQ728.B355 2013 Spiegel einer Christlichen und friedsamen Hausshaltung : die Ehe in der populären Druckgraphik des 16. und 17. Jahrhunderts / 1
HQ728.B36 The Christian minister's affectionate advice to a new married couple. 1
HQ728 .B367 2001 Bargaining over time allocation : economic modeling and econometric investigation of time use within families / 1
HQ728.B4 The fine art of living together, 1
HQ728.B42 Family, marriage, and parenthood, 1
HQ728.B43 1976 Marriage and the family under challenge : an outline of issues, trends, and alternatives / 1
HQ728.B44 Tractatus de eo quod justum est circa conjugalis debiti praestationem. Von Leistung der ehelichen Pflicht ... aus denen göttlichen und allgemeinen Reichs-rechten, und der praxi consistoriali zusammen getragen, anbey mit vielen darzu Dienlichen praejudiciis, decisionibus und responsis überall bestärcket ... / 1
HQ728.B45 Marriage and family relations; an interdisciplinary approach. 1
HQ728.B45 1988 Ojaxis etʻnosocʻiologiuri kvlevis metʻoduri sakitʻxebi / 1
HQ728.B454 Family research categories derived from interview observations of a hundred farm families ... 1