Call Number Title Count
HN800.R9A3 1960 Ruanda-Urundi; social achievements. 1
HN800.S6 Cultivating suspicion: an ethnography. 1
HN800.S6C65 1979 Community development : the South African scene. 1
HN800.S6C76 Contemporary South Africa : social psychological perspectives / 1
HN800.S6D55B2 A place called Dimbaza / 1
HN800.S6D86 A socioeconomic profile of South Africa. 1
HN800.S6E26P34 1973 The second generation; a study of the family among urbanized Bantu in East London 1
HN800.S6K55 Urbanization and the plural society; a case study of flatlife in South Africa 1
HN800.S6N3 1934 Verslag van die Volkskongres oor die Armblankevraagstuk gehou te Kimberley, 2 tot 5 Okt. 1934. 1
HN800.S6P65P55 The coloured population of the Port Elizabeth/Uitenhage Region: a socio-economic study, 1
HN800.S6P83W51 Divided community; a study of social groups racial attitudes in a South African town 1
HN800.S6R58 Contemporary social pathology 1
HN800.S6S69 Some implications in inequality. 1
HN800.S6S72 1968 Industrialisation and human relations; papers given at the 38th annual conference meeting ... held in Cape Town, January/February, 1968. 1
HN800.S6S91 1971 Towards social change; report of the Social Commission of the Study Project on Christianity in Apartheid Society. 1
HN800.S6V22 Caneville : the social structure of a South African town / 1
HN800.S6V24 South Africa, a study in conflict, 1
HN800.S6W74 Langa; a study of social groups in an African township 1
HN800.S63E48W59 White South African elites; a study of incumbents of top positions in the Republic of South Africa 1
HN800.S64S6530 Reeftown elite; social mobility in a Black African community on the Johannesberg Reef. 1
HN800.S83 2010 Städtische Armut im südlichen Afrika : Durban und Maputo / 1
HN800.T33D37S9 Urban inequality and housing policy in Tanzania : the problem of squatting / 1
HN800.U25T77 Social change and development institutions in a refugee population (development from below as an alternative: the case of the Nakapiripirit Settlement scheme in Uganda). 1
HN800.U26G68V77 African elite; the big men of a small town. 1
HN800.U26J54B82 The industrial town as factor of economic and social development; the example of Jinja/Uganda, 1
HN800.U26K18P24 Neighbours and nationals in an African city ward. 1
HN800.U26K18P241 Neighbours and nationals in an African city ward. 1
HN800.U26S6M26 Politics and class formation in Uganda / 1
HN800.U353 P37 2004eb Neighbours and nationals in an African city ward / 1
HN800.Z2A3 Report. 1
HN800.Z2S67 Social networks in urban situations: analyses of personal relationships in Central African towns; 1
HN800.Z2Z23 Bulletin. 1
HN800.Z2Z24 Communication. 1
HN800.Z2Z24 no.1 The population of a Zambian municipal township : a preliminary report of a 1964 social survey of the Broken Hill municipal townships / 1
HN800.Z2Z24 no.2 Maps of the distribution and density of African population in Zambia. 1
HN800.Z2Z24 no.3 Some aspects of social change in Africa south of the Sahara, 1959-66 : a bibliography. 1
HN800.Z2Z24 no.4 Selective attention and interference between first and second languages. 1
HN800.Z2Z24 no.5 Some demographic measurements for Africans in Zambia : an appraisal of the 1963 census administration and results / 1
HN800.Z2Z24 no.6 The Si-Luyana language : a preliminary linguistic description. 1
HN800.Z2Z34C72 The social consequences of resettlement : the impact of the Kariba resettlement upon the Gwembe Tonga. 1
HN800.Z32M380 The upgrading of the Zambians : a case study of the African continent / 1
HN800.Z9 M67 2018 Moral eyes : youth and justice in Cameroon, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and South Africa / 1
HN800.Z9 M848 2013 Light and power for a multiracial nation : the Kariba Dam scheme in the Central African Federation / 1
HN800.Z9S65B81 Reeftown elite: a study of social mobility in a modern African community on the Reef; 1
HN800.67.A8 P74 2007 Singapore in the global system : relationship, structure and change / 1
HN801.A8 Protest nation : the right to protest in South Africa /
I want to go home forever : stories of becoming and belonging in South Africa's great metropolish[electronic resource].
HN801.A8 B56 2010 Ways of staying / 1
HN801.A8B97 2015 Democracy at home in South Africa : family fictions and transitional culture / 1
HN801.A8 C533 2006 Challenging hegemony : social movements and the quest for a new humanism in post-apartheid South Africa / 1
HN801.A8 C65 2015 The colour of our future : does race matter in post-apartheid South Africa? / 1
HN801.A8 C668 2012eb Contesting transformation : popular resistance in twenty-first-century South Africa / 1
HN801.A8 C68 2012 Contesting transformation : popular resistance in twenty-first-century South Africa / 1
HN801.A8 C83 2006 Culture, organization, and management in South Africa / 1
HN801.A8D460 1986 Sot͡sialʹnai͡a struktura i͡uzhnoafrikanskogo obshchestva i osnovnye napravlenii͡a ee transformat͡sii / 1
HN801.A8 D74 2001 The long road to peace : constructive conflict transformation in South Africa / 1
HN801.A8D86 2016 Protest nation : the right to protest in South Africa / 1
HN801.A8D87 2011 Race trouble : race, identity and inequality in post-apartheid South Africa / 1
HN801.A8 E86 2003 Espaces arc-en-ciel : identités et territoires en Afrique du Sud et en Inde / 1
HN801.A8F35 2015 Satanism and family murder in late apartheid South Africa : imagining the end of whiteness / 1
HN801.A8 F78 2003 Political identity and social change : the remaking of the South African social order / 1