Call Number (LC) Title Results
HJ11.I3941 Illinois budget appendix.
Illinois state budget appendix /
HJ11.I3942 Digest of state taxation (with legal citations) ... 1
HJ11.I395 Illinois state budget. 1
HJ11.I395 2014 Illinois revenue volatility study : Public Act 98 - 0682 / 1
HJ11.I3953 1917 Detailed budget of the appropriations requested for the biennium 1917-1918 filed with the Legislative Reference Bureau. State of Illinois. 1
HJ11.I396 1931 Report of the Committee on investigation of the finances of the state ... May 14, 1931. Appointed under House joint resolution no. 31. 1
HJ11.I6 Annual report. 1
HJ11.I62 Annual report of the auditor of state. 1
HJ11.I64 State of Indiana budget report. 1
HJ11.I653 Biennial report. 1
HJ11.I657 Indiana state tax bulletin. 1
HJ11.I66 Annual conference convention of the State Board of Tax Commissioners and the County Assessors. 1
HJ11.I8 Biennial report. 1
HJ11.I81 Report of the Treasurer of State. 1
HJ11.I82 Report. 1
HJ11.I86 Annual report of the State Board of Assessment and Review to the Governor and to each member and member-elect of the Legislature.
Annual report of the Iowa State Tax Commission.
Annual report of the Iowa State Tax Commission, Property Tax Division.
HJ11.I92 Report ... 1
HJ11.I93 Report of the Executive Council of Iowa of expenses and disposition of fees and moneys collected by state officers and institutions ... 1
HJ11.K2 Report of the treasurer of state. 1
HJ11.K22 Report. 1
HJ11.K23 Kansas State budget. 1
HJ11.K25 Report. 1
HJ11.K253 Report. 1
HJ11.K255 Annual statistical report /
Annual report.
HJ11.K26 Report to the Legislature ... containing suggestions and recommendations concerning legislation ... 1
HJ11.K4 Report. 1
HJ11.K405 Biennial report. 1
HJ11.K42 Report. 1
HJ11.K427a Comprehensive annual financial report /
Annual financial report for the fiscal year ended June 30 ...
HJ11.K43 Report of the second auditor. 1
HJ11.K44 Kentucky executive budget. 1
HJ11.K49 Report. 1
HJ11.L805 Special report of the State Treasurer, in obedience to a resolution of the House. January, 1859. 1
HJ11.L83 Report. 1
HJ11.L836 Report. 1
HJ11.L84 Executive budget ... 1
HJ11.L842 Report. 1
HJ11.L85 Annual report of the Louisiana Tax Commission ... 1
HJ11.L895 1859 Report of the Special Committee on part of Senate, to whom was referred the grounds of the refusal of the State Treasurer to honor the warrants of the State Auditor, to the Senate of Louisiana. 1
HJ11.L895 1859a Report of the Committee on petitions and grievances, on the memorial of John Claiborn, to the Senate of Louisiana. 1
HJ11.M32 Annual report.
Comprehensive annual financial report for the year ended ... /
HJ11.M343 Appropriation bill, ... 1
HJ11.M344 The Maryland state budget ... 1
HJ11.M3443 Budget message of Governor ... to the General Assembly of Maryland . 1
HJ11.M3445 Fiscal digest of the state of Maryland. 1
HJ11.M35 Report. 1
HJ11.M352 Biennial report. 1
HJ11.M398 Annual report of the Finance Commission, ... 1
HJ11.M42 Report of the auditor. 1
HJ11.M422 Statement of general and special appropriations and expenditures. 1
HJ11.M425 Annual report. 1
HJ11.M426 Annual report of the Appelate [!] tax board, Department of corporations and taxation... 1
HJ11.M435 Annual report /
Financial report, fiscal year ended June 30 ... /
Annual report of the Commission on Administration and Finance for the year ending November 30 ...
HJ11.M438 Financial report for the fiscal year ended June 30 ... /
Comprehensive annual financial report for the fiscal year ended June 30 ... /
HJ11.M45 Report. 1
HJ11.M451 Annual report. 1
HJ11.M452 Bulletin. 1
HJ11.M453 Aggregates of property, taxes, etc. ... 1
HJ11.M457 Treasurer's report.
Report of the Treasurer and Receiver-General.
HJ11.M48 Michigan county government financial report. 1