Call Number Title Count
HG9999 Asness Variables that explain stock returns : simulated and empirical evidence / 1
HG9999 Asquith A two-event study of merger bids, market uncertainty, and stockholder returns / 1
HG9999 Attiyeh Wage-price spiral versus demand inflation: United States, 1949-1957. 1
HG9999 Atwood Cyclical fluctuations of certain activities of state banks in Chicago. 1
HG9999 Auernheimer Essays in the theory of inflation. 1
HG9999 Avila Reducing government overmanning, human capital and open-economy adjustment / 1
HG9999 Axelson Ownership structure and incentives in a multinational setting / 1
HG9999 Bach Price level stabilization: some theoretical and practical considerations.
Price level stabilization.
HG9999 Bachmann Risk premia implied by option returns / 1
HG9999 Bai Beyond Merton's utopia : effects of non-normality and dependence on the precision of variance estimaters using high-frequency financial data /
Essays on economic fundamentals in asset pricing /
HG9999 Bain The process of professionalization: life insurance selling. 1
HG9999 Bak Behavior of open interest in futures markets / 1
HG9999 Balabanis Standardization of commercial letters of credit. 1
HG9999 Balino The Argentine monetary and banking reform of 1946-57 : a case of one hundred percent reserves / 1
HG9999 Ballaine Development and economic aspects of the laws regulating investments of mutual savings banks.
Development and economic aspects of the laws regulating investments of mutual savings banks,
HG9999 Banz Limited diversification and market equilibrium : an empirical analysis / 1
HG9999 Baran Family financial decision making / 1
HG9999 Barber A Study of country banking practices in Northeastern Illinois. 1
HG9999 Barcinski Credit spreads on the secondary market of sovereign bonds of emerging market countries / 1
HG9999 Barone Adesi Market equilibrium with non-linear characteristic lines / 1
HG9999 Barrionuevo Asset pricing in the international economy and the specification of random disturbances / 1
HG9999 Bauer The caisse populaire movement in Quebec: 1932-1950. 1
HG9999 Beaglehole Tax clienteles and stochastic processes in the gilt market / 1
HG9999 Becker Geographical segmentation of U.S. capital markets / 1
HG9999 Belo A pure production-based asset pricing model / 1
HG9999 Ben-David Essays in corporate finance and real estate / 1
HG9999 Ben-Ishay Determinants of variability in earnings price ratios of corporate equity. 1
HG9999 Ben-Zion Measures of risk in the stock market and the valuation of corporate stocks. 1
HG9999 Beneish The impact of regulatory changes in the airline industry on shareholders' wealth / 1
HG9999 Bengtsson Repeated relationships between venture capitalists and entrepreneurs / 1
HG9999 Benmelech Essays on debt maturity / 1
HG9999 Benston Cost of banking operations; a statistical study. 1
HG9999 Bernstein The integration of the sterling payments system and the intra-European payments arrangements, embodied in the European Payments Union. 1
HG9999 Best The Pecora Investigation: a study of the Senate inquiry into the stock exchange and banking practies, 1932-1934. 1
HG9999 Bhandari Capital market imperfections, risk and expected returns : empirical evidence and some propositions / 1
HG9999 Bhushan Collection of information about publicly traded firms : theory and evidence / 1
HG9999 Bilbija American long-term investment abroad and the export of capital goods : Latin American experience, 1944-1955. 1
HG9999 Bildersee Risk and return on preferred stocks. 1
HG9999 Binder Measuring the effects of regulation with stock price data : a new methodology / 1
HG9999 Bini-Smaghi Exchange rate variability, trade, and capital mobility / 1
HG9999 Blanco Mendoza Investment under uncertainty : an empirical analysis / 1
HG9999 Blejer Money, prices and the balance of payments : the case of Mexico (1950-1973) / 1
HG9999 Bloomfield International capital movements and the American balance of payments: 1929-1940. 1
HG9999 Blumberg Euro-dollars and the balance of payments: some empirical evidence on two types of fractional Euro-dollar effects on the official settlements balance of the United States. 1
HG9999 Blume The assessment of portfolio performance; an application of portfolio theory. 1
HG9999 Boberski The savings market; a study of deposit distribution. 1
HG9999 Bond Joint liability and the structure of financial intermediaries / 1
HG9999 Borbe A model of fixed exchange rates : a synthesis of the elasticity and monetary approaches / 1
HG9999 Bordo The effects of the sources of change in the money supply on the level of economic activity: an historical essay. 1
HG9999 Boyd Cuban-American economic relations, 1898-1907. 1
HG9999 Boyer The dynamics of an open, monetary economy: growth and the balance of payments. 1
HG9999 Bradley An analysis of interfirm cash tender offers / 1
HG9999 Brandt Estimating portfolio and consumption choice : a conditional euler equations approach / 1
HG9999 Braun Asset pricing and capital investment / 1
HG9999 Brav Inference in long-term event studies : a Bayesian approach / 1
HG9999 Breckner The impact of liquidity on investment. 1
HG9999 Brittain Monetary factors in the French balance of payments : 1880-1913 / 1
HG9999 Britton Personal-loan credit versus instalment-store credit from the viewpoint of the buyer. 1
HG9999 Brock Trust company accounting based upon a study of trust accounting in the trust department of the Northern trust company. 1
HG9999 Broida Liquidity as a variable in monetary analysis / 1