Call Number Title Count
HG9663.B56 Best's aggregates & averages, property-casualty.
Best's aggregates & averages, property-liability.
Best's aggregates & averages. Property/casualty, United States & Canada.
HG9663.S7 Spectator fire index, accurate statistics of the condition and business of American and foreign fire insurance companies ... 1
HG9665.A2 Ætna guide to fire insurance for the representatives of the Ætna Insurance Co., Hartford, Conn. ... Branch, Cincinnati ... 1
HG9665.C8 Principles and finance of fire insurance. 1
HG9665.F47 2003 Fire insurance / 1
HG9665.H18 An approach to fire insurance, 1
HG9665.H45 Practical fire and casualty insurance, 1
HG9665.H45 1948 Practical fire and casualty insurance. 1
HG9665.I6 Insurance and real estate; part I: Fire insurance, by Edward R. Hardy part II: Real estate, by Walter Lindner. 1
HG9665.I62 Fire insurance lectures delivered before the Insurance Institute of Hartford, seasons of 1914-15-16, based on the second and third years' program of the Insurance Institute of America. 1
HG9665.I63 Insurance Library Association of Boston discussion course: allied fire lines. 1
HG9665.K37 Fundamentals of fire and casualty insurance strength. 1
HG9665.K371 Fundamentals of fire and casualty insurance strength. 1
HG9665.K45 Fire insurance; the essentials of the fire insurance business, 1
HG9665.M8 Fire insurance and how to build; combining also a guide to insurance agents respecting fire prevention and extinction, special features of manufacturing risks, writing of policies, adjustment of losses, etc., etc. 1
HG9665 .P76 1681 Propositions for insuring houses from fire 1
HG9665.P76 2003 Property insurance / 1
HG9665.R33 Fire insurance underwriting, 1
HG9665.R38 Dictionary of fire insurance; a comprehensive encyclopaedia of the law and principles of fire insurance, and home and foreign practice, 1
HG9665.R9 The modern fire underwriter (in two parts) Underwriting guide and textbook primarily intended for use by students and apprentices engaged in the fire insurance business. 1
HG9665.S4 Fire insurance. 1
HG9665.S8 Applied fire insurance, 1
HG9665.Z3 Fire insurance; 1
HG9665.Z34 Property insurance; 1
HG9667.B88 101 unusual classes of risks, 1
HG9667.W9 Fire insurance; a handbook for property owners, 1
HG9669.B9 Facts and comments regarding sound insurance. 1
HG9669.B902 Supplement to Facts and comments regarding sound insurance ... 1
HG9669.C33 Fire insurance from the standpoint of a policyholder 1
HG9669.I6 Fire insurance lectures delivered before the Insurance Institute of Hartford, season of 1913-14, based upon the junior year program of the Insurance Institute of America. 1
HG9669.K4 Kenney theory of fire insurance strength, with some supplementary remarks about the problems involved in analyzing a casualty statement, 1
HG9674 .H68 1695 Houses insured from loss by fire, by amicable contribution. 1
HG9674.S74 The Spectator financial and underwriting analysis of fire insurance companies ... as of January 1st ... 1
HG9674.U657 1978 Arson-for-profit : more could be done to reduce it : report / 1
HG9678.A51 1966 Audits of fire and casualty insurance companies. 1
HG9678.E7 Financial reporting trends: Fire and casualty insurance.
Financial reporting trends. Property/casualty insurance /
HG9678.I6 Lectures on fire insurance accounting. 1
HG9678.W65 Fire insurance accounting, 1
HG9685.D3 Fire-rating as a science, 1
HG9685.H3 The making of the fire insurance rate; a treatise on past and present methods of calculating premium rates, 1
HG9685.M4 Fire insurance rating in Pennsylvania... 1
HG9687.N3 Standard schedule for grading cities and towns of the United States, with reference to their fire defenses and physical conditions. Adopted, December 14, 1916. 1
HG9695.B8 The Glens Falls handy book; a volume of instruction and inspiration for fire insurance agents, 1
HG9695.B802 Glens Falls handy book; a volume of instruction and inspiration for fire insurance agents, 1
HG9695.B803 Glens Falls handy book. 1
HG9695.D35 The standard fire policy; lectures before the fire insurance club of Chicago, 1
HG9695.H3 Notes on the standard policy of fire insurance and on forms, clauses, apportionment and co-insurance ... 1
HG9695.I6 The fire insurance contract; its history and interpretation, comp. and ed. by, and pub. under the auspices of the Insurance society of New York. 1
HG9697.U5A5 Fire insurance law; an authoritative analysis of the standard fire insurance policy, of its legal aspects, and of the standard forms and clauses used in connection therewith, 1
HG9697.U5G6 Principles of the New York standard fire insurance policy, 1
HG9699.H66 Hine's book of forms (fire insurance) for the use of agents and others; containing forms of policies in actual use by nearly all the companies in the United States upon all classes of property (including automobiles) also active clauses and forms of indorsements; based upon the original compilation 1
HG9706.B3 The agents key to fire insurance, concise and helpful information for agents, brokers and field men regarding essentials of the business, includes a comprehensive collection of modern forms, 1
HG9706.B32 The agents key to fire insurance (in two parts) Information for agents, brokers and field men regarding essentials of the business in concise and helpful form, 1
HG9706.H35 Colonel Johnson of Johnson's Corners / 1
HG9706.H81 How to sell more fire insurance; ... 67 business getting plans used and proved by 38 agents. 1
HG9709.H76 Manual ... 1
HG9709.R85 1937 Right to the point : a manual for fire insurance agents : the terms, principles, rules, methods, requirements, forms and coverages pertinent to the fire insurance business. 1
HG9711.D8 1865 The practice of fire underwriting ... 1
HG9711.I35 Advisory rule book. Advisory rules, charges and credits, terms, privileges, riders, forms and conditions affecting estimates of relative hazards for fire, lightning and windstorm insurance in Illinois ... 1
HG9711.W4 Live articles on special hazards; a series of articles reprinted from the monthly fire insurance supplement of the Weekly Underwriter ... 1