Call Number Title Count
HG8943.B55 Best's insurance reports. Life-health. United States.
Best's insurance reports. Life/health, United States & Canada.
Best's insurance reports. L/H, US & Canada /
HG8943.I5 Individual life and annuities annual. 1
HG8943.L7 Life insurance manual. Application agreements and complete policy forms of ... insurance companies of America ... 1
HG8951.A85 The great stewardship, a story of life insurance, 1
HG8951.B45 1973 Life insurance; a consumer's handbook 1
HG8951.B450 1985 Life insurance : a consumer's handbook / 1
HG8951.B62 Cases in life insurance 1
HG8951.B85 Negro life insurance companies; a comparative analysis of the operating and financial experience of Negro legal reserve life insurance companies.
Negro life insurance companies : a comparative analysis of the operating and financial experience of Negro Legal Reserve Life Insurance companies ; a dissertation in economics presented to the faculty of the Graduate School of the University of Pennsylvania in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy /
HG8951.C75 Life insurance : its principles, operations and benefits / 1
HG8951.C93 An econometric model of the life insurance sector of the US economy / 1
HG8951.D15 What's wrong with your life insurance. 1
HG8951.G60 Pay now, die later: what's wrong with life insurance; a report on our biggest and most wasteful industry. 1
HG8951.G9 The great provider; the dramatic story of life insurance in America. 1
HG8951.H49 The grim truth about life insurance. 1
HG8951.H88 The truth about your life insurance, 1
HG8951.J6440 The curious consumerist crusade : a response to the latest attacks by anti-life insurance critics / 1
HG8951.J65 1976 The tired tirade : the answer to anti-life insurance books / 1
HG8951.K7 The history of life insurance in the United States to 1870, with an introduction to its development abroad, 1
HG8951.M17 Life insurance trends at mid-century. 1
HG8951.M18 A review of life insurance, from the date of the first national convention of insurance officials. 1871-1897. 1
HG8951.M534 1900 Life insurance, a blessing or a curse, which? : a query with special reference to the conduct of the Equitable Life Assurance Society, the Mutual Life Insurance Company and the New York Life Insurance Company / 1
HG8951 .M56 1963 Business estate planning / 1
HG8951 .M87 2010 Investing in life : insurance in antebellum America / 1
HG8951 .N67 1989 Voices from the field : a history of the National Association of Life Underwriters / 1
HG8951.O15 Business and social change; life insurance looks to the future 1
HG8951 .P47 2008eb Personal lines insurance : life, health and disability. 1
HG8951.P678 1956 Life insurance stocks as investments / 1
HG8951.P740 1985 Financing growth : a financial history of American life insurance through 1900 / 1
HG8951.S7 Life insurance history, 1843-1910. Yearly business of all active United States life insurance companies from organization. 1
HG8951.U540 1979 Life insurance cost disclosure : a staff report to the Federal Trade Commission / 1
HG8951 .Y38 2005 Structuring the information age : life insurance and technology in the twentieth century / 1
HG8951 .Z44 2017 Morals and markets : the development of life insurance in the United States / 1
HG8951 .Z44 2017eb Morals and Markets : The Development of Life Insurance in the United States / 1
HG8951.Z440 Morals and markets : the development of life insurance in the United States / 1
HG8952.A4A3 My half-century in life insurance, 1
HG8952.A45 S48 1998 The man from Enterprise : the story of John B. Amos, founder of AFLAC / 1
HG8952.D7P9 John Fairfield Dryden, born August 7, 1839, died November 24, 1911, founder and president the Prudential insurance company of America, pioneer of industrial insurance in America, United States senator, 1
HG8952.D81A3 After eighty years : the impact of life insurance on the public health / 1
HG8952.F6 F67 2006eb Whole life : looking back while looking ahead / 1
HG8952.H9E6 Henry Baldwin Hyde; a biographical sketch. 1
HG8952.W9W9 Elizur Wright; the father of life insurance, 1
HG8954.A3 Assurance companies acts 1909-1946; summary of statements of assurance business deposited with the Board of Trade. 1
HG8955.C75 A Record of earnings and other financial data on life insurance companies, United States. 1
HG8955.I59 The historical statistics of life insurance in the United States, 1759 to 1958. 1
HG8955.M62 Life insurance ownership among American families. 1
HG8955.S74 Spectator life index, reporting in detail the financial standing and results of operation of ... legal reserve American and Canadian life insurance companies ... 1
HG8955.U58 The Unique manual and National Underwriter life reports. 1
HG8955.Y6 The younger life insurance companies, results of the first decade of the "New company movement"; where the companies and their stockholders stand; this survey embraces all life insurance companies organized in the United States during the ten years ending December 31, 1914. 1
HG8957.T85 Practical remarks on the present state of life insurance in the United States ... To which are added the valuable tables of the associated actuaries ... 1
HG8957.W89 Politics and mysteries of life insurance. 1
HG8957.W9 Traps baited with orphan, or, What is the matter with life insurance? / 1
HG8957.W93 The Traveller's library : containing interesting stories, laughable anecdotes, and enjoyable reading of a select and varied nature. 1
HG8958.A6 1961 1961 Chartered Life Underwriter and Management examinations; questions and answers. 1
HG8958.G4 Study of legal reserve life insurance companies. 1
HG8958.H56 Total disability provisions in life insurance contracts / 1
HG8958.J83 Life insurance and the public interest; a critique of stock company life insurance, 1
HG8958.O75 Corporate power and social change: the politics of the life insurance industry. 1
HG8958.S8 Statement on life insurance; 1
HG8958.S95 The economic and social contributions of life insurance to the Nation. A symposium sponsored by Institute of Life Insurance ... Life Insurance Association of America ... [and] American Life Convention ... to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States. [Madison Square Garden, July 28, 1959. 1
HG8958 .U55 1955b Second report on the sale of commercial life insurance in Europe under license of the United States Army / 1