Call Number Title Count
HG645.C72 The only sure guide to bank bills; or, Banks in Now-England; with a statement of bills counterfeited. 1
HG645.H438 Heath's infallible counterfeit detector at sight ... 1
HG645.H439 Heath's greatly improved and enlarged infallible government counterfeit detector, at sight ... Banking house and counting room. 1
HG645.H439 1870b Heath's greatly improved and enlarged infallible government counterfeit detector at sight : the only infallible method of detecting counterfeit, spurious, and altered bank notes, government bonds, etc. : applicable to all banks in the United States and Canadas : as now in circulation or that may be issued : with genuine designs from original Government plates. 1
HG645.H44 Heath's infallible government counterfeit detector, at sight. 1
HG645.O7 Cycloidal configurations, or The harvest of counterfeiters. Containing matter of the highest importance concerning paper money. Also explaining the unit system of bank note engraving. 1
HG645.R77 Our paper currency; the most complete, accurate and reliable instruction extant in regard to all the safeguards found on genuine paper currency which furnish infallible information. 1
HG651.A2 Annual report of the Royal Canadian Mint.
Report of the Master of the Royal Canadian Mint.
HG651.B36 Monetary policy report. 1
HG652 .M38 1984eb Money and exchange in Canada to 1900 / 1
HG652.M380 1984 Money and exchange in Canada to 1900 / 1
HG653.A5 1835 Report of Select committee, to which was referred the subject of the currency. Ordered, by the House of assembly, to be printed, ... 15th April, 1835. 1
HG653.A5 1925 Documents relating to Canadian currency, exchange and finance during the French period. 1
HG653.C45 Thoughts on the money and exchanges of Lower Canada. 1
HG653.Y72 Upon the history, principles, and prospects of the Bank of British North America, and of the Colonial Bank : with an enquiry into colonial exchanges, and the expendiency of introducing "British sterling and British coin" in preference to the "dollar" as the money account and currency of the North American colonies / 1
HG654.C7 The rotary plan for monetary reform in Canada, 1
HG654.D3 The currency; what it is and what it should be ... 1
HG654.K7 Dominion monetary policy, 1929-1934. A study prepared for the Royal commission on dominion-provincial relations, 1
HG654.O35 On money and other trade questions. Being a review of Mr. Wallace's speech on an incomvertible currency. 1
HG655 How to improve inflation targeting in Canada / 1
HG655.B36 2001 Renewal of the inflation-control target : background information / 1
HG655.B36 2006 Renewal of the inflation-control target : background information. 1
HG655.B684 1982 Monetary policy : finding a place to stand / 1
HG655.C17 Canadian banking & monetary policy, 1
HG655.C340 1979 Inflation and public policy. 1
HG655.C3430 1980 Final report of the Centre for the Study of Inflation and Productivity. 1
HG655 .C36 2010 Canadian policy debates and case studies in honour of David Laidler / 1
HG655.C450 1978 Report of the Centre for the Study of Inflation and Productivity to the First Ministers Conference, November 27-29, 1978 = [Rapport du Centre d'étude de l'inflation et de la productivité à la conférence des Premiers ministres, du 27 au 29 novembre 1978]. 1
HG655.C6530 Monetarism and controls : the inflation fighters / 1
HG655.C66 2003 A comparison of twelve macroeconomic models of the Canadian economy / 1
HG655.C70 Structural aspects of Canadian inflation / 1
HG655.C72 1970 Inflation and the Canadian experience; proceedings of a conference. 1
HG655.C74 1965 Conference on Stabilization Policies [papers. 1
HG655.C86 Money, inflation, and the Bank of Canada : an analysis of Canadian monetary policy from 1970 to early 1975 / 1
HG655.F580 1985 On the Canadian dollar / 1
HG655.G63 Inflation and wage control / 1
HG655.H690 1986 Monetary policy in transition : a study of Bank of Canada policy, 1982-85 / 1
HG655.J440 Inflation : its financial impact on business in Canada / 1
HG655.J67 Lags in the effects of monetary policy in Canada: working paper prepared for the Royal Commission on Banking & Finance, November 1962, 1
HG655.K29 The short-run impact of foreign inflation on Canadian prices, 1
HG655.L353 1993 The great Canadian disinflation : the economics and politics of monetary policy in Canada, 1988-93 / 1
HG655 .L36 2004 Two percent target : the context, theory, and practice of Canadian monetary policy since 1991 / 1
HG655.L53 Le Multiplicateur de crédit, analyse appliquée à l'économie canadienne. 1
HG655.M844 1999 Greater transparency in monetary policy : impact on financial markets / 1
HG655.P480 The impact of inflation on financial markets in Canada / 1
HG655.R50 1986 Dealing with inflation and unemployment in Canada / 1
HG655 .S27 1980 The money market in Canada : how it works--the arrangements, practices and instruments / 1
HG655.T34 1990 Taking aim : the debate on zero inflation / 1
HG655.W43 1997 Where we go from here : inflation targets in Canada's monetary policy regime / 1
HG655.W640 The floating Canadian dollar; exchange flexibility and monetary independence. 1
HG655.W87 The Canadian money market, revised. 1
HG655.Z47 1990 Zero inflation : the goal of price stability / 1
HG656.R53 1988 The cross of gold : money and the Canadian business cycle, 1867-1913 / 1
HG657.A5 1897 Papers in reference to bank note contract. 1
HG657.G49 Paper money of the Hudson's Bay Company. 1
HG657.M2 The Canadian card money ... 1
HG657 .S7 To the knights, citizens, and burgesses, of the honourable House of Commons now assembled in Parliament. : The humble proposals of Captain Anthony Stampe, for regulating the abuses of the curra coyns, and for raising the price of money, and plate, within the kingdom of England. 1
HG657.S8 The card currency of Canada during the French domination, 1
HG660.N8A5 1758 Documents relating to currency, exchange and finance in Nova Scotia with prefatory documents. 1675-1758. 1
HG660.5.B560 1984 Inflación y variabilidad de los precios relativos / 1