Call Number Title Count
HG4539.K2 Making profits in the stock market. 1
HG4539.K71 Kooperative Investitionssteuerung mit EDV-Einsatz : Planung, Abwicklung, Kontrolle in Betrieben : Jürgen Knipps. 1
HG4539.K88 An empirical test of the perfect market hypothesis : an analysis of the reaction of stock returns to quarterly earnings data / 1
HG4539.L58 Estimo. 1
HG4539.L856 1976 Investment intentions, authorisations and expenditures / 1
HG4539.L92 Investment: the study of an economic aggregate 1
HG4539.L93 Die Bedeutung der Investition fur das Wachstum der Wirtschaft. 1
HG4539.M394 1975 On monopoly-power, value maximization and efficiency in capital markets / 1
HG4539.M41 Le choix des investissements; critères et méthodes. 1
HG4539.M41 1964 Le choix des investissements : critères et méthodes / 1
HG4539.M4103 Optimal investment decisions; rules for action and criteria for choice. 1
HG4539.M43 Mathematics in the stock exchange: proceedings of a symposium organised by the Institute of Mathematics and Its Applications, held in London on October 18th, 1972. 1
HG4539.M53 Investment analysis and securities markets / 1
HG4539.M89 Die Lehre von den Zeitgeschäften und deren Combinationen. 1
HG4539.N33 The sensitivity of tests of corporate investment models to accounting methods of inventory valuation and depreciation : an empirical analysis / 1
HG4539.N37 1958 The Appraisal of investment projects : progress report. 1
HG4539.N48 1978 Public attitudes toward investing : a report / 1
HG4539.N53 How to read and understand financial and business news. 1
HG4539.N53 1957 How to read and understand financial and business news, 1
HG4539.O5 La financiacion estatal como factor de la planificación indicativa. 1
HG4539.P6 I58 2001 International political risk management : exploring new frontiers / 1
HG4539.P72 Production investment behaviour : application to six EEC-countries / 1
HG4539.P73 Econometric investment functions and an attempt to evaluate the investment policy in Sweden 1960-1973 / 1
HG4539.R257 "Do you sincerely want to be rich?" The full story of Bernard Cornfeld and IOS 1
HG4539.R59 Risk and return in finance / 1
HG4539.R650 1974 Die Portfolio Selection Theorie als Entscheidungshilfe für die Wertpapierdepotplanung / 1
HG4539.R9 The diary of a prudent investor; a program for financial security, 1
HG4539.S34 Investitionsrechnungen in Theorie und Praxis. 1
HG4539.S44 Planungsmodelle in der Investitionsrechnung. 1
HG4539.S45 Investitionsorientierte Fiskalpolitik : e. Effizienzanalyse mit Hilfe investitionstheoret. Ansätze / 1
HG4539.S46 The margin trader; a study in trade in securities and insecurity in trade, 1
HG4539.S47 1980 The generalized reproduction scheme : a theoretical analysis / 1
HG4539.S5 The mathematical theory of investment, 1
HG4539.S52 Seven kinds of inflation --and what to do about them, 1
HG4539.S6 1941 Common stocks and bonds as long-term investments / 1
HG4539.S83 Hedging against inflation. 1
HG4539.S86 Money and stock prices, 1
HG4539.S867 Die Beurteilung regionalpolitischer Massnahmen mit Hilfe investitionstheoretischer Entscheidungsmodelle. 1
HG4539.S87 Risk, return, and equilibrium; a general single-period theory of asset selection and capital-market equilibrium. 1
HG4539.S91 Studies in the theory of capital markets. 1
HG4539.S94 1971 Mathematical methods in investment and finance. 1
HG4539.T560 Investing in securities : an efficient markets approach / 1
HG4539.T72 1990 Trading around the clock : global securities markets and information technology. 1
HG4539.V340 Investment analysis and capital market theory / 1
HG4539.V530 Financial markets in the capitalist process / 1
HG4539.W4 1943 The economics of competitive bidding in the sale of securities / 1
HG4539.W650 Planowanie rozmieszczenia inwestycji; system rachunków. 1
HG4539.W7 Investment banking, by H. Parker Willis and Jules I. Bogen. 1
HG4539.W702 Investment banking. 1
HG4539.W74 A glossary of colloquial, slang and technical terms in use on the stock exchange and in the money market / 1
HG4539.W79 Wiped out; how I lost a fortune in the stock market while the averages were making new highs, 1
HG4551 Macro markets : creating institutions for managing society's largest economic risks /
Stock market liquidity in Chile /
The use of technical and fundamental analysis in the stock market in emerging and developed economies /
Information and Learning in Markets : The Impact of Market Microstructure.
Market integrity : do our equity markets pass the test? /
Equity markets in transition : the value chain, price discovery, regulation, and beyond /
Identifying stock market bubbles : modeling illiquidity premium and bid-ask prices of financial securities /
Rapidly Changing Securities Markets : Who Are the Initiators? /
Global stock exchanges : stability, interrelationships, and roles /
Market insanity : a brief guide to diagnosing the madness in the stock market.
HG4551.A5840 La bolsa en España y en el mundo occidental / 1
HG4551 .A5845 2011 Return dynamics in Africa's emerging stock markets / 1
HG4551.A6150 Stock market trading systems / 1
HG4551.A670 1989 Crash : ten days in October-- will it strike again? / 1
HG4551 .A734 2011 Global securities markets : navigating the world's exchanges and OTC markets / 1
HG4551 .A768 2010 The dynamics of emerging stock markets : empirical assessments and implications / 1
HG4551 .A95 2015eb The causal relationship between the S & P 500 and the VIX Index : critical analysis of financial market volatility and its predictability / 1
HG4551.A950 1986 The internationalisation of stockmarkets : the trend towards greater foreign borrowing and investment / 1