Call Number Title Count
HG4515.95.N37 1999eb How to get started in electronic day trading everything you need to know to play Wall Street's hottest game! / 2
HG4515.95.O22 2006 Nettokabu no shinrigaku / 1
HG4515.95 .P284 2012 Dark pools : high-speed traders, AI bandits, and the threat to the global financial system / 1
HG4515.95 .P37 2011 The speed traders : an insider's look at the new high-frequency phenomenon that is transforming the investing world / 1
HG4515.95.P78 2003 Building winning trading systems with TradeStation / 1
HG4515.95 .R58 2002eb Marc Rivalland on swing trading / 1
HG4515.95 .S425 SEDAR filings & disclosures. 1
HG4515.95 .S43 SEDAR precedent agreements. 1
HG4515.95.S56 2000eb The guide to electronic futures trading / 1
HG4515.95.S57 2000eb How I trade for a living / 1
HG4515.95.U54 1999 On-line brokerage : keeping apace of cyberspace / 1
HG4515.95 .U55 2000a Commodity Exchange Act : issues related to the regulation of electronic trading systems : report to Congressional requesters / 1
HG4515.95 .U55 2000b On-line trading : better investor protection information needed on brokers' web sites : report to the congressional requesters / 1
HG4515.95 .V36 2007eb Building automated trading systems : with an introduction to Visual C++.NET 2005 / 1
HG4515.95 .W658 2002eb Trading on momentum : advanced techniques for high-percentage day trading / 1
HG4515.95 .Y68 1999 Capital market revolution : the future of markets in an online world / 1
HG4515.95.Y93 2000eb The guide to electronic trading : day trading techniques of a master guerrilla trader / 1
HG4515.95 .Z83 2011 The high frequency game changer : how automated trading strategies have revolutionized the markets / 1
HG4516.B62 Charles H. Dow and the Dow theory. 1
HG4516.B7 1961 Effektenhandel an deutschen und ausländischen Börsen; eine vergleichende Betrachtung zur Internationalisierung des Effektenwesens. 1
HG4516.D380 1987 Blood in the streets : investment profits in a world gone mad / 1
HG4516.E33 Die Fondsspekulation und die Gesetzgebung. 1
HG4516.H46 Die Förderung der Eigentumsbildung im Ausland. 1
HG4516.H68 An economic interpretation of investment, 1
HG4516.H69 Kapitalbildung und Wirtschaftswachstum, unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Bildung von immateriellem Kapital. 1
HG4516.I56 1962 Capital formation and investment in industry : a report of the International Conference on Problems of Capital Formation and Investment in Industry held at Istanbul August 6-25, 1962 / 1
HG4516.M530 1977 The capital market : its nature and significance / 1
HG4516 .M58 2006 The global securities market : a history / 1
HG4516.P76 1974 Promotion et protection privée et publique de l'épargne : colloque des 28, 29 et 30 novembre 1974, Rome / 1
HG4516.R43 2016 Investment : a history / 1
HG4516 .R43 2016eb Investment : a history / 1
HG4516.S29 Entwicklung und System des Investmentsparens. 1
HG4516 .S3 2014eb Value stocks beat growth stocks : an empirical analysis for the German stock market / 1
HG4516.U58 Domestic financing of economic development; methods of increasing domestic savings and of ensuring their most advantageous use for the purpose of economic development. 1
HG4516.V27 Stock exchange values : a decade of finance 1885 to 1895 / 1
HG4517.A16 Capital requirements for the development of South and South-East Asia. 1
HG4517.A18 Essai sur les problèmes d'investissement en pays sous-développés. 1
HG4517.A23 Absorptive capacity; the concept and its determinants 1
HG4517.A24 Public external financing of development banks in developing countries 1
HG4517.A25 De West-Europese nationale investeringsbanken voor buitenlandse ontwikkelingsfinanciering. 1
HG4517 .A364 2009eb Financial liberalization in developing countries : issues, time series analyses and policy implications / 1
HG4517.A430 1969b Accelerating investment in developing economies; 1
HG4517.A430 1996b Accelerating investment in developing economies; 1
HG4517.A52 Management of direct investments in less developed countries; report 1
HG4517.A58 Gold in the service of the developing countries; a financing plan 1
HG4517.A83 Annual report for ... / 1
HG4517.A92 Economic growth and external debt, 1
HG4517.B18 International financial intermediation : a long and tropical view / 1
HG4517.B19 The International Finance Corporation; origin, operations, and evaluation 1
HG4517.B27 Le banche di sviluppo nei paesi emergenti. 1
HG4517.B289 Financing economic development / 1
HG4517.B29 The future of foreign lending for development. 1
HG4517.B44 Beitrag der Sparkassen zur Entwicklungshilfe. Household savings vor [i.e. for] development. 1
HG4517.B440 Capital formation in underdeveloped countries : problems & prospects / 1
HG4517.B47 An analysis of U.S. foreign direct investment policy and economic development / 1
HG4517.B53 1997 El BID, el Banco Mundial y la sociedad civil : nuevas modalidades de financiamiento internacional / 1
HG4517.B580 Private foreign investment in developing countries. A quantitative study on the evaluation of the macro-economic effects / 1
HG4517.B59 Bilaterale oder multilaterale Finanzhilfen? Ein krit. Vergleich d. Vergabeweisen von Finanzhilfen an Entwicklungsländer. 1
HG4517.B62 The capital gap between developed and developing countries; causes and remedies. 1
HG4517.B63 Međunarodno kretanje kapitala i finansiranje razvoja nerazvijenih zemalja. 1