Call Number Title Count
HF5429.N33 Standortwahl und Standortpolitik im Einzelhandel. Methoden der Unternehmungs- und Geschäftsflächenplanung für Supermärkte, Kleinpreisgeschäfte, Diskontgeschäfte, Warenhäuser und Facheinzelhandel. 1
HF5429.N36 1960 Retail store hour survey in all the Nebraska cities of 10,000-20,000 population. 1
HF5429.N38 The great discount delusion. 1
HF5429.N385 1994 Retailing : theories and practice for today and tomorrrow : proceedings of the Fourth Triennial National Retailing Conference, presented by the Academy of Marketing Science and the American Collegiate Retailing Association, Richmond, Virginia, October 22-24, 1994 / 1
HF5429.N385 1997 Retailing : end of a century and a look to the future : proceedings of the fifth National Retailing Conference presented by the Academy of Marketing Science and the American Collegiate Retailing Association, St. Louis, Missouri, November 1-3, 1997 / 1
HF5429.N4 The extent of retail advertising as a management tool, its scope and importance in small business. 1
HF5429 .N4184 2001 Into, and out of, the Gap : a cautionary account of an American retailer / 1
HF5429 .N486 2013 Reshaping retail : why technology is transforming the industry and how to win in the new consumer driven world / 1
HF5429.N5 Practical store methods; increasing personnel efficiency, reducing operating expenses, improving credit procedure, increasing sales turnover, developing mail orders, time-saving short cuts, better merchandise control, productive accounting methods; 1
HF5429.N8 Economics of retailing, 1
HF5429.N804 Economics of retailing / 1
HF5429.N806 Economics of retailing, 1
HF5429.N808 Retail store operation, 1
HF5429.N83 Retail selling and store management, 1
HF5429.N85 Retail store management 1
HF5429.O4 Getting ahead in retailing, 1
HF5429.O69 1973 The distribution sector; evolution and government policies, a report. 1
HF5429.O77 1975 Some theoretical and applied aspects of spatial interaction shopping models / 1
HF5429.O78 1983 The story of the Vermont Country Store : an American istitution / 1
HF5429 .O88 2009 The Fairchild dictionary of retailing / 1
HF5429.P360 1983 Patronage behavior and retail management / 1
HF5429.P37 1999 Firm responses to growing inequality in income and the cost of time / 1
HF5429 .P545 2019 Retail therapy : why the retail industry is broken-- and what can be done to fix it / 1
HF5429.P56 Some industrial and community conditions for small retailer survival, 1
HF5429.P570 1983 Retailing / 1
HF5429.P66 1977 Retailing / 1
HF5429.P7 Proceedings of the ... Complaint prevention clinic. 1
HF5429.P72 Retail job analysis and evaluation, 1
HF5429.P83 Merchandising guide, 1
HF5429.P89 The Practice of retailing, 1
HF5429.R25 Some principles of site selection in outlaying retail subcenters, 1
HF5429.R28 Readings in modern retailing. 1
HF5429.R285 1981 The Regulatory Flexibility Act : better federal treatment for small entities. 1
HF5429.R34 Basic retailing 1
HF5429.R355 Old masters of retailing, 1
HF5429.R36 The law of retail gravitation, 1
HF5429.R37 Geographic distribution of retail trade in the Chicago metropolitan area, 1948. 1
HF5429.R4 151 tested plans to increase Christmas business. 1
HF5429.R45180 Retail geography / 1
HF5429 .R457 2009 Retail supply chain management : quantitative models and empirical studies / 1
HF5429 .R4794 2006 Retailing in the 21st century : current and future trends / 1
HF5429 .R48 2006 Retailing in the 21st century : current and future trends / 1
HF5429 .R48 2013eb Retail business : Perspektiven, Strategien, Erfolgsmuster : mit Fallstudien und Praxisbeispielen von Aldi, Budnikowsky, Dell, Görtz, Hugo Boss, Keen On fashion, Kiehl's, Lush, Otto Group, Sport Scheck, Takko / 1
HF5429 .R483 2010 Retailing in the 21st Century : current and future trends / 1
HF5429.R52 Retailing; principles and practices of retail buying, advertising, selling, and management, 1
HF5429.R65 Retail store organization and management, 1
HF5429.R652 Store organization and operation, 1
HF5429 .R68 2019 The Routledge companion to the history of retailing / 1
HF5429.R72 A stochastic analysis of intraurban retail spatial structure. 1
HF5429.R82 Organisation of retail distribution / 1
HF5429.S274 2015 Coping with retail giants : gaining an edge over discounters / 1
HF5429.S2750 1989 Retail marketing strategy : planning, implementation, and control / 1
HF5429.S32 Changes in Boston's retail landscape; a geographical study of fourteen years change in retail distribution patterns. 1
HF5429.S320 1979 Sbornik zadach po ėkonomike torgovli : [Dli͡a torgovykh vuzov / 1
HF5429.S35 Zwischenbetrieblicher Vergleich der Einzelhandelspreise sortengleicher Konsumwaren ... 1
HF5429.S367 1976 The effect of town size and location on retail sales / 1
HF5429.S37 Downtown revitalization; a collection of selected writings from professional journals. 1
HF5429.S4 Consolidated report ... annual report ... 1
HF5429.S42 Geography and retailing. 1
HF5429.S420 Security and the small business retailer / 1