Call Number Title Count
HE760.C66 Communications outlook = Perspectives des communications. 2
HE767.B7B91 Portrait of a port: Boston, 1852-1914 / 1
HE767.B7S8 Some merchants and sea captains of old Boston : being a collection of sketches of notable men and mercantile houses prominent during the early half of the nineteenth century in the commerce and shipping of Boston. 1
HE767.N5A4 Square-riggers on schedule; the New York sailing packets to England, France, and the cotton ports, 1
HE767.N5B3 Ships and shipping of old New York : a brief account of the interesting phases of the commerce of New York from the foundation of the city to the beginning of the Civil War. 1
HE767.N5M16 South Street : a maritime history of New York / 1
HE767.P7B750 1986 Port of Portsmouth ships and the cotton trade, 1783-1829 / 1
HE767.P9P8 Ships and shipmasters of old Providence; a brief account of some of the famous merchants, sea captains and ships of the past together with reminiscences of a few notable voyages made in Providence ships. 1
HE767.S3E8 Early coastwise and foreign shipping of Salem; a record of the entrances and clearances of the port of Salem, 1750-1769. 1
HE767.S4D5 The commerce of San Francisco. What is required to revive and stimulate the trade of this port with the outside world. 1
HE767.S4R4 Report on shipping and ship-building : to the Manufacturers' Association, the Board of Trade, and the Chamber of Commerce, of San Francisco / 1
HE767.S5C18 High tide: the drama and tragedy of Seattle's waterfront, produced as a permanent record of the men and ships the author has known during many years as a waterfront newsman. 1
HE769.A3 Report. 1
HE769.A34 Report. 1
HE769.A5 1955 Submissions. 1
HE769.C370 1985 Task Force on Deep-Sea Shipping : report to the Minister of Transport. 1
HE769.H350 Civil marine infrastructure annual costs and revenues, 1955-1969 1
HE769.I5 International vessel traffic statistics /
International seaborne shipping statistics /
HE769.I56 International seaborne shipping commodity statistics / 1
HE769.I57 International seaborne shipping port statistics / 1
HE769.I574 International seaborne shipping statistics / 1
HE769.J53 1985 Guide to marine transportation information sources in Canada / 1
HE769.V640 Volumes not values : Canadian sailing ships and world trades : proceedings of the third conference of the Atlantic Canada Shipping Project, April 19-April 21, 1979 / 1
HE770.D22 The elements of an international shipping policy for Canada / 1
HE770.Q3S5 An Account of vessels arrived at Quebec in the year 1793 : (as found among the papers of the late Chief Justice Jonathan Sewell, and presented to the Quebec Exchange in 1863, by his son, Revd. E.W. Sewell). 1
HE770 .S23 1990eb Maritime capital : the shipping industry in Atlantic Canada, 1820-1914 / 1
HE770.S540 1983 Shipping conferences : survey of users' views / 1
HE770.V2V2 Monthly statistical report. Shipping report - Port of Vancouver, B.C. ... Deep sea vessels -- Puget Sound and B.C. coast shipping not included. 1
HE770.V2V22 Statement of shipping : British Columbia ports. 1
HE770.Y3L4 Record of the shipping of Yarmouth, N.S., containing a list of vessels owned in the county of Yarmouth since its settlement in 1761, chronologically arranged. Also, a list of vessels lost during the same period ... and other information in reference to the mercantile marine of the county. 1
HE770.Y3L41 Appendix to the Record of the shipping of Yarmouth, N.S., from 1876 to 1884, (inclusive) 1
HE770.5 .C66 2013 Contre courants, vents et marées : la navigation maritime et fluviale en Amérique latine (XVIIe-XIXe siecles) / 1
HE770.5 .D39 1999 Latin American merchant shipping in the age of global competition / 1
HE770.5 .D4 1998 Oil and coffee : Latin American merchant shipping from the imperial era to the 1950s / 1
HE771.A3 Estadistica fiscal. Movimiento de transportes maritimos y terrestres ... 1
HE771 .A48 2018 Consulado de México año de 1809 : buques habaneros / 1
HE771.P83 1994 Los Puertos noroccidentales de México / 1
HE783 .B75 1993 Shipping, technology, and imperialism : papers presented to the third British-Dutch Maritime History Conference / 1
HE783.5 Panama Canal Expansion : issues and potential effects / 1
HE784 .J3 1590 The marchants avizo : verie necessarie for their sonnes and seruants, when they first send them beyond the seas, as to Spayne and Portingale or other countreyes / 1
HE785 .C3 The case of the marriners which served the East-India Comapny in their wars in the East-Indies. : And of the widows and orphans of those that perished in the said wars, to the number of five hundred, and as many widows. : Humbly presented to the honourable House of Commons. 1
HE789.E74 The economics of international ocean transport; the Cuban case before 1958, 1
HE790.P565 1996 La empresa mercantil de correos marítimos de La Habana, 1827-1851 : aproximación a los usos náuticos en la primera mitad del siglo XIX / 1
HE795.E17 Ships and sugar; an evaluation of Puerto Rican offshore shipping, 1
HE796.3.U540 1979 Virgin Islands trade study : an economic analysis / 1
HE796.5.A5 1934 Relating to the application of the coastwise laws to the Virgin Islands. Hearing before the Committee on Merchant Marine, Radio, and Fisheries, House of Representatives, Seventy-third Congress, second session, on H.R. 8172. April 25, 1934. 1
HE796.5.A5 1936 Exempting Virgin islands from coastwise laws. #bHearings, Seventy-fourth Congress, second session, March, 26, 1936. 1
HE797.4.E3F7 1974 The airport passenger head tax : analysis of its potential impact / 1
HE798.E2 Transportation: progress report on maritime statistics and port activities. (Topic v of the Agenda) 1
HE798.R64 1993 Puertos precisos : la gran Hidrovía PPP / 1
HE799.C377 2017 Pequeña crónica histórica, 1903 -1955 : Centro de Capitanes : aproximación a la historia del Centro de Capitanes de Ultramar y Oficiales de la Marina Mercante / 1
HE799.G63 Historia de la marina mercante argentina / 1
HE799.G64 La marina mercante argentina de ultramar; barcos sin política naviera. 1
HE799.M33 La Marina mercante argentina. 1
HE799.M876 1995 Cultura marítima / 1
HE799.S47 1967 Intereses marítimos argentinos 1
HE803.A2 Movimento maritimo. Shipping movement. Mouvement maritime. 1
HE803.C8 A marinha mercante no Brasil, estudos, projectos, e reforma. 1
HE803.G92 Marinha mercante no Brasil, uma opinião 1
HE804.U52 1954 Sale of certain vessels to Brazil for use in the coastwise trade. Hearing before the Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries, House of Representatives, 83d Congress, 2d session on S. 2370, a bill to authorize the sale of certain vessels to Brazil for use in the coastwise trade of Brazil. 1