Call Number Title Count
HD6476.L89 Die Internationale Gewerkschafts-Bewegung vor und nach dem Kriege. 1
HD6476.L9 Le syndicalisme européen, 1
HD6476.L91 Itogi i perspektivy rabochago dvizhenifa. 1
HD6476.M230 Evolucíon y porvenir del sindicalismo. 1
HD6476.M25 Development of the labor movement in Great Britain, France & Germany, 1
HD6476.M29 Syndicalism, a critical examination, 1
HD6476.M3 Syndicalism; a critical examination. 1
HD6476.M31 Syndicalism : a critical examination / 1
HD6476.M32 Un ideal sindicalista. 1
HD6476.M45 Organized labour in four continents, 1
HD6476.M64 The political role of labor in developing countries. 1
HD6476.M65 Trade unions and the state, 1
HD6476.M840 1973 Multinational corporations & labour unions. Selected papers from a symposium in Nijmegen, 17th-19th May 1973. 1
HD6476.N14 Les sociétés ouvrières / 1
HD6476.N21 The Policy of guild socialism : a statement prepared and issued in accordance with the instructions of the Annual Conference of the National Guilds League. 1
HD6476.N91 [Iz programmy sindikalʹnago anarkhizma. (romanized form)] 1
HD6476.O47 Sindacalismo nazionale, dal riconoscimento giuridico del sindacati allo stato organico corporativo / 1
HD6476.O5 L'organisation des forces ouvrières, 1
HD6476.O91 Sociologie en vakbond. Het onderzoek naar de vakbondsparticipatie binnen onderscheiden sociologische modellen. 1
HD6476.O96 1989 Istorii nemerknushchie stroki : zarozhdenie i razvitie internat͡sionalʹnykh i kulʹturnykh svi͡azeĭ trudi͡ashchikhsi͡a strany sovetov i stran Azii, Afriki i Latinskoĭ Ameriki / 1
HD6476.P2 Le fédéralisme économique : étude sur les rapports de l'individu et des groupements professionnels / 1
HD6476.P260 1991 Nodong undong inyŏm yŏnʼgu : kukche pigyoronjŏk kwanchŏm / 1
HD6476.P3 The restoration of the gild system, 1
HD6476 .P53 2001 Place, space and the new labour internationalisms / 1
HD6476.P54 Guild-socialisme et trade-unionisme; quelques aspects nouveaux du mouvement ouvrier anglais, 1
HD6476 .P553 2011 Global and European trade union federations : a handbook and analysis of transnational trade union organizations and policies / 1
HD6476.P7390 1985 Profsoi͡uzy i problemy sot͡sialʹno-ėkonomicheskoĭ borʹby proletariata / 1
HD6476.P9 La teoria sindacalista. 1
HD6476.P92 Communauté et corporation. 1
HD6476.P93 Profsoi͡uznoe dvizhenie za rubezhom. (Ucheb. posobie) 1
HD6476.P94 Profsoi͡uzy stran narodnoĭ demokratii; kratkiĭ spravochnik. 1
HD6476.P957 1989 Profsoi͡uizy mira / 1
HD6476.R5 Syndicats, trade-unions et corporations, 1
HD6476.R670 Sinn und Aufgabe der Gewerkschaften : Tradition u. Zukunft / 1
HD6476.S16 Storia del sindacalismo il risorgimento del lavoro / 1
HD6476.S2 Le syndicalisme intellectuel, son rôle politique et social par Jules Sageret. 1
HD6476.S24 Case studies in labor ideology : an analysis of labor, political and trade union activity as influenced by ideology; philosophic, structural and procedural adaptations since World War I / 1
HD6476.S330 Unions in postindustrial society / 1
HD6476.S38 Twenty-five years of international trade unionism, 1
HD6476.S56 2005 Workers' association in the new service sector with special reference to labour standards / 1
HD6476.S64 Trade unions in a free society / 1
HD6476.S7 "Dennoch!" Aus Theorie und Geschichte der gewerkschaftlichen Arbeiterbewegung, 1
HD6476.S747 La décomposition du marxisme. 1
HD6476.S749 Réflexions sur la violence / 1
HD6476.S749 1946 Réflexions sur la violence. 1
HD6476.S749 1972 Réflexions sur la violence / 1
HD6476.S75 Reflections on violence / 1
HD6476.S751 Reflections on violence / 1
HD6476.S752 Reflections on violence / 1
HD6476.S8 Sot͡sialisticheskoe sorevnovanie v stranakh bratskogo sodruzhestva : sbornik o rabote profsoi͡uzov sot͡sialisticheskikh stran / 1
HD6476.S82 1959-60 National labor movements in the postwar world. 1
HD6476.S867 1988 Storie individuali e movimenti collettivi : i dizionari biografici del movimento operaio / 1
HD6476.S877 1989 Workers and trade unions in a period of structural change / 1
HD6476.S9 Wertmasstäbe der Gewerkschaftspolitik. Ein Beitrag zur Theorie der Gewerkschaft. 1
HD6476.S91 Unions in emerging societies: frustration and politics. 1
HD6476.S95 Syndicalisme & socialisme ... 1
HD6476.T19 A philosophy of labor. 1
HD6476.T22 Guild politics; a practical programme for the Labour party & the co-operators, 1
HD6476.T24 The guild state; its principles and possibilities, 1
HD6476.T3 Le syndicalisme contre le socialisme. 1