Call Number Title Count
HD3890.I5 G68 2006 Government privatization : history, examples and issues / 1
HD3890.K2A3 1935 Suggested bills by Secretary Ickes for state administration set-up for emergency relief : State of Kansas, 1935. 1
HD3890.K4A3 1844 Special report ... in answer to a resolution of the Senate of the 6th and the House of the 9th February [1844]. 1
HD3890.K4E270 The Economic impact of the Kentucky Prevailing Wage Law / 1
HD3890.L8G43 Report on a six-year program of capital improvements, City of Gretna, Louisiana. 1
HD3890.L8 L45 2007 Building Louisiana : the legacy of the Public Works Administration / 1
HD3890.M2H780 1992 Privatization of state service. 1
HD3890.M2S9 Financing public improvements by the State of Maine. 1
HD3890.M3A45 Maryland-Delaware office ... annual report ... 1
HD3890.M4B672 1933 The participation of Boston in a public works program under the National Industrial Recovery Act. 1
HD3890.M4 U52 1978 Employment requirements of mass transit a case study of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. 1
HD3890.M5A5 1944 Recommended allocations from the proposed state building fund. A report to the Michigan Planning Commission, 1
HD3890.M9A5 1941 A recommended six-year state construction program and a public works construction program for all state institutions including water conservation projects and state highways. 1
HD3890.N3A5 1942 Proposed plan for the economic and social development of the state of Nevada, for the period 1943-1949. 1
HD3890.N6A5 1943 The post-war years; a long-range program of capital improvements for the state of New Mexico. 1
HD3890.N7A21 Approved state projects. 1
HD3890.N7A25 Interim report of the Temporary State Commission for Postwar Public Works Planning. 1
HD3890.N7A3 Monthly bulletin on work projects statistics New York State (exclusive of New York City) / 1
HD3890.N7A5 1935 Public works inventory in New York State. : Conducted jointly by the Works Committee of the New York State Planning Board and the State Engineer of the Public Works Administration. Report to the National Resources Board by Harold M. Lewis. 1
HD3890.N7 C664 2008 Rethinking municipal privatization / 1
HD3890.N7M9 Public works: a dangerous trade. 1
HD3890.N7N5 1972 Statewide public authorities. 1
HD3890.N7 S38 2005 Privatization in the city : successes, failures, lessons / 1
HD3890.N9A5 1938 Public works planning, an inventory of needed projects, 1937-1942, for North Dakota ... 1
HD3890.O3A3 1862 Laws for the regulation and protection of the public works of Ohio and the collection of tolls thereon: also the rules and regulations in force relating to the same, with tables of distances on the several works. 1
HD3890.P4G3 Annual report. 1
HD3890.P4G33 Semi-annual report. 1
HD3890.S8D9 The state in business, what it has meant to South Dakota, 1
HD3890.T2A5 1940 Programming public works. 1
HD3890.T2T4 Administrative bulletin. 1
HD3890.T2T405 Management services report. 1
HD3890.T2T41 Annual report. 1
HD3890.T2T43 Statistical bulletin. 1
HD3890.T2T45 1935 TVA electricity rates : a statement of facts. 1
HD3890.T2T45 1938 How cheap electricity pays its way. TVA. 1
HD3890.T2T45 1939 The cost of distributing power. Knoxville, Tennessee. 1
HD3890.T2T45A9 Experiment in management; personnel decentralization in the Tennessee Valley Authority. 1
HD3890.T2T45B6 The power and the valley, 1
HD3890.T2T45C8 Uncle Sam's billion-dollar baby, a taxpayer looks at the TVA, 1
HD3890.T2T45G8 An analysis of the real cost of TVA power, original and supplemental reports. 1
HD3890.T2T45L7 TVA : democracy on the march / 1
HD3890.T2T45L7 1966 TVA : democracy on the march / 1
HD3890.T2T45P8 The Tennessee Valley Authority; a study in public administration 1
HD3890.T2T45R9 The TVA idea. 1
HD3890.T2T45S5 TVA and the grass roots; a study in the sociology of formal organization. 1
HD3890.T2T45S5 1966 TVA and the grass roots : a study in the sociology of formal organization / 1
HD3890.T2T45S5 1984 TVA and the grass roots : a study of politics and organization / 1
HD3890.W2A5 1943 Six-year public improvement program, state of Washington. Basic data for a six-year program of public improvement for the state government of Washington, 1943-1949. 1
HD3890.W8M56 Jurisprudence and statecraft; the Wisconsin Development Authority and its implication. 1
HD4001.C360 1977 Crown corporations : direction control accountability : government of Canada's proposals. 1
HD4005.A82 Canadian crown corporations; some aspects of their administration and control 1
HD4005 .B45 2005 Profiting the crown : Canada's Polymer Corporation, 1942-1990 / 1
HD4005.B760 1987 Whoʼs in charge? : the mixed ownership corporation in Canada / 1
HD4005.B8 1988 Building Canada : a history of public works / 1
HD4005 .C67 2018 Corporatizing Canada : making business out of public service / 1
HD4005.C76 Crown corporations in Canada : the calculus of instrument choice / 1
HD4005.L380 1988 State capitalism : public enterprise in Canada / 1
HD4005.M530 1986 Minding the public's business. 1
HD4005.P80 1981 Public corporations and public policy in Canada / 1
HD4005.S740 1987 Uneasy lies the head : the truth about Canada's Crown corporations / 1