Call Number Title Count
HD3626.U4I7 The Robinson-Patman act; what is important to know about it! 1
HD3626.U4I72 What manufacturers should know about the new Robinson-Patman Act! 1
HD3626.U4I74 What the national distributor should know about the new Robinson-Patman Act! 1
HD3626.U4K56 A primer on the law of deceptive practices; a guide for the businessman 1
HD3626.U4K56 1978 A primer on the law of deceptive practices : a guide for business / 1
HD3626.U4M6 Unfair competition : a study in criteria for the control of trade practices / 1
HD3626.U4M92 The right to buy--1959. Staff report prepared for the Select Committee on Small Business, United States Senate. The right to buy--and its denial to small business, undated through February 1959. 1
HD3626.U4N25 Non-disclosure as an unfair practice in advertising and selling. 1
HD3626.U4N3 Public regulation of competitive practices. 1
HD3626.U4N32 Public regulation of competitive practices. 1
HD3626.U4N33 Public regulation of competitive practices in business enterprise
Public regulation of competitive practices in business enterprise /
HD3626.U4N5 Robinson-Patman act symposium; the federal law against price and other discrimination. 1
HD3626.U4N51 Robinson-Patman act symposium : 1947 ed. Comprising the papers and the discussions which followed, delivered on January 22, 1947, in the city of New York at a meeting of the Section on food, drug and cosmetic law of the New York state bar association. 1
HD3626.U4N6 The law of unfair business competition, including chapters on trade secrets and confidential business relations; unfair interference with contracts; libel and slander of articles of merchandise, trade names, and business credit and reputation, 1
HD3626.U4N8 Trade practice and price law, federal. 1
HD3626.U4P3 The Robinson-Patman Act : what you can and cannot do under this law / 1
HD3626.U4S8 Unfair competition : a study of certain practices, with some reference to the trust problem in the United States of America / 1
HD3626.U4S94 Symposium on trade regulation ... 1
HD3626.U4T5 Check list of possible effects of the Robinson-Patman act, 1
HD3626.U4T9 Unlauterer Wettbewerb und Anti-Trust-Recht der vereinigten Staaten von Amerika ... 1
HD3626.U4W3 The Robinson-Patman act; its history and probable meaning. 1
HD3626.U4W5 Business and the Robinson Patman law; a symposium, 1
HD3626.U4W7 Retail buying under the Robinson-Patman act, 1
HD3626.U42M9B85 Legal barriers to competition in Montana State and local law, 1
HD3626.U42W2M32 Regulation of retail competition in Washington. 1
HD3627.A1O61 Recent price control laws : fair trade (resale price maintenance) acts, statutes prohibiting sales below cost, state anti-discrimination laws, Robinson-Patman act / 1
HD3627.A1O7 Cases on trade regulation : including unfair competition, combination and monopoly / 1
HD3627.S44W3 Sears, Roebuck & Co., a corporation, petitioner, v. Federal Trade Commission, respondent. Brief and argument for respondent. 1
HD3630.I4K57 1983 Select speeches and writings / 1
HD3630.I4K860 1987 Delicensed industry : guide to entrepreneurs / 1
HD3630.I4K860 1989 Delicensed industry : guide to entrepreneurs / 1
HD3630.K4L53 2009 Licensing reforms in Kenya 2008 : impact on doing business & Kenya's competitiveness. 1
HD3630.K6C46 2009 Chŏnmun chagyŏksa chedo kaesŏn pangan yŏn'gu / 1
HD3630.U55 C69 1990 The costs and benefits of occupational regulation / 1
HD3630.U6D574 1989 The directory of state licensing officials/ 1
HD3630.U6O2 1952 Occupational licensing legislation in the States. 1
HD3630.U6O23 1982 Occupational licensing enforcement : guidelines for the investigator. 1
HD3630.U6R3 1975 An economic analysis of occupational licensure / 1
HD3630.U7B62 1987 Board member training manual / 1
HD3630.U7C47 Certification and accreditation programs directory. 1
HD3630.U7C670 1993 Development, administration, scoring, and reporting of credentialing examinations : recommendations for board members / 1
HD3630.U7K575 2006 Licensing occupations : ensuring quality or restricting competition? / 1
HD3630.U7 K575 2006eb Licensing occupations : ensuring quality or restricting competition? / 1
HD3630.U7 K5753 2013 Stages of occupational regulation : analysis of case studies / 1
HD3630.U7 L557 1995 Licensure testing : purposes, procedures, and practices / 1
HD3630.U7N6470 1978 A business permit assistance program for New York State / 1
HD3630.U7S380 Regulating occupations in California ; the role of public members on State boards / 1
HD3630.U7S55 Occupational licensing and public policy 1
HD3630.U7U530 1985 Understanding testing in occupational licensing / 1
HD3630.U7Y680 1987 The rule of experts : occupational licensing in America / 1
HD3630.U70338 1990 Occupational and professional regulation in the states : a comprehensive compilation / 1
HD3630.2.Z8A582 1996 Predprinimateli Altai͡a, 1861-1917 : ėnt͡siklopedii͡a predprinimatelʹstva / 1
HD3636.F6K45 2000 Kli͡uchevye aspekty razvitii͡a promyshlennosti v stranakh SNG / 1
HD3636.L33K681 1995 Nuevas bases de la política industrial en América Latina / 1
HD3636.R9A2 Statisticheskīe rezulʹtaty prot͡sentnago i raskladochnago sborov za ... gody po ischislenīi͡u klassifikat͡sīi i opredi͡elenīi͡u oborotov i pribyleĭ torgovykh i promyshlennykh predprīi͡atīĭ, podlezhashchikh sim sboram. 1
HD3636.R9A5 1899 Rukovodstvo po gosudarstvennomu promyslovomu nalogu / 1
HD3636.U5B7 The collapse of plutocracy; a forecast of the development of institutions, 1
HD3641.A37 Subventionen als betriebswirtschaftliche Frage; eine betriebswirtschaftliche Untersuchung ihres Wesens, ihrer Erfassung im betrieblichen Rechnungswesen und ihrer Wirkungen auf die empfangenden Betriebe. 1
HD3641.A54 Subventionen als Instrument des finanzwirtschaftlichen Interventionismus. 1
HD3641.A550 1986 Political economy and enterprise subsidies / 1