Call Number Title Count
HC59.8.D48 Development co-operation review series.
The DAC journal.
OECD journal on development
HC59.8.D48 v.1 no.1 2000 etc. Development co-operation : efforts and policies of the members of the Development Assistance Committee. 1
HC59.8.D483 Development aid at a glance : statistics by region.
Development aid at a glance ... : statistics by region.
HC59.8.D677 Revue de l'OCDE sur le développement
Les dossiers du CAD
HC59.8.F56 Financial solidarity for development / 1
HC59.8.I47 Implementation of Section 620(s) of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, as amended : a report to Congress for ... 1
HC59.8.I55 1997 An introduction to JICA. 1
HC59.8.J283 JICA network. 1
HC59.8 .K64 Kokusai kaihatsu kenkyū fōramu / Forum of international development studies / Graduate School of International Development, Nagoya University. 1
HC59.8.K65b Organization & functions / 1
HC59.8.R42 The Reality of aid. 1
HC59.8.S26 Sangiin seifu kaihatsu enjo (ODA) chōsa haken hōkokusho. 1
HC59.8 .S55 2010 Credit between cultures : farmers, financiers, and misunderstanding in Africa / 1
HC59.8.S58 Source / 1
HC59.8.S87 Survey on monitoring the Paris Declaration : overview of the results. 1
HC59.8.U54 UNDP news : networking publication of UNDP staff worldwide. 1
HC59.8.U55 Financial report and audited financial statements for the year ended 31 December ... and report of the Board of Auditors. 1
HC59.8 .U558 1996 Progress report of the Ad Hoc Open-ended Working Group of the General Assembly on an Agenda for Development. 1
HC59.8.U5582 Report of the Ad Hoc Open-ended Working Group of the General Assembly on an Agenda for Development. 1
HC59.8.W67 World development. 1
HC59.8.W69 Choices : the human development magazine. 1
HC60 Structural reforms, IMF programs and capacity building : an empirical investigation /
Foreign aid reform /
The Imperative of Development : the Wolfensohn Center at Brookings /
International labor grants : U.S. management and monitoring efforts /
Foreign aid : its defense and reform /
More Than Altruism : the Politics of Private Foreign Aid.
The role of science, technology, innovation, and partnerships in the future of USAID /
Investing in peace : how development aid can prevent or promote conflict /
Global Marshall Plan : theory and evidence /
The governance structures of the Bretton Woods Financial Institutions : a case of Beggar-Thy-Neighbour /
International aid and democracy promotion : liberalization at the margins /
Origin of the new system of manufacture commonly called "Power-loom weaving" and the purposes for which this system was invented and brought into use fully explained in a narrative, containing William Radcliffe's struggles through life to remove the cause which has brought this country to its present crisis /
The least developed countries report 2013 : growth with employment for inclusive and sustainable development.
Sectoral analysis of the impact of foreign aid on economic growth in Ethiopia : time series analysis of agriculture, education and health sectors /
From recipients to donors : emerging powers and the changing development landscape.
Western financial assistance to the developing world : perceptions of the power imbalance and its impact on fiscal terms /
The securitization of foreign aid /
Aid, trade and development : 50 years of globalization /
Rethinking Canadian aid /
Trade capacity building : analyses of U.S. assistance to developing countries /
Assessing the impact of foreign aid : value for money and aid for trade /
France, Europe and Development Aid. From the Treaties of Rome to the Present Day
Routledge handbook on the UN and development /
Die Westdeutschen und die Dritte Welt : Entwicklungspolitik und Entwicklungsdienste zwischen Reform und Revolte 1959-1974.
Aid for trade : global and regional perspectives : 2007 world report on regional integration /
HC60.A16 2011 Multilateral aid 2010. 1
HC60.A16N5 1962 The new look in foreign aid : addresses given at the fall meeting of the Academy of Political Science, November 28, 1961 / 1
HC60.A18 Annual report. 2
HC60.A2 Action internationale et sous-développement ... 1
HC60.A22 Is the world our campus? 1
HC60 .A23 2007 En. Jī. Āuz. kī ḥaqīqat aur un kī sharʻī ḥaisīyat / 1
HC60.A25 1996 NGOs and conflict management / 1
HC60.A26 Agents of change; professionals in developing countries. 1
HC60.A27 1974 Abschied von der Entwicklungshilfe? 1
HC60 .A33 2005 The aid effect : giving and governing in international development / 1
HC60.A37 International technical assistance experts; a case study of the U.N. experience. 1
HC60.A42 2013 Aid for trade in action. 1
HC60.A4240 1992 Adjustment lending and mobilization of private and public resources for growth / 1
HC60 .A443 2007 After Hong Kong : some key trade issues for developing countries / 1
HC60 .A45225 2020 The perils of international capital / 1
HC60 .A45255 1998 Aid and macroeconomic performance : theory, empirical evidence, and four country cases / 1
HC60.A45260 1995 Aid and political conditionality / 1
HC60 .A45285 2005 The aid effect : giving and governing in international development / 1
HC60.A45296 2008 Aid for trade and development / 1
HC60 .A45296 2008eb Aid for trade and development / 1
HC60.A4530 1983 Aid from OPEC countries : efforts and policies of the members of OPEC and of the aid institutions established by OPEC countries. 1
HC60 .A45323 2006 Aid impact and poverty reduction / 1
HC60.A45348 2020 Aid power and politics / 1
HC60.A4535 1987 The Aid programme of China / 1
HC60.A456 2009eb Aid effectiveness : a progress report on implementing the Paris Declaration. 1
HC60.A456 2012 Aid effectiveness 2011 : progress in implementing the Paris Declaration. 1
HC60.A457 2013 Aid for trade and development results : a management framework. 1
HC60 .A4575 2005 Committing to results : improving the effectiveness of HIV/AIDS assistance : an OED evaluation of the World Bank's assistance for HIV/AIDS control / 1
HC60 .A4577 2002 Foreign aid in the twenty-first century / 1
HC60.A45840 1994 Aktionsforschung und Kleingewerbeförderung : Methoden partizipativer Projektplanung und -durchführung in der Entwicklungszusammenarbeit / 1
HC60.A45950 1987 The idea of Third World development : emerging perspectives in the United States and Britain, 1900-1950 / 1
HC60.A46 1966 Foreign aid policy of the United States. 1
HC60 .A4844 2002 New perspectives on foreign aid and economic development / 1
HC60 .A4844 2002eb New perspectives on foreign aid and economic development / 1
HC60 .A4845 2012 The UAE and foreign policy : foreign aid, identities and interests / 1
HC60.A4870 Beabá dos MEC-USAID. 1
HC60.A51 The role of voluntary agencies in technical assistance. [A reference volume on technical assistance programs with particular emphasis on the work and responsibilities of voluntary agencies. 1
HC60.A53 1957 American private enterprise, foreign economic development, and the aid programs. 1